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Lumber Mill
Building-Lumber mill.png
1 Worker.png Worker
5 Stone.png Stone
20 Wood.png Wood
Base level 1

Lumber Mills are buildings that process raw wood into refined products. They are the first production building the player needs to place in the game in order to make other buildings. It also makes it possible to build speed boosting Foot Paths, Chutes, and several types of Structure Blocks. When placed adjacent to water terrain they receive an slow supply of water indicated by the building preview turning blue. This building has a maximum number of 5 workers, and Yellow Coin, Steam, and Air Boosters.



Product Cost Work Units Happiness Price Market
1 Planks.png Planks 1 Wood.png Wood 3 1 1 Red General Store
2 Paper.png Paper 1 Wood.png Wood + 1 Water.png Water 4 x x School
1 Fluid Pipe 2 Wood.png Wood 2 x x x
  • Each Paper provides 1 Reseach Point

The buildings that provide goods for the Lumber Mill are the Forester (wood) and the Well, Water Pump, or Water Shrine (water)

Goods from this building go to the School (Paper), Machine Shop (Planks), Workshop (Planks, Paper), or General Store (Planks). Planks and Fluid Pipes must go into storage to be usuable in building.