Factory Town Wiki

The version history for Factory Town.

Updates will have links to their Steam community post (if applicable), as well as copying the change log provided there.

To request new features, see https://trello.com/b/Mnbl05kS/feature-requests

Full Released[]


Released: November 21, 2021

  • Fixed bug: changing Master Volume would not immediately update Ambient Audio volume
  • Fixed bug: Remedy could not be sold in Campaign 3 even though it could be produced
  • The Delete command now works when moving items
  • Fixed bug: trying to load a Scenario or Start Map in the Create Custom Map screen would result in loading screen that doesn’t disappear
  • Removed ‘No Valid Output’ alert when chute enters a building through its front center attachment point.
  • Added “Incompatible with Chute” alert when a Grabber over a Chute is filtered for an item that can’t be transported on a Chute
  • Fixed bug: Pipe Connectors placed underground on existing pipes would not automatically configure an Access Type, so items would default to skip it entirely
  • Potentially fixed bug where crops would sometimes stop growing


Released: November 20, 2021

  • Fixed workers not discarding held items when issued a new task that is incompatible with the held item
  • Workers that are waiting at a source building because there’s no item to pick up, or waiting at a destination building because there’s no space to drop off, will have a special alert status. This status shows up as an icon above their head, and also will be shown in their status panel when you select them (which you can click on to get more detail about the issue). These status are also shown in the Workers panel (K) to differentiate them from workers that truly have no behavior assigned.
  • Workers that are unable to find a path to a destination will have a special alert status.
  • Fixed missing localization of the ‘confirm file deletion’ message


Released: November 18, 2021

  • “Drop Off” option is shown on destination target buildings when worker is delivering everything from a source
  • Fixed typo in tutorial
  • Updated Traditional Chinese localization
  • Fixed bug: some packaged items would have incorrect labels
  • Fixed missing localization for Railroad Control build category


Released: November 17, 2021

Early Access[]


Released: November 16, 2021

  • Single-placed chutes will automatically create a Grabber if next to a building. This will not be performed if another path or building exists at the other endpoint, and the placement position is flat, as it is ambiguous which way the direction of travel should be
  • Fixed visible seams in water
  • Fixed ambient audio loading incorrect clip on first map launch
  • Directional arrows near buildings are no longer displayed when building chutes or belts - it is irrelevant now that buildings do not auto-output in their facing direction
  • Environmental audio will crossfade between clips when changing
  • AoE Radius is shown when placing or moving a Town Center
  • Can now remove an input binding in Controls by right-clicking on the item and hitting ‘Remove’
  • File 'Show' button is disabled for Steam Cloud saves as it is not possible to derive the parent directory


Released: November 12, 2021

  • Added ambient environmental audio
  • When building a filtered path (chutes, mana pipes, fluid pipes, etc) or a filtered worker (Minecarts, Tanker Car) an icon will be shown indicating the filter restriction. Clicking this icon will open a panel listing all items that can be transported by the path or worker.
  • Fixed clipping of items on belt ramps
  • Forge texture is slightly more orange to differentiate from Trading Post
  • Fixed tutorial counters of Wood or Planks decreasing and potentially going negative if player spent items while collecting them
  • Removed blurriness from several parts of UI text and buttons
  • Resized Hotbar to match other UI icon sizes
  • Performance improvements
  • Added Japanese localization
  • Fixed bug: Worker units would not Hold Until Full as instructed, when picking up from storage buildings
  • Fixed bug: was highlighting tiles near center of map when building an entity and a menu button was hovered over
  • Fixed bug: Completing Campaign 8 would show a “Next Campaign” option that would cause game to become unresponsive
  • Fixed some recipes missing from customize recipes list like Juices, Jams, and Knowledge Tomes

Hotfix .208g: Fixed missing Japanese characters


Released: November 8, 2021

  • Updated models for kitchen, train station, forge, lumber mill, and food mill
  • Buildings no longer auto-output in facing direction. Grabbers are automatically added to legacy maps to replicate the old functionality (a production building facing a belt or chute with no other logistic block in its output location)
  • Prevented remapping of mouse left click (unless it’s for the Primary Action control)
  • Updated icon for Mine Shafts
  • Fixed bug: workers would sometimes perform their assigned tasks in the wrong order if they were trying to pick up an item that was still being produced
  • Upated render for physical log item
  • Made Idle Worker flag work more accurately
  • If a Market is part of a Town, the Town’s AoE radius will be shown whenever the Market is highlighted (to better indicate that the Market shares AoE with its Town)
  • Fixed shader errors on water and AoE highlights when viewing map in overhead mode
  • Belts & Chutes can now deposit into the center forward block of a building (previously this was reserved for automatic item output, which has been removed)
  • Fixed some cursor highlights not updating during cursor rotation
  • Fixed bug: Loading a Campaign 1 map after tutorial steps had been completed would not display victory conditions


Released: November 3, 2021

  • Owning a belt, rail, or pipe item will allow construction of that item, even if the research for it has not been completed
  • Improved display of Version and Discord buttons on home panel
  • Added new steps to Tutorial for teaching camera movement and underground pipe layer access
  • Fixed incorrect icon label for “Deliver to House” tasks
  • Added ability to specify Maximum Population Level in global rules
  • Set Maximum Population Level to 4 for Campaign 1
  • Fixed bug: After completing tutorial, the final tutorial confirmation would still appear on subsequent saves / reloads


Released: November 1, 2021

  • Fixed bug: issuing a “Deliver” or “Move” command to a worker (without a Pick Up action) would cause its inventory to clear
  • Launch screen is now a static map instead of constantly rotating
  • Simplified worker Pick Up and Drop Off targeting menus, but added button to expand the menus to show full size with all options
  • Added better loading transition screen

.204 (Multiple commands per-worker)[]

Released: October 29, 2021
Full Changelog: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/860890/view/3108040246270513342

  • Two different Sources and Destinations
  • One Source to Multiple Destinations, split evenly
  • One Source to Multiple Destinations, with priority
  • Multiple Sources to One Destination
  • Tasks Panel

Balance Changes

  • Lowered Linked House Level requirements for base levels 9 and 10

Bug Fixes - Fixed “LogicMessageTypeNone” appearing instead of “None” when configuring Computational blocks - Added spacers in Logic Connections pop-up menus to more clearly separate functions - Can delete and re-order tasks in the Worker Tasks menu - Added ‘plus’ icon modifier to cursor when shift is held down and is assigning worker behavior, to communicate that it is appending a task - Added preliminary Japanese localization - Fixed workers showing very large list of items on cursor hover when supplying house or market without a specific item filter - Fixed memory leak of build action buttons that would slowly degrade performance over time - Fixed some icons not being centered on logistic blocks or Package filter - Fixed some physical items being shown in wrong orientation when carried by worker unit - Fixed some computational block icons being the wrong size - Fixed right-click to delete on a single tile triggering a Cancel action that resets the cursor

.203 (Campaign 8 & 1.0 Release Date)[]

Released: October 18, 2021
Full Changelog: https://steamcommunity.com/app/860890/eventcomments/3112542578522880645

  • The 1.0 release date was set for November 17, 2021.
  • Campaign map 8 was added
  • Worker customization
  • Computational Block Updates
  • Balance Changes
  • Some misc improvements

.200 (Happiness & Goals)[]

Released: September 24, 2021

Full Changelog: https://steamcommunity.com/app/860890/eventcomments/2950411088485908234

  • Major reworks have been done to the happiness and goal systems
  • Items now give experience when supplied to a house. Houses can level up (to a maximum of 10) to increase the population and maximum happiness, as well as accepting more items.
  • Happiness now increases the maximum population in addition to giving the previous production bonuses
  • A new tech level mechanic has been introduced. This unlocks new research for the player, and can be increased by producing specific items.
  • Goals are now shown on the left side of the screen (below the quick resource view widget)
  • Town Centers have been re-worked, and now level based on connected house levels rather than using resources.
  • A new building has been introduced: the Mega Recharger

Misc Improvements[]

  • The notification panel is centered on screen better
  • Using the ‘Remove Block’ tool when a pillar and path were present now prioritizes deletion of pillar
  • Added Wooden Minecart to Quick Access menu
  • Renamed Grain Mill to Food Mill, to better reflect its variety of recipes
  • Added Status panel & Status hotkey (T)
  • Quick Access menu now available in the player actions grid in bottom-left
  • Grid-based Icons on Item Tooltip Panel use the full width so they don’t take up as much vertical space
  • Added a new Alert when a Town Center doesn't have a specialty assigned (goes away once you select any specialty, even 'none')
  • Double-clicking a Town Center will open up its Specialty selection panel
  • Property Selection panel (e.g. Access Type, Math Function, Town Specialty) is now resizable and scrollable
  • When dragging a path that needs automatic scaffolds, game will use an Arch instead of a full scaffold block if it detects a path underneath it
  • Placing a single path (belt / chute / rail) using cursor offset (PageUp) will now automatically try to create a support arch beneath it
  • Automatic supports created underneath buildings are now Wood Platforms, not hollow scaffolds
  • Standardized icons for Market-based categories in item filters
  • Cursor selection boxes on House and Town Centers now match the visual model more closely
  • When a worker is selected, other workers won't be targeted by the cursor (unless Shift is pressed to select multiple). This makes it easier to issue commands in high traffic areas
  • Tutorial runs in minimized mode if you hit X on the window. Can re-maximize by clicking the Tutorial button in bottom-left


