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Apple Pie is a gourmet food that can be crafted in a Kitchen with 4 Flour, 2 Sugar, 1 Butter, 2 Apples, and 2 Fuel.

Apple Pie
Apple Pie.png
Produced By
Primary Recipe
4 Flour.png Flour 2 Sugar.png Sugar 1 Butter.png Butter 2 Apple.png Apple 2 Fuel.png Fuel
Town Specialty
Sold At
Coin Value:
50 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins
Experience Value:
125 XP.png Experience Points
Happiness Value:
3 Happiness.png Happiness
Consumption Time:
90s (1.5 minutes)
Happiness Duration:
120s (2m)


  • This is one of 4 foods that require 10 work units to be crafted (the others being Cheese, Cake, and Berry Cake)
  • This is one of the most expensive food items in the game, requiring 9 total items (11 if counting fuel) spanning 4 different types.
  • When compared with Cake, this is better in almost every way. Cake gives 25 less XP, 1 less happiness, and gets consumed faster. It is advised that you instead make an apple farm and start producing pies, as both items need pastures unlocked.