Factory Town Wiki
Provides shared storage that players can use when placing buildings and workers
10 Stone.png Stone
10 Planks.png Planks
Woodworking Research
4 x 50 storage slots (global, upgradeable)
Quick Access Shortcut (default)
E - R - W

The Barn is an upgradeable storage building.


The barn is a building you can place in the game. It provides an upgradeable place to store Items.

Barns start with 4 slots with a maximum capacity of 50 and may be upgraded as seen below. Like crates and town centers they are considered part of the shared inventory. 4 Z-levels of the barn are accessible.

Building Upgrades[]

Level Cost Storage
1 None 200 (50 per slot)
2 100 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins + 20 Planks.png Planks 400 (100 per slot)
3 200 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins + 20 Stone Brick.png Stone Brick 600 (150 per slot)
4 500 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins + 20 Iron Plate.png Iron Plate 800 (200 per slot)
5 1000 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins + 20 Reinforced Planks.png Reinforced Plank 1000 (250 per slot)

How to build[]


When placing a barn, you have the option to set an Item filter which allows you to choose what items are able to be placed inside the storage compartment.

  • Select one of the 4 slots
  • an UI will be shown center of your screen, where you can then select an item filter for the specific slot you have clicked.
  • Note that the "item filter" area below the "storage" area is for the Output of the building, not for filtering the storage container.

Compare with Silo,

  • Barn can store store 50 items per slot, so barn can store total 200 items, but Silo can store 100 items.
    • Additionally, barns can be upgraded to increase storage up to 1000 items.
  • Barn can store 4 different types of items, but Silo can store only one type of item.
  • Barn takes up 9 tiles of ground space while Silo takes up only a single tile.
  • Items stored in barn could be used to build. Barn's inventory is considered as Shared Inventory, But Silo is not.
Barn slot input/output controls

Each Barn slot has input/output controls. The settings can be changed at any time by clicking on the icon and cycling through the choices.

  • Storage - both input of items and output of items allowed for that slot
  • Input - only input of items is allowed for that slot, no output. This setting is useful when you want to reserve items.
  • Output - only output of items is allowed for this slot, no input is allowed.
  • Off - No input or output is allowed for this slot.