Released: April 24, 2021

Balance Changes[]

  • The first worker in a building produces 100% of baseline worker units. Workers 2 through 5 each produce 50% of baseline worker value. Additional workers after 5 produce 40% baseline worker value. Previously additional workers only added a flat rate of 25% for all buildings, except for natural resource production buildings where additional workers provided 100 for each worker. UPDATE: In version .189, the worker production value was reverted to 100% for all natural resource production buildings (Farm, Forester, Fishery, and Mine) because they are harder to connect to the Town due to their placement restrictions, and are already limited by resource yield.
  • Steam Boost will provide 1 additional work unit per second (additively), instead of 50% (multiplicatively)
  • Elemental Boost will provide 2 additional work unit per second (additively), instead of 100% (multiplicatively)
  • Omnistone Boost will provide .5 additional work unit per upgrade per second (additively), instead of 100% per upgrade (multiplicatively). Infinite research of Omnistone Boosts increases this amount by .1 per upgrade, for each level of research completed
  • Supply Water, Supply Fertilizer, and Supply Pickaxe recipes only require 1 work unit instead of 2
  • Happiness and Global Production Modifiers are now applied per worker, instead of multiplying against the baseline worker output (which changes calculations slightly because not all workers apply the same baseline value, e.g. the first worker is 1 work unit / sec and each additional worker is .5 work units / sec, but each would receive a .2 work unit / sec bonus from happiness)
  • Campaign Map 4 starts with a working locomotive setup
  • Omnitemple research requires base level 10
  • Temple research no longer requires Mana Reactor, just Base Level 9 and the related elemental Purification technology
  • Removed Omnistone ingredient from temple research
  • Elemental purification and Elemental Temple recipes no longer require purified Crystals, just elemental ethers
  • Houses no longer have resource cost (they are still limited in number though)
  • Default Grain Yield increased from 5 to 10. Grain Affinity multiplier reduced from 4 to 2. This means grain is easier to grow in arbitrary locations, production is not as strongly linked to affinity.
  • Cotton, Berries, Herbs, Tomatoes, and Cactus Fruit automatically being re-growing when harvested instead of disappearing
  • Removed Happiness victory condition from Campaign 2

Misc Changes & Improvements[]

  • No longer shows infinite research Stars on the top-left status panel, as it is needed to display base count instead.
  • Item production details are now shown on tooltips for Research recipe outputs
  • Attribute selection panel (Math Function, Access Type, etc) is now a repositionable window
  • Happiness and Consumption duration are shown on tooltips for sellable items
  • Instead of a single base level requirement, can now have victory conditions specifying which town specialty is required for that base level.
  • Temple building research is no longer hidden when is in a locked state
  • Worker Bonus editable rule on buildings has been deprecated, as it is now a global setting
  • Clicking on a Train Station’s inventory slot will open up details for the full list of inventory slots, not just the one that was clicked on, to make batch editing easier
  • Improved performance when drawing many highlight tiles on the ground
  • Boat pathfinding has longer range and is more optimized
  • Removed Juices / Jams / Dragon Punch from Campaign Map 1 as they weren’t possible to produce with available buildings

Bug Fixes[]

  • Agent Triggers were not showing all selected worker filters, just the first one
  • Was showing erroneous tooltip when hovering over a blank inventory slot
  • Unexpected behavior when worker unit holding an item was issued a dropoff command to a chute or belt
  • Was unable to build extension to Omnipipe from a location that had an item in it, had been giving an 'occupied' error message
  • Fixed 'base capacity increased' appearing repeatedly (hotfix .188k)


Released: March 24, 2021

  • Balance Changes
    • If player has spare capacity for Houses or Workers, the number indicator on the status panel will be highlighted in yellow
    • Airship dock no longer costs Purple Coins. A cost of 50 Reinforced Planks was added in addition to the existing 50 Mana Bricks.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed error making it impossible to start a new game
    • Omnitemple was not showing ‘Supply Offerings’ recipe once construction was completed, until game was saved & reloaded
    • Targeting lines & effects were incorrect for workers when assigned the “Deliver to…” behavior
    • “Drop Off” behavior would not assign the specified highlighted items


Released 23-March-2021

  • Town groupings and extension of Market delivery radius
    • The Base building now has its own area-of-effect range that will group nearby Markets and Houses into a single ‘town’ unit.
    • Markets in the same town will share delivery range with each other, making it much easier to supply goods to a larger area.
    • The range of this effect will increase as the Base is upgraded.
    • Removed ‘always connect’ square radius of Markets, as it was confusing to have two different ways to connect. Now you need to use Foot Paths or Roads to connect all town buildings (Bases, Houses, and Markets).
  • Improvements
    • Added new building materials: Mana Crystal, Fire Crystal, Water Crystal, Earth Crystal, and Air Crystal (with blocks, ramps, etc for each)
    • Roads and Footpaths that are next to each other will now combine to form solid textures instead of a lattice
    • Greatly improved map load times by deferring a lot of navigation data calculation until it is needed during gameplay. This especially has a benefit on maps with many purchased terrain chunks.
    • Made Grain more plentiful, and closer to starting area, on new custom generated maps
    • Made terrain adjustments to starting area smoother and over a larger radius
    • Increased display range of many world objects
    • PgUp / PgDown can now be used to change the placement height of block structures, buildings, moved and copied block regions.
    • Improved terrain textures
    • Improved model & texture for stone brick physical item
    • Increased smoothing amount of area around starting base
    • Removed excess AoE display effects when placing houses
    • Temples that spawned with map can be moved once the associated temple research is complete (excluding Campaigns)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Path Planner would often attempt to draw paths underwater, and make mistakes in other edge cases
    • Flipped texture on walls
    • Missing frame mesh on wood stairs
    • Movement commands were not able to target the tops of solid block structures
    • Workers delivering multiple item types to a group of houses would sometimes prioritize items wrong
    • Building and deleting a Steam Generator in the same session would cause the ‘missing pipe’ icon to hover in center of map (usually above Base)
    • Merge blocks would jump to the next scheduled inlet during game load if an item was restored in that location
    • Was able to assign Filter Categories to an Item Generator, resulting in invalid items being output


Released 26-February-2021

  • New Blocks!
    • This patch adds dozens of new decorative / structural blocks you can use to spruce up your town! Choose from several new shapes like blocks, ramps, stairs, platforms, and pillars and materials like Wood, Stone, Brick, Iron, Gold and Cheese (?).
    • The decorative Fence has also been greatly improved - now instead of just placing it like a single block (which made corners impossible), you can drag it like any other path object, or hit R to rotate to a specific angle. It also comes in several different variants (like a Stone Parapet) and also as a solid wall, in each of the different material types. At some point I may add some in-game function for these fences, but for now, it's just for decorative purposes.
    • Some of the older structures had their textures improved as well.
  • Log Bridge
    • There's a new Log Bridge path structure as well. This is created like a path, is very cheap and can be placed above water. Workers walk quickly on it, but wheeled vehicles move slowly. Like other paths, you can hold down CTRL while dragging to create a level path in the air. The Log Bridge does not require any supports beneath it, but also can not be used to support other structures. It's meant to be used in the early game if the player needs to cross water but doesn't have much manufacturing capability.
  • Context Hotbar
    • With all the new block types, the game needed an easier way to switch between block types of the same material. Now, when you're building one of the new decorative blocks, a hotbar appears in the bottom-right showing all the different types available for the active material. You can click on these icons, hit TAB to cycle through them (or Shift+Tab to cycle in reverse).
    • In addition, this hotbar shows various relevant pipe structures when editing the 2D layers.
  • Misc Improvements
    • Increased spawn rate of Sugar zones on custom maps
    • Improved display of pipe connectors and their highlights
    • When a chute or rail path is drawn so that it stats or ends in the middle of an existing path, it will create a T junction instead of a much less functional X junction
    • Any structural block that does not require a lower support (e.g. scaffold blocks, but not flower pots) can be built off of a building based on where the cursor hits
  • Balance Changes
    • Terrain purchase is now a flat cost of 500 yellow coins
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed incorrect highlight messages when harvesting items
    • Fixed bug: Using the pipette tool on a Road or Foot Path that was laying flat on a block would pick up the block, not the path
    • Fixed bug: Small sized maps did not have adequate distribution of spawned resources
    • Fixed bug: the Tools menu button show an empty list every 2nd time it was used
    • Fixed bug: placing non-path structures that still support navigation (like solid blocks) were not recalculating Market reach
    • Fixed bug: menu quick-access buttons were not highlighting properly


Released 8-February-2021

  • Fixed more path planner edge cases, like overhangs and dealing with existing downhill ramps
  • Fixed bug: Trains would stop to pick up at a Train Stop (and perhaps stay indefinitely) even when overall train stop + train filters were completely incompatible, as long as one of the rail cars had an individual item slot without a specific item filter
  • Tailor can now be upgraded with Steam, Water Mana, and Omnistone boosters
  • Medicine Hut can now be upgraded with Steam, Fire Mana, and Omnistone boosters
  • Fixed bug: was possible to inadvertently re-trigger a double-click action on selected object when closing out of a menu
  • Added additional patches of Potatoes, Carrots, and Apples to Campaign Map 6
  • Fixed bug: default behavior of path planner tool would create a path below the surface of water


