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Stone Mason
Stone Mason.png
Process stones into more valuable items
40 Stone.png Stone
10 Planks.png Planks

Stone Mason is a Building that transforms Stones into Stone Bricks and Polished Stone. Alongside the Lumber Mill, this building provides the majority of Building building supplies from the early to late game. It also makes it possible to build faster stone roads, and several types of structure blocks. This building has a maximum number of 5 workers, and Yellow Coin, Steam, and Air boosters.


Product Cost Work Units Happiness Price Market
1 Stone Brick.png Stone Brick 3 Stone.png Stone 4 1 1 Red General Goods
1 Polished Stone.png Polished Stone 10 Stone.png Stone 10 x x x

The building that provides materials for the Stone Mason is the Mine (Stone)

Goods from the Stone Mason go to the Magic Forge (Stone Brick), Enchanter (Polished Stone) and General Store (Stone Brick). Stone Bricks must go into storage to be useable in building.