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Food Market
Distributes and sells food items automatically to nearby houses
5 Stone.png Stone + 10 Wood.png Wood
Base level 2

The Food Market is a building that automatically distributes and sells Basic Food to nearby houses. It is one of five Market Buildings.

Houses must be connected to the Food Market by pathway. A fully upgraded level ten house wants 6 points in Basic Food.

Inventory Items[]

Market buildings do not stock items like production buildings. They have a list of items they will purchase to supply the houses. These items are what the Food Market will purchase.

Food Market items1.0.png

The buildings that provide goods for the Food Market are the Farm (Grain, Herb, Sugar, Berry, Carrot, Potato, Tomato, and Cactus Fruit), Forrester (Apple, Pear, Dragonfruit), Pasture (Milk, Eggs, Chicken, Beef), Kitchen (Cooked Fish, Cooked Chicken, Cooked Beef, Bread, Apple Juice, Pear Juice, Berry Juice, Butter, and Cheese), Fishery (Fish), and Food Mill (Flour). All of these are Basic Food. Items sold here give Yellow Coins.

How to build[]

  • Open the Build Menu (B)
  • Select "Building" (D)
  • Select "Food Market" (M)
  • Find a flat 3x3 area
  • Left click to build


late Early Access Food Market itemsnew.png
Early Access
Food Market items.png
  • Market radius is now circular (instead of octagonal) and displays area of effect during placement / highlight
  • Houses with center outside market radius, but with valid footprint connection, will link to market
  • Fixed missing area-of-effect tile highlights on Houses when placing houses and markets
  • Markets now consume items (and generate happiness) directly
  • Markets only consume goods when there is sufficient capacity
  • Markets have a Max Quality Tier that is determined by number & upgrade level of nearby or road-linked Houses
  • Gourmet moved from Specialty Goods to Food Market
  • Deleting House or Market will no longer highlight its old position when previously linked buildings are highlighted
.102 Markets that are highlighted and/or selected will show active radius
Closed Beta
.079 Increased Market radius by 20%
  • Added building maximums for all markets, that increase with Base level
  • Added limited range of 20 block circular radius for markets being able to interact with houses
.062 Fixed erroneous 'no recipe selected' tooltip on Market
  • Fixed bug where workers attempt to deliver to an incredibly far and even inaccessible market instead of a nearby house
  • Fixed error instructing players to bring Planks to the Food Market
056a Fixed markets accepting non-compatible goods
.055 Food 'Gourmet' category moved to Specialty Goods. Dairy used instead as category in Food Market
  • Markets will sell more aggressively if they have a surplus of a particular item type, which rewards faster goods supply
  • Market can also be upgraded to allow more aggressive selling to nearby Houses
  • Market display now includes bars representing supply of each goods type, followed by a grid of each owned item type
  • Markets now have reserved capacity for each potential item type, so excess supply of a lower-tier good will not block deposits of higher-tier goods
  • Fixed some load issues that might result in Houses refusing to buy even with a full market nearby
.036 Updated tutorial to reflect new House / Market system
.028 Workers that were delivering to unspecified Houses will prioritize the nearby Market instead
.025 Markets are no longer affected by Happiness multiplier
.022 Fixed worker units removing items from Market when supplying other buildings
  • Fixed bug where markets would repeatedly deliver certain goods to houses that were full
  • Improved prioritization of Market to sell available goods based most urgent need of nearby houses
  • Houses register with existing Markets on creation and upgrade, so they get proper delivery of goods
  • Houses can now be linked to multiple Markets, not just the closest one.