Released 8-February-2021

  • Improved Path Planner tool, so it will do a better job of returning valid paths in a wider variety of situations
  • Fixed bug: Trains transferring goods from non-Train Station buildings would depart the station before moving all possible goods
  • Increased spawn rate of Grain at medium distances from map center
  • Fixed bug: activating Chute or Rail from build menu or hotbar would not allow rotation or placement of single path items
  • Fixed bug: was able to set research state completed / uncompleted in non-creative mode
  • Fixed bug: cursor building action panel would block the mouse cursor from hitting world objects
  • Fixed bug: flickering when building pipes due to colliders inadvertently remaining on path previews


Released 4-February-2021

  • New Campaign Map
    • Campaign Map #6 is here! It's a large, varied map that will introduce the player to Elemental mana power. The starting center town is surrounded by four distinct biomes, and you must venture far out into each to find the four Temples of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. These produce matching types of Crystals that you can research to unlock new magical technology. Once that research is mastered, you can craft and sell extremely valuable Spellbooks to achieve victory.
    • It will take a large network of roads, rails, and pipes to move all the necessary goods around, but there are a number of helpful trading posts around the map to assist you. In particular, the two trading posts closest to the town are looking for Exotic Fruits (Cactus Fruit and Dragonfruit) and if you can supply them you gain access to a great source of coins and materials.
  • Balance Changes
    • Bandage, Poultice, and Medical Wrap moved from Workshop to Medicine Hut. For compatibility reasons, legacy maps will automatically be set up with a custom rule override that retains a copy of these recipes at the workshop.
    • Steam Pipe recipe consumes 1 Iron Ore instead of 2, and produces 2 Steam Pipes instead of 1
    • Rail Tile consumes 1 Stone Slab instead of 2, and produces 2 Rail Tiles instead of 1
    • Remedy now worth 4 Blue Coins (up from 3)
    • Poultice now worth 3 Blue Coins (down from 4)
    • Antidote worth 14 Blue Coins (up from 12)
    • Medical Wrap worth 18 Blue Coins (up from 14)
    • All recipes that produce Elemental Crystals decreased baseline production time from 6 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Misc Improvements
    • Path preview when drawing pipes has been improved
    • Improved performance related to Affinity Tooltip panels
    • Improved performance of modifying roads and houses
    • Bottom-left button grid now shows more buttons than before, instead of hiding behind mouse-over popup menus
    • Natural resource groupings are cached so that displaying them doesn’t take as long when using the World Data panel
    • When placing Farm Tiles / Tree Planters / Omniplanters, blocks that already have that structure type are no longer highlighted, making it easier to see where they need to be placed
    • Grabber will now auto-create when placing a single belt facing away from a building (used to have to drag a path of 2+ tiles)
    • Inventory slot detail menu and Item filter selection panel are now draggable
    • Dragging a menu panel will make it the front-most UI panel
    • Improved performance of preview paths
    • Improved performance when building anything while game is unpaused
    • Path Planner tool is more reliable when end target is on steep or uneven terrain
    • Added tooltip descriptions for farming supply actions
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed trains continuously loading goods from a building when multiple valid items are being continuously delivered to the building (even when ‘hold until full’ is off)
    • Removed obsolete “Fruit Juice” and (plain) “Jam” recipes from Kitchen. For compatibility reasons, legacy maps will automatically be assigned an override rule that keeps them active.
    • Fixed bug: tile affinity was conferring yield bonus to a resource even if the affinity was for another item type
    • While the tutorial is active, opening the victory conditions panel early will no longer skip the tutorial step that requires you to open it
    • Fixed cursor tool preview block being too opaque
    • Fixed bug: when placing path structures like chutes & belts, arrows indicating default access into or out of building were not being displayed correctly
    • Fixed 2D grid selection highlight not appearing
    • Fixed bug: Priority Sorter was acting unreliably
    • Fixed bug: workers would not re-attempt to harvest resources if they had fully depleted but then regrew
    • Fixed bug: resources, affinity, and mining layer wasn’t being correctly loaded on northern-most row of each terrain chunk, resulting in straight lines missing data
    • Fixed patches of missing affinity in Campaign maps
    • Fixed bug: placing a farm tile wouldn’t immediately update the inventory display panel of the resource on that tile
    • Removed item Descriptions for physical items, they were often unhelpful and out-of-date
    • Fixed bug: Apple Jam and Apple Juice were not showing their recipe inputs in their tooltip panel
    • Fixed bug: worker units not triggering ‘On Exit’ condition of agent trigger
    • Fixed bug: ‘Hold Until Complete’ was not working for loading trains
    • Fixed bug: Victory Condition of ‘Item Sell Counts’ wouldn’t store tally of items sold with the map file
    • Fixed some missing localization


