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Building Forge.png

The Forge is a building that processes ore into usable goods and parts to use in other productions, or sell at the General Store. It is an early game production building with simplier recipies. This building has a maximum number of 5 workers, and Yellow Coin, Steam, and Fire boosters.


Product Cost Work Units Happiness Price Market
1 Iron Plate.png Iron Plate 2 Iron Ore + 2 Fuel 6 1 4 Red General Goods
1 Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot 4 Gold Ore + 4 Fuel 8 x x x
1 Nail 1 Iron Ore + 1 Fuel 3 1 3 Red General Goods
2 Steam Pipe 1 Iron Ore + 2 Fuel 4 x x x

The building that provides materials for the Forge is the Mine (Iron Ore, Gold Ore). Fuel comes from the Pasture (1 unit, Fertilizer), Forester (2 unit, Wood), Mine (4 unit, Coal), or Fire Shrine (8 unit, Magma)

Goods from the Forge go to the Workshop (Iron Plate, Nails), Machine Shop (Iron Plate), Tailor (Nails), Lab (Iron Plate, Steam Pipe), Mana Forge (Steam Pipe), Enchanter (Gold Ingot, Iron Plate), General Store (Iron Plate, Nails) and Omni Temple (Gold Ingot). Steam Pipes must go into storage to be useable in building.