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This will be an inventory of all the available external tools that can be used while playing Factory Town

Sheepy_Gorilla's Production Calculator[]

Sheepy_Gorilla created a spreadsheet on production line ratios and Farm field sizes. You can download a copy of the spreadsheet here:

Production Calculator Example video[]

To help someone out I made this example video, around using it for berry cakes. This person had 30 houses and a happiness of around 200% and he wanted to know what he needed to provide berry cakes to those houses in this situation. Make sure to watch it at full size, while still being able to read the text below Hopefully it makes the spreadsheet a bit more clear!
(Unfortunately I couldn't record audio right at the time of the video, still planning on doing a proper video)
Sheepy_Gorilla's Production Calculator - Video Example (new window)

On the front page is a bit more of an explainer, look at that first (you could also pause the video there). Once we set the number of houses, I set the number of categories satisfied to 7, with 210% that's in the range of the 200% we started with.

when we get to the berry cake, the green box is the number you can edit. 1 means 1 kitchen with 1 worker working at 100%. to the right of that you see that in your current situation, with 1 kitchen working at 100% you would produce 172% of what would be minimally needed for consumption. so turning it down to 60%, or 0.6, would get you more towards what is minimally needed (keep in mind that it's just a calculation, it's probably better to overproduce)

going back to the column with the green box, all the numbers below it show you how many you need of all the other buildings to keep that 1 kitchen working. when the berry cakes kitchen is working at 100%, you need a 2nd kitchen making jam also working at 100% (a berry cake needs 2 units of jam, but the jam is produced twice as fast, hence it's a 1 to 1 ratio). After you turned down berry cake production to 60%, the jam kitchen also gets reduced 60%. but the numbers in the column show the minimum needed to keep the berry cakes going, so it's best to round up.

so for 1 kitchen making berry cakes, to keep working at 100% (1), you need:

  • 1 kitchen making jam
  • 2 forester - apples
  • 2 farm - sugar (forgot total, it's 1 sugar for berry cake, 1 sugar for cake itself)
  • 1 farm - berries
  • 1 kitchen - cake
  • 2 mills - flour
  • 4 farm - grain (total of 3.6 at the bottom. or use 2 grain for flour and 2 grain for the animal feed)
  • 1 kitchen - butter
  • 1 pasture - milk
  • 1 pasture - egg
  • 1 mill - animal feed (total of 0.8 at the bottom)

  • (note: when looking at the numbers in the spreadsheet, whenever a ratio is below 50% or .5, this means that in that building you could have 2 recipes active and still keep up. so you could produce both eggs and milk in the same pasture. but keep in mind that the egg recipe is much faster, so it could steal the animal feed from the milk production. So keep them separate if you want to be on the safe side)
  • (note 2: if you set berry cake to 60%, some of these numbers will drop from .8 to .5. This would mean that instead of 2 buildings you only need 1 (1 sugar farm, 1 mill for flour etc). I'll leave it up to you if you want to use the minimum amount of workers/buildings or if you want to sell more cake. But again, these are only numbers in a theoretic calculation, so in the game there's houses stealing each other's cakes etc, so it's always better to produce more than the minimum)

Aidan's House Revenue and Consumption Times Overview[]

Aidan made a spreadsheet with more in-depth data on House consumption timers and item revenue. You can find the spreadsheet here:
Aidan's House Revenue and Consumption Times Overview

Etherlord's Guide for Medical Wraps[]

Paste Bin[]


Click to expand[]

A workshop: medical wrap - poultice, ointment, cloth, 10s

   x10 = 10 workshops: 10 m.w. - 10 poultice, 10 ointment, 10 cloth, 10s

B workshop: poultice - 2 herb, bandage, 4s

   Tx2.5 = workshop: 2.5 poultice - 5 herb, 2.5 bandage, 10s
   x4 =  4workshops: 10 poultice - 20 herb, 10 bandage, 10s

C workshop: bandage - cloth, 5s

   Tx2 = workshop: 2 bandage - 2 cloth, 10s
   x5 = 5 workshops: 10 bandage - 10 cloth, 10s

D workshop: cloth - 2 cotton, 4s

   Tx2.5 = workshop: 2.5 cloth - 5 cotton, 10s
   x8 = 8 workshops: 20 cloth - 40 cotton, 10s

E farm: cotton - 2s

   Tx5 = farm: 5cotton - 10s
   x8 = 8 farms: 40 cotton - 10s

F kitchen: ointment - 2 fishoil, 4 herb, 6s

   Tx5/3 = kitchen: 5/3 ointment - 10/3 fishoil, 20/3 herb, 10s
   x6 = 6 kitchens: 10 ointment - 20 fishoil, 40 herb, 10s

G kitchen: fishoil - 6s

   Tx5/3 = kitchen: 5/3 fishoil - 10s
   x12 = 12 kitchens: 20 fishoil - 10s

H farm: herb - 3s

   Tx10/3 = farm: 10/3 herb - 10s
   x18 = 18 farms: 60 herb - 10s

STUDIOhLaust's Production Worksheet[]

Another calculator focused around producing assembly lines to produce the greatest number of items consumable with the least amount of excess


FactoryTownCalculator by Malaiac[]