Released 26-January-2021

  • Map Generation Improvements
    • The previous logic for generating resources on a Custom map was pretty messy. In general the map was flooded with resources, because the old method didn't have a good way to keep patch size reasonable while still ensuring there was enough of that resource on the map. Or, you might get a bunch of tiny patches with just 1 or 2 items. There was no guarantee you'd have the right resources near your base, or that there would be enough on the map at all. And ultimately, it didn't even matter where resources spawned, because you could just arbitrarily create your own anywhere (see the next section for how that is addressed).
    • So I rewrote the resource generation algorithm from scratch!
    • In the new algorithm, resources are generated in several separate steps. First, the map is divided into zones that are evenly spread out from each other (with zones being a bit closer together in the center of the map). Then, resource types are assigned to those zones - taking into account which resources are important to have close to the base, and how much of that resource has already been generated. Last, the patches are 'grown' outward to reach a target size based on resource type and distance from center.
    • A debug view of the zone generation method - 'peaks' of this noise map are turned into resource zones. Note they are warped to be more frequent in the center
    • Resource zones after they are created
    • The result is a huge improvement in how maps play out. Resource patches are more consistently sized and have more space between them, resulting in more building area, less need to clear useless resources, and more meaningful mining & harvesting locations. Players will always have a good amount of certain critical resources near the base and reasonable amounts of all resource types elsewhere on the map. It also just looks better to not have huge fields of carrots, stone, and tomatoes smashed up against each other.
  • Resource Affinity & Yield
    • All the improvements to resource regeneration would be pretty useless on their own - as it was pretty simple to just place whatever crop you wanted anywhere on the map with no downside to consider. It made things a bit too easy - players had no incentive to take advantage of natural resource spawn locations, and missed out on having to solve interesting transportation challenges.
    • To fix this, the game now has the concept of Resource Affinity. Simply put, some things grow better in some parts of the map than in others. This means the efficiency of farms, foresters, and mines depend heavily on where you build them. And if that's the case, long-distance, high-throughput transportation options (like Trains) will become much more valuable. So it should make gameplay much more interesting in the long run.
    • Here's how it works in more detail. Each terrain tile can have affinity for a certain farm crop, tree type, or mineral. The affinity value can go from 0% to 100%. When a map is created, any naturally-occurring resource patches (plus a small area around it) is assigned 100% affinity for that resource type. When a resource is regrown on a tile the amount of items that can be harvested from it (i.e. its Yield) will be increased by 4x if it has the right affinity. On fast-producing farms, players will often be limited by how many crops are ready to be harvested, so a higher yield winds up producing a much higher amount of items over time.
    • There's a tooltip on each item source that lets you easily see all this data in one place:
    • You can place resources without affinity, but the yield will be smaller. However, each time the crop/tree/ore finishes growing, the tile will gain a small amount of affinity. So over time, you can change affinity to match your desired farming area. However, this process takes some time, so it is much more effective to base your farms around natural affinity regions.
    • If a tile has Affinity for a different resource than what you planted, the affinity of the tile for the old item will decrease slightly each time growth completes. Once it reaches zero, that old affinity is lost and it begins adding affinity for the resource type being grown that tile.
    • Yield is also affected by Farm Tiles, Fertilizer, and Water. Previously, these would increase crop regrowth speed, but now they simply add more items to the resource once growth completes. (Earth Shrines still boost regrowth speed.)
    • Affinity & Yield details can be viewed in several ways: When placing a resource or a Farm Tile-type block, all tiles with relevant affinity are highlighted on the map. Hovering over terrain will display its affinity value. A selected resource displays current yield and affinity, and hovering the Yield element will give a detailed description of the boost factors that are or aren’t currently being applied. And the new World Data panel has options to display crop, tree, or ore affinity tiles.
    • Affinity only applies to above-ground resources - minerals that spawn underground aren't affected. However, their Yield is increased from previous version, and can be increased much further by supplying Pickaxes to the Mine Shafts (via connected Mines).
    • One big related change is that the old 'Ore Prospecting' feature has been disabled by default. Again, this made it too easy to create mines in arbitrary locations, and was always intended as a placeholder until these current resource improvements could be made. To balance this out, underground resources have a much higher yield now, so you won't need to create huge patches to get a useful mining setup. (For players that really liked the old style, you can re-enable this ability with global rule “Ore Prospecting”.)
  • World Data Panel
    • The hotkey for Data Overlay (default: F) used to just show all items stored or produced by all buildings. On big towns, the result was information overload and made it much less useful.
    • Now, there is a new panel you can toggle with the same hotkey which has multiple layers of data you can toggle on or off.
    • Resource groups like crops, trees, ore, and fish can be shown. This highlights all tiles with matching affinity, and shows an icon for that crop over each resource patch. (A ‘patch’ is calculated dynamically based on groups of nearby resources).
    • Data Overlay ‘Production’ tab shows icon highlight color when recipe is starved for input (red) or can’t produce because output is full (purple):
  • New Resources & Recipes
    • Added new natural resource: Prickly Pear, which produces Cactus Fruit. Cactus Fruit can be harvested by Farms, but Prickly Pears can only be planted on Desert Sand tiles. They also only spawn naturally on Desert Sand terrain.
    • Added new natural resource: Dragonfruit Tree, which produces Dragonfruit. Dragonfruit are harvested by Foresters and require Tree Planters.
    • Note: maps created before this update will use the old resource generation algorithm, and will not naturally spawn Dragonfruit Trees or Prickly Pears.
    • Added new items and recipes: Cactus Jam and Dragon Punch
    • ‘Fruit Juice’ and ‘Jam’ have been changed into fruit-specific items and recipes: Apple Juice, Pear Juice, Berry Juice, Apple Jam, Pear Jam, and Berry Jam. They are grouped into ‘Juice’ and ‘Jam’ satisfaction category for houses.
    • NOTE: For compatibility reasons, the old Fruit Juice recipe will be left intact on legacy maps. This recipe accepts any fruit, and instead of a generic 'Fruit Juice' item it will convert it to Apple Juice. Any existing ‘Fruit Juice’ items are treated as Apple Juice. Similarly, the old Jam recipe now produces Apple Jam and any existing ‘Jam’ items are treated as Apple Jam.
  • New Buildings
    • Added new building: Tailor. This handles all clothing-related recipes (Shirt, Cloak, Warm Coat, Shoe) instead of the Workshop. Legacy maps will retain these recipes at the Workshop.
    • Added new building: Medicine Hut. This handles medicinal recipes (Remedy, Fish Oil, Ointment, Antidote, Health Potion, Elixir) instead of the Enchanter and Kitchen.
    • NOTE: For compatibility reasons, maps created in prior versions will retain these recipes at the original buildings.
  • Balance Changes
    • Removed default auto-replanting of all Farm crops, unless linked to a Farm or Farm Tile
    • Can place a crop without a Farm Tile, as long as terrain is valid.
    • Can no longer place Farm Tiles or Tree Planters on Sand or Rock terrain types
    • Yield for underground resources has generally been rebalanced so that common resources like Stone and Iron Ore have a higher yield than rare resources like Gold or Mana Crystals. Previously this was the opposite.
    • Mines will prefer to harvest above-ground resources before underground resources
    • Made crop growth speeds more consistent (difference now is in the yield each item produces)
  • Miscellaneous Improvements
    • Improved the visual lines that indicate worker targets & paths.
    • When a building is selected, arrows indicate where workers are supplying input, and where they are delivering output. Assigned workers are highlighted as well.
    • When a worker unit is highlighted, its pickup and dropoff locations are be highlighted.
    • Farm Crops get automatically removed when placing or moving a building onto their location (unless they are compatible, like Farm Tiles)
    • Can double-click on terrain to jump camera to that location
    • Can now change textures on terrain that had a default texture assigned from its original biome (e.g. Deserts)
    • Built-in Biomes now have a wider variety of textures
    • Fixed bug: Mesa Valleys biome had resource distribution similar to Desert type
    • Added Oasis biome
    • Resource patches are no longer 100% solid masses, they have some natural spacing in between individual blocks
    • Added ability to specify terrain type within each component of the terrain generator. The terrain used is based on the component with the highest height (unless a ‘Minimum’ height blend is specified, in which case the component with lower height gets terrain type precedence).
    • When editing custom map generation, now can set resource ‘patch size’, which is a more useful value than ‘spread’.
    • Mining ores spawn with higher resource counts as you get farther from center of map
    • Tiles that are near water are highlighted when placing crops
    • Water and Fertilizer state on Farm Tile is now simply On or Off. Instead of decaying slowly, water and fertilizer state will contribute to Crop Yield once growth completes, and each will deplete at that time (at which point it can be refilled by nearby water or Farm).
    • Pickaxe state on underground resources are consumed one at a time when the ore node finishes regenerating, instead of slowly depleting.
    • Added cursor highlight when navigating 2D views (underground mines, pipes, etc)
    • Worker Overview panel now starts on left side of screen so it’s easier to see the workers you click on
    • Camera can now be moved while dismissable modal menus are active (e.g. Worker overview, World Data panel)
    • Fish particle effect changed - now shows as circular bubble rings. They can also be displayed as an Affinity Zone highlight. These zones are visible when interacting with Fisheries or Fishing Boats. Can also have these zone displays toggled on or off in the Global Data panel.
    • Reorganized list of item icons that appear in Item Filters and Player Inventory
    • ‘Remove Resource’ now has a dedicated control (default: Ctrl+X) which will toggle to and from the current build action without clearing it. It also has its own icon in the bottom-left Tools menu
    • Improved performance of drawing glowing highlight tiles around the map
    • Reduced glow when showing Market-connected paths
    • Minor changes to campaign maps
    • Riverbanks now default to a green grass texture, not sand
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug: recipes would forfeit remainder of production time each time a recipe completed during a simulation tick, causing meaningful reduction in output on fast / highly boosted recipes, especially on lower framerates
    • Fixed bug: Trains would remain at a stop loading a handful of items at a time, if new valid items constantly flowed into the building and the building contained other items that were not valid transfers to the train
    • Fixed performance issue caused by frequently redrawing world highlights when certain buildings were selected
    • Fixed some missing text characters in localized text, were appearing as boxes
    • Fixed missing tooltip on natural resources & crops actively growing
    • Fixed missing localization on 'InvalidTerrain'
    • Fixed bug: unable to select an underground resource if it was on a Mine Shaft
    • Fixed bug: hitting ESC while assigning a worker delivery would not immediately remove the dragged item’s icon from the cursor
    • Fixed bug: worker preview paths were not always displaying
    • Stopped building alerts from interfering with worker targeting actions
    • Fixed bug: game loop would break when a worker assigned to harvest water from a river or lake
    • Fixed out-of-date icons for potato & carrot plants
    • Fixed bug: switching between maps might not update build button costs or locked state properly
    • Fixed bug: empty inventory slots would sometimes appear as partially full
    • Fixed bug: incorrect icon for Fabric filter category


Released 10-December-2020

  • More flexible Train Stops
    • Trains can now stop at any building that has a Train Stop attached. The transfer rate when using a Train Station remains at 1 full car per .5 seconds, otherwise transfer rate is limited to 4 items / second
    • Trains have been available for a while, but after player feedback I realized I made them too limited. I wanted Trains to fill a niche of high-throughput long distance transport, so I made them carry a lot and load & unload very quickly, but also require a 3x3 Train Station to transfer any items, plus a 1x1 Train Stop logistic block to connect to the station.
    • However, this means that in pretty cramped layouts trains were not viable - space is at a premium and players just didn't want the hassle of working a the 3x3 Train Station into their layouts. Also, many players were confused why Trains weren't making use of Train Stops (the answer being, they weren't connected to a Train Station).
    • So I've changed things around so that trains can load or unload at any building. (A Train Stop is still required, as this tells the Train it needs to perform a transfer, but those are 1x1 and fit neatly over rail tiles). However, the rate it can move items when it's not at a Station is just 4 per second.
    • This should preserve the advantage of long train routes + Train Stations for centralized, large-scale transfer tasks, but add an additional role for trains that they can shuttle goods around a smaller loop. This is particularly useful because trains can carry multiple goods at a time, and can perform both pick up and dropoff. You'll just need to find a way to supply your train with fuel and water.
  • Additional Balance Changes
    • Airship transfer rate increased from 2 items / sec up to 4 items / sec when not at an Airship Dock
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug: Chinese localization would not display correctly on some menus & tooltips
    • Fixed bug: arrow keys on Build menu would jump around between results instead of navigating up or down
    • Fixed bug: High throughput, High latency maps could sometimes stop working. Caused by a Farm harvesting action that changed a crop state which then caused an Earth Shrine to apply its regen boost all in the same update loop.
    • Fixed bug: Trains at a Train Stop flagged for ‘Wait until Empty’ would never resume unloading if had to temporarily pause due to target building being full
    • Fixed bug: missing text for ‘Preserve Depleted’ option when editing rules for Natural Resources
    • Fixed bug: Build menu search text would not get cleared after loading a different game


Released 07-December-2020

  • When searching in the Build menu, items whose names start with the search text are sorted above those where the search text appears in the middle of the item’s name
  • Majority of structures, not just Paths and Logistic blocks, can have their rotation updated by building the same structure type on top of it. (This excludes structures that can be stacked like scaffolds)
  • Fixed bug: Build menu was not reliably highlighting the topmost item when searching
  • Fixed bug: flattening terrain would not update slope data, resulting in incorrect chute behavior
  • Fixed bug: Pipe connectors that were Inlets as well as Outlets were inadvertently restricting filters based on building's recipe output
  • Fixed bug: using ALT key to activate a hotkey or the 'delete block' alternate action would prevent the ability to right-click delete until cursor action changed again
  • Fixed bug: After placing a Logistic or Computational block, the cursor was not updating in a way that allowed it to be immediately deleted by right-click


