Factory Town Wiki

Game Layout[]

Full view[]

Beginning of a world screen.png

Town Statistics Panel[]

Town statistics panel.png

In the top left corner, the top panel shows all the stats of your town

  • Population of workers / Max worker capacity
  • Houses build / Max Houses buildable
  • Happiness of the town

Shared Inventories Quick View Panel[]

File:Quick view resources.png

In the top left corner, the bottom panel displays 10 resources and the amount you have in the shared inventories

  • By default it shows all the coins types and the basic resources of the game.
  • You can click on the icons and change for the resources you want to keep track of.
You can use the tracker to keep an eye on the resources you generate slowly and stay ahead of shortage while you automate the process

Object Specific Information Panel[]

Context Specific Information Panel.png

In the top right corner, you will find the context panel showing informations and/or settings of the object that's selected otherwise hovered

Some of the informations you'll encounter in this panel are

  • The name
  • The inventory slots available/used and the amount of items stored
  • The inputs and outputs items
  • The settings possible (filter, logic blocks configuration, states)

Building Specific Information Panel[]

Building Context panel.png

In the bottom right corner, you will find the context panel showing informations and/or settings of the building that's selected

  • The name
  • The action available (Upgrade Base, Add or Remove worker, select a recipe)
  • The requirement to upgrade buildings or produce items

Menu Panel[]

Menu action panel.png

In the bottom left corner, there is a panel of actions where you can interact with the game (Great for the mouse only player)

  • Select - The default state of the cursor (the escape key bring it back when tool/building is selected)
  • Build - Opens the building/tool selection menu (Shortcut is B by default)
  • Remove Blocks - Selects the tool to remove blocks (Shortcut is X by default)
  • Research - Opens the research menu (Shortcut is R by default)
  • Economy - Show a list of all the items that can be sold, which category they belong and the percentage of satisfaction they give and their value (Shortcut is O by default)
  • Shared Inventory - Show the number of items in all of your storage (Base, Barn) (Shortcut is I by default)
  • Worker Overview - Show a list of what the workers are doing (Shortcut is K by default)
  • Pause / Unpause - Pause or Resume the game (Shortcut is Space by default)
  • Menu - Open the game options menu (Shortcut is Escape when nothing is selected)

Action Panel[]

Action panel.png

At the right center, the action possible currently

  • Show you the specific action for the current object selected



At the bottom center, the hotbar for quick access to a chosen item of the build menu

  • There's 4 different Hotbar available you can switch between them with F1, F2, F3, F4
  • The Hotbars can be fully customized


Tutorial panel.png

At the left center, the tutorial panel guide you through the start of the game

  • Show the current task to complete to get to the next one
  • It ends after the first research is done
  • After the tutorial, you continue the cycle of unlock new research -> automate new things -> upgrade old setups, and so on

Starting a New Map[]

Main article: Map

When creating a new game there are a number of options After changing settings you can click Regenerate to preview a map with the settings you provided Once you are happy press Create to start playing

Map Size[]

Selecting the size of a new map

This setting changes the size of the map you wish to create

  • Medium
  • Large


Main article: Biome

Selecting the Biome of a new map

This setting changes the type of terrain generated with exception of Empty where it creates a flat map with no resources (good for testing ideas with admin mode)

  • Plains and Rivers
  • Mountain Lakes
  • Plateaus
  • Volcanic Islands
  • Archipelago
  • Flat
  • Empty

Auto-place Base[]

Selecting base auto-placement for a new map

This setting changes if you wish the Base building be automatically place somewhere on the map or if you wish to place it manually

  • On
  • Off


Types of Workers[]

Current Types of Workers

Workers in the game come in many forms doing the job of moving "things" from one place to another.

Currently there are 4 kinds of workers.

  • Worker - "Humanoid" worker capable of carrying 1 item at a time, they can also harvest most resources
  • Wagon - A haulage cart capable of carrying 4 items at once. It can not harvest at all.
  • Minecart - These workers require tracks to run but they can carry a huge 20 item load
  • Harvester Drill - These workers are similar to Wagons but are slow moving and they can harvest all "mining resources" (Stone, Iron, Coal, Mana and Elemental Stones)

With the addition of Paths and Roads to your town the workers can increase their speed while travelling from place to place

Worker travelling along road

Issuing Commands to Workers[]

In order to issue a command to a worker (with the exception of Minecart) first select the worker using Left Mousebutton Left Click

Selecting an Idle worker

Once selected, using Right Mousebutton Right Click + drag from the source to the destination that you want items transferred

Selecting command source Selecting command destination


- describe different command options and how they work

Earning Gold[]

Main article: Gold

You earn gold by selling goods to Houses.

There are many ways to deliver goods to Houses for the workers to sell for gold and thus increase happiness. In the early game you can deliver goods directly to your Houses.

Goods direct to house

Alternatively once you have a market, everything you send to it will get soaked up by the surrounding Houses within range of the market.

Goods direct to market

House within range of market

Goods value vs cost[]

Main article: House
Satisfied with the following recipes
Item name Selling Price
Ingredient Cost
Fuel Cost using
Coals (Gold)
Food (Lvl 1)
Grain 1 1 0 0 0.00
Flour 5 3 0 2 0.67
Bread 10 6 0.5 3.5 0.58
Shelter (Lvl 1-2)
Stone 2 2 0 0 0.00
Planks 3 2 0 1 0.50
Stone Brick 12 8 0 4 0.50
Iron Plate 12 4 1 7 1.75
Clothing (Lvl 1-3)
Cloth 10 4 0 6 1.50
Outfit (outdated) 35 16 1 18 1.13
Medicine (Lvl 1-4)
Herb 2 2 0 0 0.00
Remedy 6 4 0.5 1.5 0.38
Health Potion 14 10 0.5 3.5 0.35
Elixir 35 22 4.5 8.5 0.39
Luxury (Lvl 1-5)
Ward 30 16 4.5 9.5 0.46
Enchanted Book 45 28 4 13 0.59
Omnistone 100 48 16 36 0.75