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Farms are buildings that produce the various food items resources automatically if those crops are within their radius. In addition, they regenerate crops and are able to greatly boost yield rate applying Fertilizer.png Fertilizer and Water.png Water to farm tiles. These can only be placed on flat land. Farms can output multiple different products if more than one recipe is selected and the respective crops are nearby. When placed adjacent to water terrain they receive a small supply of water per tick, indicated by the building preview turning blue. This building has a maximum number of 10 workers, and Yellow Coin and Earth Boosters.

Grain farm.jpg
20 Stone Brick.png Stone Brick
20 Planks.png Planks
Farming Research


Resource Work Units Produced Is Used By
1 Grain.png Grain 2 1 Food Mill, Food Market
1 Herb.png Herb 3 1 Medicine Hut, Food Market
1 Sugar.png Sugar 4 1 Medicine Hut, Food Market, Kitchen
1 Berries.png Berries 2 1 Food Market, Kitchen
1 Carrot.png Carrot 3 1 Elemental Refinery
1 Potato.png Potato 3 1 Food Mill, Food Market, Kitchen
1 Tomato.png Tomato 3 1 Food Market, Kitchen
1 Cotton.png Cotton 2 1 Workshop, General Store
1 Cactus Fruit.png Cactus Fruit* 4 1 Food Market, Kitchen

* Cactus Fruit can only be planted on desert tiles.

Pastures provide fertilizer.