Released 05-December-2020

  • Fixed bug: towns could have multiple production problems if harvested regions were terraformed, resulting in navigation errors


Released 04-December-2020

  • Priority Sorter
    • This patch introduces a new Logistic block called the Priority Sorter. If you place it on an intersection, it will ensure that objects moving straight through the block take priority over those entering from the sides. (Otherwise, the default merge behavior is basically random).
  • Improved Inventory Display
    • The top-right display of player inventory has had some quality-of-life improvements. The font is clearer, and displays large values of coins or items in a shortened format. To see the precise amount of coins or items you own, just hover over the icon.
  • Performance Improvements
    • A good amount of optimization work was done to make the game run smoother, load faster, and allocate less memory over time - especially when big busy towns are involved. These changes involved text display, belt/chute/pipe item creation and destruction, pathfinding, navmesh generation, computational block display, rail cart animations, and worker behavior. It appears this can result in around 20% improvement in framerate on larger maps.
  • Pipe Management
    • Making edits to tightly-packed pipes has been a source of trouble, especially in the case where you're deleting part of a pipe path that crossed over another. The game previously would automatically create an intersection when part of a crossover was deleted, which resulted in contamination (left image). Now, the game preserves the crossover, preventing the path items from mixing until the player makes more edits (right image).
  • Balance Changes
    • Filters for Mana Connectors always show all crystal types, regardless of building output, in order to handle booster outputs
    • Plant Herb no longer requires Intermediate Medicine requirement - it only requires Farming knowledge
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug: Airships carrying multiple item types would stall at a building until the building's inventory was full
    • Fixed bug: got errors loading starting maps that already had buildings on them
    • Fixed bug: A group selection containing a logic block would inadvertently highlight all connectable logic blocks. Intended behavior is these will only highlight if a single logic block is selected, so you can link it
    • Fixed bug: enormous list of items would appear if a House was hovered while a worker unit was selected
    • Fixed bug: Hitting ESC while an object was selected in a 2D Grid View would dismiss 2D view instead of deselecting the active object


Released 25-November-2020

  • Campaign Map 5
    • A terraced, mountainous terrain where the player starts harvesting Mana Stones for the first time and processing them into Mana Crystals. These Crystals are like magical batteries that can be used to infuse normal objects with special attributes. But in order to master this new technology, players will first need to make use of the four NPC Enchanters scattered around the outer hills - they produce magical goods that the player can sell back at their town, in order to earn the Purple Coins needed to complete advanced research.
  • Quality-of-life
    • Infinite Research no longer automatically restarts as soon as it’s completed, which potentially consumed valuable resources unintentionally. Instead, when an Infinite Research completes, its notification panel has two buttons: “Repeat” and “Complete”. Repeat will keep the infinite research going. Complete will remove it from all Schools currently researching it.
    • Path Planner is now capable of ramping up to the highlighted endpoint. Hold CTRL for path to begin ramp up placement at beginning of path.
    • Can now specify a target endpoint height for Path Planner tool (PgUp / PgDown to change height), even with no object in place at endpoint
    • When placing resources using creative mode Place Resources tool or regular farming actions, and using a cursor tool size larger than 1x1, no longer rejects placement when center position is invalid (as other surrounding positions may be valid)
    • When you open the Build menu, the Search Text field immediately gains focus so you can just type to begin filtering for the object you want.
    • Menu items in Build menu are cached to speed up searching and navigation
    • Building a Farm, Forester, or Mine will automatically assign default ‘assist’ recipes (supplying water, fertilizer, pickaxes) when created, and will also automatically assign a resource gathering recipe as long as there is only one matching nearby resource type
    • When using the right-click delete function, the cursor tool size is always reset to 1x1 to avoid accidental deletions
    • Pipette tool will copy a Rail or Chute’s placement path direction
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug: Worker units would attempt to navigate through unpurchased terrain, resulting in them getting stuck
    • Fixed bug: OmniTemple ‘Collect Bonus’ property would not update its display when toggled on or off
    • Fixed bug: In Creative Mode, Research recipes were not correctly displaying Completed / Locked status
    • Fixed bug: A fast-moving chute item that ran into a slow-moving chute item would maintain its fast speed but move intermittently
    • Fixed bug: Path Planner tool would create invalid corners for foot paths and roads that were going down a sloped path
    • Fixed bug: Hotkeys that activated modal menus (Supply, Production, etc) would not toggle them off
    • Fixed bug: Right-clicking while dragging a path would cancel the path drag but also delete any highlighted block
    • Fixed bug: Dragging path planner tool to an elevated position and then back to initial block would incorrectly show a ramp preview tile
  • Balance Changes
    • Fire Temple now requires 200 Fire Ether instead of 100 Fire Ether to construct (to bring it in line with similar costs of other Temples)
    • Mana Pipe Connector now unlocks from Mana Transmission research instead of Mana Power research
    • Health Potion is now its own Satisfaction Category (previously coupled with Remedy) and sells for 5 Purple Coins instead of 16 Blue Coins
    • Antidote is now in the same Satisfaction Category as Remedy
    • Red Coin cost removed from Health Potion and Elixir recipes
    • Mines can now be embedded in hilly terrain
    • Wells and Water Pumps can be placed in blocks with up to 1 block unit of terrain slope
    • Sugar is now a Loose Bulk good (can be put in Chutes, Minecarts, and Hopper Cars)
    • Steam Pipe recipe has been moved to Forge, instead of Machine Shop. It also requires fewer total resources, with 2 Iron Ore and 2 Fuel to make 1 Pipe. The older recipe (2 Iron Plates to make 1 Pipe) will automatically be available in Machine Shops in older maps to prevent breakage.
    • Cost of Mana Transmitter and Receiver reduced to 10 Mana Bricks each, since they are no longer as useful
  • Other
    • Removed automatic terrain stone texture when underground resources or mine shafts
    • In Creative mode, can right-click on items in the Research panel to modify their completion state
    • Locked NPC buildings no longer count towards building maximums or victory conditions. Their assigned workers do not count towards player’s population, and assigned worker can’t be changed outside of Creative mode. Their available recipes will also be fixed based on what is selected during map editing (even if not a Trading Post)
    • In Creative Mode, can use Place Resources tool on the Mining layer to create new underground mineral deposits
    • Added new Victory Requirement configuration option: “Items Sold”. This tracks the number of specific items sold to Houses.
    • Added Traditional Chinese localization


Released 16-November-2020

  • Shrine Changes
    • Increased Earth and Air Shrine area-of-effect radius
    • Fixed bug: Air Shrines were not applying effect on workers that were on Foot Paths or Roads
    • Workers can be boosted again by Air Shrines when their boost remaining falls below 20%
    • All 4 shrine types now have an additional “Apply Boost” recipe that will fill matching elemental boost meters for any buildings within their Area-of-effect
  • Mana Pipe Changes
    • Removed logic that caused Depleted Crystals to always bypass a building. In order to preserve legacy booster setups, they will still default to bypass if the access type is 'Power In', or if they are at a Mana Connector with no outlets AND the building has a booster meter. But otherwise will act like regular items in a pipe.
    • Fixed Mana Crystals being output at a building’s Input node. The only exception to this is if the building produces depleted crystals as a byproduct or has a Mana Booster, as legacy setups require Input Connectors to act as Input+Output. This issue had mainly been affecting Rechargers, causing their charged crystals to be sent out their Input connector.
    • Fixed bug: A Mana Connector with input overflow behavior set to Hold was not holding Depleted Crystals
    • “Charged Crystal” and “Depleted Crystal” are now filter options when configuring a Mana Connector
    • Depleted Crystals will default to Hold at a connector if the attached building accepts Depleted Crystals as input (e.g. Rechargers).
  • New Features
    • Added “Nothing” option to item filters, which will output no items (similar to setting to inactive state)
    • When creating a Grabber or OmniConnector (either manually, or via dragging a belt or chute away from a building) if the source building produces 2 or more items, or is a storage building containing 2 or more items, the Grabber will default to the “Nothing” filter. This gives players a chance to configure a filter before items are pulled out of the building. An exclamation point alert will be shown on the block until it is selected.
    • Can now double-click on Pipe Connector, Rail Stop, Inventory Sensors, and Agent Triggers to edit their Item Filter
    • When configuring the filter on a Pipe Connector or Grabber that is attached to a production building, only the building’s production outputs are displayed in the available filter list
    • Added 'Animate Workers' option in the Video Options panel, which turns worker bouncy movement on or off
  • Balance Changes
    • Modified several Trading Post recipes to make them more advantageous, especially ones producing basic goods
    • Added new Trading Post recipes that produce Wood Wheels, Conveyor Belts, and Rail Tiles
    • Ethers had their consumption times sped up to account for recent change that they can now be produced 4X as fast, but also decreased sell values:
    • Changed Fire Ether sell value from 15 Red Coins to 10 Red Coins
    • Changed Water Ether sell value from 10 Blue Coins to 6 Blue Coins
    • Changed Earth Ether sell value from 4 Purple Coins to 2 Purple Coins
    • Changed Air Ether sell value from 20 Yellow Coins to 15 Yellow Coins
  • Misc Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug: could not use label filtering when filter menu was already displaying a subset of items based on parent object’s fixed filter
    • Fixed bug: Packed items would not enter storage buildings with packed item filter


