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Entering the world of magic can be intimidating. So here is a step by step guide on how to get started! In Factory Town, there are magical power sources that all begin with Mana. Once you have researched Mana Purification, it will open up the Magic Forge. Enchanter and Void Obelisk.

Creating Mana Crystals[]

We will start with the Magic Forge. This can perform several different recipes, but the one we are focused on is creating Mana Crystals. For this you will need a Magic Forge and Mana Shards and Coal. It's best to use a Harvester Drill and start mining Mana Shards as soon as possible.


Magic Forge 2x Mana Shards + 1x Coal + 10s = 1 Mana Crystal

Creating the tools for the next step[]

Once you have a good supply of Mana Crystals, you will want to start crafting Mana Bricks and Reinforced Planks. Mana Bricks are crafted in a Magic Forge and Reinforced Planks are crafted in a Workshop. The recipes to proceed further need a large supply of these items.
Building Recipe
Magic Forge 1x Stone Brick + 1x Mana Crystal + 10s = 1 Mana Brick
Workshop 1x Plank + 2x Iron Plate + 4x Nails + 10s = 1 Reinforced Plank

While you are processing the Mana Bricks and Reinforced planks, this would be a good time to harvest the 4 types of elemental shards Like the Mana Shards, only a harvester drill can mine the elemental shards.

Elemental Stones
Fire Shard Earth Shard Air Shard Water Shard
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Harvested Versions
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