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Town Center
40 Stone Brick.png Stone Bricks

40 Planks.png Planks
(first Town Center free)


(Civics research improves maximum)


Improves maximum population space
Applies happiness
Storage slots (global)
Extends market ranges
Applies specialty bonuses

The Town Center is the first building unlocked in the game. Town Centers provide an area of effect with strong bonuses that tie nearby buildings into a cohesive town.


Town Centers are critical buildings that combine nearby buildings into a single "town" unit. They do this by providing several related benefits:

  • Allowing nearby buildings to benefit from Happiness
  • Allowing Market Buildings to sell to Houses within town center range beyond the individual market range
  • Applying Town Specialty bonuses to relevant production buildings within range

In addition, they provide other benefits such as:

  • A small increase to maximum population size
  • large inventory storage slots for a wide variety of items

If the "Auto-place Town Center" option is disabled for the game, the player will need to place a Town Center before any other building or worker may be built. Otherwise, a suitable spot will be chosen and and Foot Path.png Foot Paths spawned around it. In either case, 4 Worker.png Workers will spawn with this first town center.

The maximum number of towns the player can have is determined by the Civics research. There are 5 increasingly expensive variants of this research for a total maximum of 6 town centers.

In early releases of the game the Town Center was called the Base and was largely a unique storage building that could be upgraded to advance the game's Tech Level.

The model of the Town Center changes upon level up

The model of the Town Center changes upon level up

Building Upgrades[]

A town Center may be upgraded to increase its overall efficacy. To do this, it must be linked to a houses via a path (e.g. a Foot Path.png Foot Path) whose total levels meet or exceed upgrade's Linked House requirement. For example, a level 1 Town Center could be upgraded if linked to 8 level 1 houses, 4 level 2 houses, or 1 level 8 house.

In addition to the stats shown below, upgrading a Town Center will improve the chances of receiving specialty bonuses.

Level Cost Linked House Levels Required Radius (Tiles)* Storage Slot size
1 n/a 0 24 200
2 20 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins 8 27 400
3 100 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins 24 30 600
4 200 Coin Red.png Red Coins 48 33 800
5 500 Coin Red.png Red Coins 80 36 1000
6 500 Coin Blue.png Blue Coins 120 39 2000
7 2k Coin Blue.png Blue Coins 180 42 3000
8 500 Coin Purple.png Purple Coins 260 45 4000
9 2k Coin Purple.png Purple Coins 400 48 5000
10 10k Coin Purple.png Purple Coins 600 51 10000

* Radius measured as furthest tile in the direct area of effect from a tile adjacent to a center edge.

Version History[]

  • Patch .200: Happiness overhaul, happiness is once again global. Specialties scale with town center level. Base level separated from tech level.
  • Patch .188: Renamed to "Town Center". Town specialties added. Happiness bonuses now restricted to individual towns.
  • Patch .186: Bases now extend market building ranges

Legacy Info[]

Prior to patch .200, the game's Tech Level was tied in with the Base Level/Highest Level Town Center. The table below details this upgrade system.

Level Available Houses Capacity of inventory slots Upgrade Cost Buildings unlocked Research unlocked
1 4 100 - House, Lumber Mill, Well
2 8 200 20 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coin + 5 Planks.png Planks + 5 Stone.png Stone Food Market, School, Grain Mill
3 12 300 100 Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coin + 10 Wood Wheel.png Wood Wheel + 20 Stone.png Stone General Store Farming, Forestry, Basic Logistics
4 16 400 50 Coin Red.png Red Coin + 10 Cloth.png Cloth + 20 Stone Brick.png Stone Brick Kitchen, Tavern Metallurgy, Basic Medicine
5 20 500 250 Coin Red.png Red Coin + 40 Iron Plate.png Iron Plate + 40 Stone Brick.png Stone Brick Apothecary Intermediate Medicine
6 25 600 100 Coin Blue.png Blue Coin + 40 Reinforced Planks.png Reinforced Planks + 20 Iron Wheel.png Iron Wheel Specialty Goods Mana Purification, Jewelry, Advanced Medicine
7 30 750 500 Coin Blue.png Blue Coin + 40 Metal Conveyor Belt.png Metal Conveyor Belt + 20 Mana Crystal.png Mana Crystal Mana Transmission
8 40 1k 200 Coin Purple.png Purple Coin + 40 Enchanted Book.png Enchanted Book + 100 Mana Brick.png Mana Brick Elemental Extraction
9 60 1.5k 1000 Coin Purple.png Purple Coin + 20 Crown.png Crown + 20 Necklace.png Necklace Mana Reactor
10 100 2k 100 Omnistone.png Omnistone *