Released 8-November-2020

  • Fixed bug: Wood and Stone pillars were not buildable at the base of steep cliffs
  • Capped Pipe Animation speed so it would not appear backwards in cases of low framerate
  • Fixed bug: Copying and pasting compute block attributes onto another compute block would not always update the block’s icon
  • Fixed bug: Train cars would potentially load their item filters out-of-order, resulting in train engine's filter being ignored and accepting invalid goods
  • Fixed bug: Game would fail to update many world objects if there was a pipe connector without a pipe path
  • Carrot and Potatoes use Mesh Instancing for better performance


Released 6-November-2020

  • Fixed bug: Airship navigation was sometimes unreliable if cursor hovered over belts, chutes, etc. when targeting its path
  • Fixed bug: Pipe connectors in the middle of vertical pipes were not treated as contiguous, and as such would hold items by default instead of bypassing
  • Fixed Mana Crystals being output at Input-only connectors, causing pipe blockage
  • Changed logic for when pipe items can jump from a building’s input connector to a non-contiguous outlet: Depleted Crystals can jump between Mana Connectors. If the connector is not a “Power” inlet, is set to Bypass AND it has no other pipe outlets, items can jump. This should prevent unwanted inputs from clogging up output pipes.


Released 5-November-2020

Airships and Airship Docks

  • Airships are a new worker unit that allow for flexible point-to-point delivery of goods over long distances. They have a large capacity (4 filterable slots of 25 items each), can travel through the sky above obstacles, and can pick up and drop off at any building with clearance above it. It will be very useful when you need to make a large one-off delivery, or need to move a set of goods over a crowded area.
  • This is obviously very powerful, so there are some key restrictions to make sure it doesn't make everything else in the game obsolete.
  • For one, they move pretty slowly - about 2 blocks per second. They also require 4 population capacity, so it will not be viable to spam them. They are only only available late-game (Airship research becomes available once Air Mana Purification research has been completed). And, when transferring items to and from buildings, they unload slowly (2 items / second).
  • However, there are ways to improve this performance. For one, there is a new Airship Dock storage building that holds 400 items, and can transfer 25 items a second between Airships. So for high throughput routes, you will probably want to use those at your endpoints. Another is below...

Air Shrines and Worker Boosts

  • The Air Shrine has finally been introduced! When charged with Air Crystals, the Air Shrine will apply a 'Boosted' status effect to all population-based worker units that walk within a few blocks which doubles their movement and harvesting speed. It also reaches into the sky above it, so if you put an Air Shrine along an Airship route you will get much better results!

Mana Rework

  • The Mana system has been overly complicated for a long time, frequently blocking players from progressing further in the game. So some big changes have been made to it.
  • There's a lot of details, but the tl;dr is that Mana Transmitters and Mana Receivers are no longer necessary. Instead of Mana Power, you can pipe Mana Crystals directly into and out of buildings, or deliver them with belts or workers. And, all your old pipe networks will be totally compatible with the new system. See below:
  • Here's the full changes to the Mana system:
    • Crystals can move through mana pipes without needing to be converted to & from a power format (what Transmitters and Receivers used to do).
    • Recipes that previously consumed Mana Power will instead consume physical Crystals and produce Depleted Crystals as a byproduct. You will still need to remove these from the building, or else production will be blocked. However this can be done with pipes or with other physical means like conveyor belts or workers.
    • Since many buildings will now output Depleted Crystals as a byproduct, an ‘Exclude Crystal’ filter will automatically be applied to any Grabbers or Omniconnectors in legacy maps that don’t otherwise have a filter, and will be applied by default to any new Grabbers or Omniconnectors that are created when dragging new pipe or belt paths to buildings that produce these byproducts.
    • Transmitters and Receivers will simply function as a building that provides a convenient optional interface to the mana pipe network. So that means existing Transmitters and Receivers can remain in place without having any negative effects.
    • Receivers now accept Charged or Depleted crystals. The building has 4 storage slots holding up to 20 items each, and a top-level item filter.
    • You will still need to use Rechargers to convert Depleted Crystals back to a default Charged state.
    • Mana boosters are a bit different. They still exist, but instead of slowly draining the Crystal they will simply accept or reject it if the crystal’s energy can be fully consumed. When this occurs the Crystal becomes Depleted and will proceed down the mana pipe, not stored in the building. Crystals used to power Boosters will only leave the building via Mana Pipe.
    • Crystals arriving via Pipes will attempt to load into inventory, and if that is full, will attempt to charge a Booster value. Crystals arriving via any other means (wagons, conveyor belt, etc) will not be used to power Boosters.
    • You can force a Mana Connector pipe to only supply Booster Power by changing its Access Type to the new value: “Power In”.
    • Also as a result of mana rework, the amount of Crystals consumed and converted to Depleted will change up or down, depending on recipe.

All these changes are meant to make the Mana system more consistent with how the rest of the game works, and hopefully is much easier to use.

Pipe Overflow Setting

  • There's a new "Overflow Behavior" parameter on all pipe connectors. This setting determines what happens if the connected building is full or otherwise unable to accept the pipe item. There are three settings:
    • Hold: The pipe item will stay at the connector until there is room in the building, blocking anything behind it.
    • Bypass: The pipe item will continue moving down the pipe unchanged.
    • Default: This is meant to mimic legacy pipe behavior so that existing maps don't get affected. Its effect depends on the connector setup: Mana Connectors default to ‘Hold’ behavior, unless the item is a Depleted Crystal, which will bypass. Other pipe items (Steam, Water, and Omni) default to ‘Bypass’, unless the pipe is non-contiguous, where it will default to Hold.

Additional Changes:

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug: Goods Supply Panel (shown when inspecting Markets) would display the wrong list of available goods when switching between maps with different rule sets
    • Fixed bug: non-rail units would attempt to lock to rail tile directions during placement
    • In Creative mode, all building recipes, upgrades and research are visible and available (previously were locked based on research state)
    • Fixed bug: ‘Speed: 100%’ was being shown on the building selection panel for buildings that don’t have any speed modifiers (Markets, Trading Posts, Shrines)
    • Fixed bug: Boxcar icon was wrong color
    • Cursor no longer reverts back to selection mode after placing a Temple
    • Fixed bug: Earth Shrines were not showing Area-of-effect on build or select
    • Fixed bug: Train would sometimes fail to load or unload if the Locomotive stopped in a location overlapping two different Train Stops
    • Fixed bug: blank Hotbar items would appear red / invalid on Hotbar reload
    • Fixed bug: possible unexpected behavior when copying an object without a filter onto an object with a filter
    • Fixed bug: Campaign Maps 1-4 had the ‘Restrict Minecart Inventory’ rule set to Off instead of On (fix doesn’t affect maps in progress)
    • Fixed bug: Newly-placed sign posts would not show their messages on data overlay panel (F)
    • Fixed bug: Updating Sign Post Labels and Signal Tags would not immediately update the new value on the selected item panel
    • Fixed bug: Research would jump ahead to a nearly complete state if its count was > 100 (Is a factor when research cost multiplier is > 1)
    • Fixed bug: Deactivating a Train Stop would not allow a parked train to continue moving
    • Fixed bug: A train would remain at a station attempting to transfer items in small amounts if station was slowly emptying at the same time
  • Balance Changes
    • Mana Pipe recipe outputs 4 mana pipes instead of 1.
    • Magic Conveyor Belt requires 20 fuel instead of 10
    • Magic Rail Tile requires 20 fuel instead of 10
    • Mana Brick requires 12 fuel instead of 6
    • Mana Crystal requires 10 fuel instead of 4
    • Modified several Trading Post recipes to make them more advantageous
    • Increased speed of Train Stop loading and unloading from 1 second / load to .5 seconds / load
    • Increased Yellow Coin cost of Boxcar, Tank Car, and Hopper from 100 coins to 500
    • All Mana Stone mine production recipes produce 4X output. All recipes consuming Mana Stone require 4x amount as input. (Increases throughput requirement without affecting balance)
    • All Ether production recipes produce 2X output. All recipes consuming Ether require 2X amount as input. (Again, increases throughput requirement without affecting balance)
    • Terrain Purchase starts at 500 yellow coins instead of 1000, and cost increases much slower with each subsequent purchase
  • Other Misc Changes
    • Moved ‘Custom’ game creation button above ‘Sandbox’
    • Multiple Pipe Connectors are no longer placed when click-dragging the cursor during placement
    • Added new models for growing, and fully grown Carrot & Potato resources
    • Added admin command “anim on” and “anim off” to toggle worker bounce animations


