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List of all the item consumption & happiness timers:

Item Type Coin Type Coin Value Market Category Satisfaction Category Consumption Time (sec) Happiness Duration (sec)
Grain Yellow Coins 1 Basic Food Grains 20 10
Flour Yellow Coins 4 Basic Food Grains 25 25
Bread Yellow Coins 12 Basic Food Grains 30 50
Sandwich Yellow Coins 30 Gourmet Sandwich 50 150
Egg Yellow Coins 2 Basic Food Egg 20 10
Fish Yellow Coins 2 Basic Food Fish 20 10
Cooked Fish Yellow Coins 4 Basic Food Fish 30 50
Raw Chicken Yellow Coins 3 Basic Food Chicken 20 10
Cooked Chicken Yellow Coinss 8 Basic Food Chicken 40 100
Beef Yellow Coins 4 Basic Food Beef 20 10
Cooked Beef Yellow Coins 10 Basic Food Beef 40 100
Fish Stew Yellow Coins 25 Gourmet Fish Stew 50 150
Meat Stew Yellow Coins 35 Gourmet Meat Stew 50 150
Berries Yellow Coins 2 Basic Food Fruit 25 25
Carrot Yellow Coins 1 Basic Food Vegetables 25 25
Pear Yellow Coins 2 Basic Food Fruit 25 25
Potato Yellow Coins 1 Basic Food Vegetables 25 25
Tomato Yellow Coins 1 Basic Food Vegetables 25 25
Apple Yellow Coins 2 Basic Food Fruit 25 25
Cactus Fruit Yellow Coins 4 Basic Food Exotic Fruit 50 150
Dragonfruit Yellow Coins 5 Basic Food Exotic Fruit 50 150
Apple Juice Yellow Coins 6 Basic Food Juice 40 100
Pear Juice Yellow Coins 6 Basic Food Juice 40 100
Berry Juice Yellow Coins 6 Basic Food Juice 40 100
Dragon Punch Yellow Coins 20 Basic Food Juice 50 150
Apple Jam Yellow Coins 12 Gourmet Jam 50 150
Pear Jam Yellow Coins 12 Gourmet Jam 50 150
Berry Jam Yellow Coins 12 Gourmet Jam 50 150
Cactus Jam Yellow Coins 25 Gourmet Jam 50 150
Veggie Stew Yellow Coins 24 Gourmet Veggie Stew 50 150
Milk Yellow Coins 5 Basic Food Milk 25 25
Butter Yellow Coins 12 Basic Food Butter 50 150
Cheese Yellow Coins 20 Gourmet Cheese 50 150
Cake Yellow Coins 30 Gourmet Cake 40 100
Apple Pie Yellow Coins 30 Gourmet Apple Pie 50 150
Berry Cake Purple Coins 12 Gourmet Cake 50 150
Planks Red Coins 1 General Goods Wood Construction 30 60
Book Red Coins 4 Specialty Goods Books 30 50
Enchanted Book Purple Coins 2 Specialty Goods Books 40 100
Stone Brick Red Coins 1 General Goods Stone Construction 25 25
Mana Brick Purple Coins 2 General Goods Stone Construction 40 100
Nails Red Coins 3 General Goods Nails 25 25
Reinforced Plank Red Coins 18 General Goods Wood Construction 40 100
Wool Red Coins 2 General Goods Fabric 25 25
Cloth Red Coins 3 General Goods Fabric 30 50
Leather Red Coins 3 General Goods Leather 30 50
Shirt Red Coins 8 General Goods Fabric 40 100
Shoe Red Coins 12 General Goods Shoe 40 100
Cloak Red Coins 20 General Goods Cloak 50 150
Warm Coat Red Coins 24 General Goods Warm Coat 50 150
Wood Axe Red Coins 8 General Goods Wood Axe 40 100
Pickaxe Red Coins 25 General Goods Pickaxe 50 150
Bandage Blue Coins 1 Medicine Bandages 25 25
Poultice Blue Coins 3 Medicine Bandages 40 100
Medical Wrap Blue Coins 18 Medicine Bandages 50 150
Fish Oil Blue Coins 2 Medicine Salves 30 50
Ointment Blue Coins 10 Medicine Salves 50 150
Remedy Blue Coins 4 Medicine Restoratives 25 25
Health Potion Purple Coins 5 Medicine Health Potion 40 100
Antidote Blue Coins 14 Medicine Restoratives 40 100
Elixir Blue Coins 32 Medicine Elixir 50 150
Protein Shake Blue Coins 4 Medicine Protein Shake 50 150
Fire Ether Red Coins 10 Medicine Fire Ether 30 50
Air Ether Yellow Coins 15 Medicine Air Ether 30 50
Water Ether Blue Coins 6 Medicine Water Ether 30 50
Earth Ether Purple Coins 2 Medicine Earth Ether 30 50
Ward Purple Coins 8 Specialty Goods Ward 40 100
Magic Robe Purple Coins 6 Specialty Goods Magic Robe 50 150
Magic Cloak Purple Coins 7 Specialty Goods Magic Cloak 50 150
Fire Ring Red Coins 45 Specialty Goods Fire Ring 50 150
Crown Yellow Coins 60 Specialty Goods Crown 50 150
Water Ring Blue Coins 30 Specialty Goods Water Ring 50 150
Necklace Purple Coins 15 Specialty Goods Necklace 50 150
Strength Spellbook Red Coins 30 Specialty Goods Strength Spellbook 50 150
Stamina Spellbook Yellow Coins 40 Specialty Goods Stamina Spellbook 50 150
Cure Spellbook Blue Coins 20 Specialty Goods Cure Spellbook 50 150
Protection Spellbook Purple Coins 10 Specialty Goods Protection Spellbook 50 150