Released 24-October-2020

  • Trading Posts
  • Campaign Map 4
  • Other Feature Additions & Changes
    • Added new Create Game property: Trade Recipes. This is a list of recipes that the Trading Posts will choose from on map creation. New trade recipes can be added here. Any of these recipes can be assigned to the trading post in Creative mode.
    • New option when customizing new random map: Trading Posts, which let you choose how many trading posts should spawn
    • Rail Cars now default to including top-level Train filter in its logic, but the rail car can specify whether the Train filter should be active or not. This also fixes a bug where a fixed-filter rail car (like Hopper) would ignore train filters for specific goods due to its built-in Loose Bulk filter always taking precedence.
    • ‘Packed only’ and ‘Unpacked only’ filter restrictions can now be specified for item categories like ‘Gourmet’
    • Recipes with inputs that are not produced in map (based on custom rules) are no longer automatically removed, as they may be produced by Trading Posts
    • Replaced NPC building particle effects (when they appear on a newly purchased terrain chunk) with an exclamation point icon that disappears when you select the building
    • Updated ‘Rail’ tutorial map to include Freight Cars
    • Alert icons are hidden during Campaign intro cutscenes
  • Balance Changes
    • Freight Cars are now dependent on Steam Locomotive research, not Steam Engine research
    • Removed Red Coin cost from Farm Herbs recipe
    • Campaign 2 starts player with General Store and a worker delivering Planks so they get an example of how Red Coins are produced. Also flattened out some terrain near starting area and disabled several Kitchen recipes which were impossible to produce or consume.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug: Steam Connectors over Water Pumps could be assigned “Water” filter if an outlet pipe built from them in the same session they were created. Similar bug with Water Connectors and the Steam Generator.
    • Fixed bug: Custom recipes defaulted with Enabled property set to Off
    • Fixed bug: In creative mode, some objects were not appearing in build menus if they had been disabled by active rule set or if map launched with creative mode off
    • Fixed bug: When moving rail cars and re-attaching them to existing train, would create a bad train link that could cause errors when highlighting or deleting that train car in the future. Any bad links currently in games are automatically fixed during game load.
    • Fixed bug: Transfers to or from Rail Cars were being accidentally limited during train station stops. New behavior is that an unlimited number of items can be transferred to a single Rail Car per transfer attempt.
    • Fixed bug: Non-physical items like ‘Steam’, ‘Fuel’, ‘Knowledge’, etc would appear as pick-up options for workers, and would be transferred by ‘Deliver All’ commands
    • Fixed missing localization on ‘PlayerActionCloseTopMenu’
    • Fixed bug: placing structures would immediately show 'occupied' error after successful placement, instead of waiting for cursor to move
    • Fixed bug: when placing Farm Tiles over crops the crop icon would obscure placement position
    • Fixed bug: ALT key activation of ‘remove block’ tool would prevent correct hotbar assignments to top row
    • Fixed bug: Context commands menu would be displayed when backing out to the main menu
    • Fixed bug: Item filters specifying categories like ‘Gourmet’ would ignore packaged versions of items matching that category.
    • Fixed bug: attaching a new rail cart wouldn’t immediately apply the relevant top-level train filter


Released 15-October-2020

  • Fixed launch crash introduced in .169
  • Fixed missing localization on ‘Complete Construction’ recipe output for Omnitemple


Released 14-October-2020

  • Boxcar inventory increased from 40 to 50
  • Added new Interface option: ‘Secondary Action Delete’ to determine whether the right-click button destroys blocks if you click down on them. This defaults to ON for legacy players and OFF for new players.
  • Players can hold the Alt button to temporarily activate the Remove Block tool without changing their build object. (This is meant to allow for convenient block deletion even if Secondary Action Delete is off)
  • Formatting improvements to context controls menu
  • Added Camera Controls to context controls menu, when in default cursor mode
  • Fixed bug: blurry textures on some buildings
  • Fixed bug: ‘Supply All’ behavior would never supply recipe inputs that were filter categories (i.e. Fuel)
  • Fixed bug: buildings with lots of recipe inputs could have some of their ingredient icons hidden in the pop-up menu when assigning a worker behavior target
  • Fixed bug: Crystals could get stuck at an input Mana Connector on save / reload. Happened if the crystal was fully depleted, the Output connector was a separate pipe, and the output pipe was full at the time of map save / reload. Also happened if crystal was depleted when it arrived at the input connector, even without save / reload.
  • Fixed bug: deleting an entire train would fail to refund attached rail cars & their inventories
  • Fixed bug: Minecarts with filters that didn’t match Loose Bulk items would accept any item
  • Fixed bug: If Cancel action mapped to a hotkey that is not mapped to camera pan or move, it was waiting for hotkey release instead of triggering on hotkey press, making it less responsive
  • Fixed bug: when moving Conveyor Belts, the directional arrow preview would be incorrect for South and West directions
  • Fixed bug: was using wrong text for the “No Fuel” alert on Steam Locomotives


Released 10-October-2020

  • Features / Improvements:
    • Added Boxcar, which is a 2-length rail car that holds 40 items
    • Added Tank Car, which is a 2-length rail car that holds 100 units of fluid
    • Added Hopper Car, which is a 2-length rail car that holds 100 units of loose bulk goods (same filter as Chute: ores, crystals, grain, flour, fertilizer, etc)
    • Boxcar, Tank Car, and Hopper Car all occupy 2 blocks and can only be loaded / unloaded at a Train Stop.
    • Added new research “Freight Cars”, which unlocks Boxcar, Tank Car, and Hopper Car.
    • Added button on Steam Locomotives to directly attach railcars to the end of the train
    • Move and rotation tools now work on entire trains
    • Added new Global Rule: Restrict Minecart Inventory. Default is ON, which adds a “Loose Bulk” top-level filter restriction to all Minecarts. Note that for any legacy maps the Default for this new rule is OFF (meaning minecarts can still load any item) to prevent interfering with current builds.
    • Newly attached train cars will follow existing track lines
    • “Gourmet Foods” store is now called “Tavern” and its building model has been updated
    • Total inventory slot capacity is displayed and not just item count
    • Campaign map 2 added a new victory condition requiring Base Level 4. This is to help guide players towards the base upgrade which is required for other buildings.
    • Tooltip for Research will indicate which worker units are unlocked by it
    • Steam Locomotive only outputs smoke particles if consuming fuel
    • ‘Rollable’ filter (items that can be transported in Chutes) has been renamed to ‘Loose Bulk’
  • Balance Changes
    • Increased maximum rail car speed on Magic Rails by 25%
    • Eggs, Ethers, and Mana Crystals (charged or depleted) are no longer considered Rollable / Loose Bulk (meaning they can no longer be placed in a Chute, or in a Hopper car)
    • Filters on minecarts and rail cars will override any train-level filters. Previously the filter effects were merged.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug: Move Tool was unlinking rail cars and stopping worker unit behavior on selection, not on move confirmation.
    • Fixed bug: When moving a Steam Locomotive, its potential new position could be blocked by current position
    • Set default OSX rendering path back to Metal, with fallback OpenGLCore, instead of the other way around. OpenGLCore default was causing performance issues for many OSX players. If OSX players encounter display issues (missing world items) due to this change, they can specify a launch option of ‘-force-glcore’
    • Fixed bug: attached minecarts (with no Engine) were treating first minecart’s filter as a train-level filter
    • Fixed bug: hitting the ‘Go’ button on a rail car or train would not cause it to move if the game was paused


Released 27-September-2020

  • Fixed bug: inconsistent behavior of camera move & pan commands
  • Fixed bug: game would ignore first input drag command (camera look, camera pan) when it regained focus after running in background
  • Fixed bug: minecarts attached to parent trains might be placed in the wrong facing direction, preventing future attachments
  • Fixed bug: was possible to dismiss some main menus by clicking outside the menu, resulting in a blank menu state


Released 25-September-2020

  • When in creative mode, added ability to right-click on buildings and choose to ‘Lock’ or ‘Unlock’ them. Locked buildings will then not be modifiable by the player outside of creative mode.
  • Steam Locomotives now occupy 2 rail tiles (any existing trains will occupy the additional rail tile as soon as space is available)
  • ‘Cancel’ action is now mapped to RMB by default (mapping is preserved for previous players). It triggers only if click down + click up occurs without dragging or performing another action, so it won’t interfere with other action mappings. NOTE: Players from previous versions will have this mapped to Z, if you want this new behavior, you will need to manually remap using Options / Controls.
  • New Input option: ‘Close Top Menu’. Used to back out of menus, without having to use ESC (which is not remappable). Default key is Z
  • Can now right-click on Hotbar item to show ‘Delete’ option, that removes it from the hotbar
  • Improved display of Goods Supply panel, now Supply and Happiness status meters are shown separately, and removed obsolete item tier icon
  • House happiness panel now shows a checkmark icon for “Supplied” state instead of a less-relevant timer icon for consumption time
  • Fixed bug: Mines would occasionally get stuck in a state where they stop producing anything. Any mines that were currently stuck are fixed upon map load
  • Fixed bug: was failing to load custom presets for rules, scenarios, and maps in Create Game menu
  • Fixed bug: when trying to move invalid buildings, error message was shown when placing buildings instead of when trying to pick it up
  • Fixed bug: Inputs mapped to Select Column and Select Block did not have any effect
  • Fixed bug: minecarts accepting items that didn’t match filter (happened if minecart and loader had completely conflicting filters, game treated that as an ‘accept everything’ case instead of a ‘exclude everything’ case)