Market and Happiness[]

Delivering goods to the market or house consumes goods in the house, and happiness is met for some time. When one product is delivered to one house, the happiness level is incremented by one. Happiness increases to a maximum of 5000. 100 houses x 50 types of goods = 5000 happiness levels

About Market[]

Here, the five buildings of the food market, general store, pharmacy, tavern, and luxury store are collectively referred to as the “market”. The market has the ability to automatically sell items in inventory to homes within a connected range.

About Happiness[]

Barometer representing the happiness of Factory Town residents. It rises by buying and selling goods through the market, and goes down with time. Happiness increases as the rank of a traded item increases. As happiness increases, production speed boosts at any production facility that requires workers on the map, depending on the increased value. The maximum boost of production speed by happiness is 300% (happiness 5,000).

Link between market and housing[]

For details click here

Happiness Gauge[]

There are two types of happiness gauges: green gauge and blue gauge. The green gauge indicates that the product is being consumed. The same type of product cannot be consumed until this gauge is empty. The blue gauge represents a lack of goods with a happiness rating of +1. The decrease starts after the green gauge is empty. When the product is delivered again, it becomes full.

Decreased Happiness[]

The decrease in green gauge and blue gauge varies from product to product. Green gauge reduction time is about 20 seconds for products for low-tier homes and about 50 seconds for products for high-tier homes. The decrease time of the blue gauge is approximately twice the decrease time of the green gauge.

Happiness is a Main Goal[]

To maintain a happiness level of 5000:

*Establish an economic foundation and raise the base level to 10.

*Develop an Omnitemple and study Omni-grade power x4 and grain output x2 for infinite research.

* Mass production of Omnistone and apply one or more Omni upgrades to all buildings. This is the recommended method.

If the production speed boost is about 1200% and the production facility is not about 800, there will be a shortage of goods constantly and happiness cannot be maintained. So infinite research of Omni grade power and Omni upgrade are essential. At first glance, it seems like a roundabout, but until enough research and Omnistone are gathered, focus on infinite research and production of Omnistone rather than pursuit of happiness. It's not as easy as the previous version to make happiness MAX, so let's go ahead.

Green g2.png

Happiness can be maintained by aiming at the state where the gauges under the “Supplied Houses” column are all filled with green on the market selection screen as shown in the figure. On the other hand, if the gauge is half green and half blue, the happiness level changes from 90 to 100 and the happiness level is not fixed at maximum. A production rate of 5 pcs / sec is required for products for low-tier housing, and a production rate of 2 pcs / sec for products for high-tier housing. In addition, it is necessary to create a city with a production speed of 1200%. Transportation systems and Mana pipes and Rechargers will fail if they are not designed with sufficient margins in mind.

Click Reference Data for the recommended number of Rechargers and connectors.

Ensuring water supply to ranches and sawmills are important too.

Requirements to Fulfill Houses[]


Produce time and Qty;
Comsume Time;
The Happiness Lasts
Food Market Egg Fruit
Cooked Fish
Cooked Beef
Fruit juice
Cooked chicken
General Store Nail Stone Brick Leather Reinforced Planks
Mana brick
Warm coat
Apothecary Herb Remedy
Fish Oil
Health Potion
Medical Wrap
Protein Shake
Gourmet food Stews
Apple Pie
Berry cake
Speciality Goods Ward
Elemental book
Water Ring
Fire Ring
Magic Robe
Magic Cloak

Plank (?/30/60)