Released 9-September-2020

  • Added Multi-item filters, with the ability to flag items as packed only/unpacked only (or both), exclude items, require items (for testing worker units that can carry multiple types)
  • More objects have top-level Item Filter - Train Stops, Fuel Loaders, Minecart Loaders, and all worker units
  • Added Merge block that only allows a balanced number of items into the block from different directions. Works as 2-way or 3-way balancer. Default ratios are 1:1 but you can specify different ratios for the straight, left, and right input directions.
  • Added Natural Resource config to the Edit Rules menu. Can change display name, as well as a “Preserve When Depleted” flag that, if enabled, will re-plant the crop (or preserve a ‘depleted’ form of the ore/mineral) once all the resources have been harvested from it - whether or not there is a linked production building.
  • Added terrain texture painting in Creative mode, and painted previous campaign maps
  • Train cars will now merge their filter with the Engine’s item filter - previously it would just override it. Exclude flag can be used in cases where player doesn’t want an item into a train car that the engine’s filter would otherwise include
  • Can no longer move Storage buildings (barn, base, rail depot, silo, crate) if they have inventory items in them.
  • New global rule: “Allow Storage Moving” which prevents players from moving storage buildings that contain items. In creative mode, this rule doesn’t apply. You can still move empty storage buildings at any time.
  • Steam Locomotives will move (slowly) even when they are out of fuel or water
  • Minecarts can now load and unload at Minecart Loaders (previously, Rail Loaders) even if they are part of a Train.
  • Opening the Text / Number input panel won’t deselect the active item
  • Improved icon for Splitter
  • Right-click actions now only count full click down + release (not just right-click-down)
  • Fishing boats now have a fixed top-level filter of ‘Fish’, rather than an assigned Fish type on its inventory slot (for consistency)
  • Train Cars will show parent filter (based on train Locomotive) in display-only format on their selection panel
  • Steam Locomotives show an alert when they are missing fuel or water
  • Can toggle overhead view on or off without changing build object
  • Fixed bug: Display bug where objects were invisible on OSX (by changing default graphics API from Metal to OpenGL)
  • Fixed bug: natural resources showing a blank ‘Inputs’ row on item hover tooltip
  • Fixed bug: could click outside of Edit Rules menu when creating new game to be left with blank UI
  • Fixed bug: Object Labels would still be shown on path and logic blocks even if turned off in preferences
  • Fixed bug: Was not activating Mining layer when using Prospecting or Mine Shaft tools, which resulted in confusing behavior and error messages
  • Fixed bug: Water, Steam, and Omni connectors would produce items even if active state set to Off
  • Fixed bug: Water and Steam connectors were missing ‘In+Out’ access type (Mana Connectors intentionally do not have this, for now)


Released 30-August-2020

  • Added Campaign Map #3 - takes player through Mining, Machinery, Boating, Fishing, and basic Railway technologies. Map is full of large islands, so Cargo Boats are useful to move goods between mining regions. A few flat areas for minecart loops to help produce all the necessary resources.
  • Added smoother texture blending to underwater terrain
  • Items that are impossible to produce (based on custom rules) are automatically hidden from House Happiness panel
  • Added new Biome: Mesa Valleys
  • Added recipe inputs to item tooltip panel
  • Tree, Bush, and Vine crops (Apple, Pear, Cotton, Berries, Herb, and Tomato) will now automatically replant when depleted. Their baseline item capacity and default grow speed (unless boosted by Farm Tile or Tree Planter) have both been significantly decreased.
  • Herb is no longer sellable on its own for Yellow Coins
  • Medicine research is now “Intermediate Medicine”. Advanced Medicine and Basic Medicine were added as new research options. These are both retroactively marked as complete for any maps that had previously completed Medicine research.
  • Got rid of house level requirements for selling specific items
  • Removed Lumber Mill requirement for wooden scaffold blocks
  • Fixed bug: hidden / disabled research was showing up on Research menu
  • Fixed bug: missing tooltips on Research menu
  • Fixed bug: could break functionality of House Happiness panel if you loaded a map with limited satisfaction categories after playing a map with more categories available
  • Fixed bug: Water was missing in ‘Edit Biome’ view
  • Fixed bug: extending a chute in a side direction would stall out items that had been stuck at previous end of chute
  • Fixed bug: unnecessary error logging when trying to transfer items to buildings that have unique item slots that are also full
  • Fixed bug - Replacing a Sensor Block with same structure type would leave invalid references to replaced block, potentially triggering lots of unexpected path item behaviors
  • Fixed bug - opening "edit rules" or "edit victory conditions" menus during a game unpauses it
  • Fixed bug - Victory flag could persist in game state if starting a new custom map after achieving victory on another map in the same session (flag Is cleared on legacy maps that don’t meet current victory conditions)
  • Fixed bug - Infinite research unlocks were not displayed after victory screen displayed
  • Fixed bug - missing label on ‘Construction Complete’ tooltip alert for OmniTemple
  • Fixed bug - using Upgrade hotkey to upgrade multiple buildings could upgrade more buildings than player could actually afford
  • Fixed bug: Moving or placing a house within a Market network did not immediately trigger goods being sold to that house


Released 24-August-2020

  • Fixed bug: Data Overlay key (Default: F) showing invalid header label for objects
  • Fixed bug: default mapping of R = Rotate Object was hiding other default mapping of R = Open Research Menu. The game now does a separate test for inputs when objects are selected, allowing inputs to pass through to the default input context when nothing is selected
  • Fixed bug: Completed research was not categorized as such on the Research Panel
  • Fixed bug: Creating a new map and placing initial base position did not show a preview of the Base building
  • Fixed bug: Creating a new custom map would initialize to the same random number every time
  • Fixed bug: Starting a new map with manual Base placement did not correctly load locked state of buildings, resulting in missing unlock notifications for them
  • Fixed bug: deleting Roads and Foot Paths did not update neighboring blocks’ worker paths navigation, resulting in workers being able to walk into buildings or through stone walls
  • Fixed bug: loading Campaign Select menu after completing all available campaigns would select an unavailable campaign by default
  • Research Panel is now draggable, and reformatted slightly


Released 07-February-2020

  • Default ‘Plains and Rivers’ biome now has smaller and more spread-out hills
  • Added 50% and 75% UI scaling options
  • Achievement for Base Level is no longer triggered in creative mode
  • Pick Up Item tool now has a rebindable hotkey (default: J)
  • Fixed bug: Opening & closing an individual Market’s goods supply window, then using ‘Goods Supply’ hotkey, would only show that market’s filtered goods list instead of all goods
  • Fixed bug: Harvester drill was showing visible inventory contents
  • Fixed bug: inconsistent appearance of ‘Close’ and ‘Pin’ button on Goods Supply panel
  • House Happiness Panel is now pinnable
  • Fixed bug: tutorial tips specified the ‘Move Tool’ instead of the ‘Pick Up Item Tool’ for removing items stuck on chutes
  • Fixed bug: copied buildings with elemental boosters would not have the correct booster when pasted, nor could the booster be added manually


Released 28-January-2020

  • Edit Map button is visible again, and it now activates a mode that edits the single starting biome. (more biome editing functionality will be added in future versions)
  • Fixed bug: Clicking on a new grid-based inventory slot while item filter selection panel is visible breaks cursor behavior
  • Fixed bug: was unable to create buildings on scaffolds


Released 28-January-2020

  • Version notes now links to external Steam news page
  • Fixed Bug: Clicking on an inventory slot while the item filter panel up would break cursor functionality
  • Fixed Bug: When moving buildings, checks for valid support underneath new foundation positions was not performed
  • Fixed Bug: Activating Move Tool while moving something caused cursor to get stuck in unexpected state
  • Units with more than 1 inventory slot (Caravans and Cargo Boats) can open up an expanded inventory detail panel that shows all slots at the same time
  • When moving a single building over a cliff, the cursor will jump to the height of the top of the cliff as it does when creating a single building
  • Building placement is now correctly marked as invalid when moving or pasting into a center position that is occupied by a terrain cliff


Released 26-January-2020

  • New map customization option: Resources. Adjust each resource's patch size / richness, or select from a preset, or randomize
  • All resources and wider terrain area are now visible when creating maps
  • New map customization option: 'Decrease distant resources', which reduces farmable crops as distance from center increases. Default is ON for new maps to reduce crowding
  • Trees and crops no longer have increased spawning rates near bases, to allow more building space in early game
  • Performance improvement for resources with detail meshes (Gold Ore, bushes, fruit trees, etc)
  • Stones no longer generate in water
  • Naturally-spawning Temples' glow effect is now preserved until the temple produces an item
  • Cost for removing crops is now 0
  • Reinforced Plank crafting cost change: 1 Iron Plate instead of 2, 2 Nails instead of 4, 6 seconds instead of 10
  • Reinforced Plank sell value change: 18 red coins instead of 22
  • Pickaxe sell value change: 25 red coins instead of 30
  • Allowed camera controls to work even if modal menu visible
  • Extended hotbar to 20 items, up from 8. Are split across two rows. Can hold Alt + hotkey to load second row item
  • Updated default hotbar items
  • ESC key can be used to cancel a control rebinding request
  • Non-alpha keys are represented by their character, not a long string
  • Can move most menus by clicking and dragging on headers
  • Can pin menus by clicking the nail icon in the header
  • Screen will smoothly animate to focus on a unit selected in Worker overview panel
  • Fixed bug - mapping a control to left click would mess up many menu functions
  • Fixed bug - missing localization when remapping Hotbar shortcut keys
  • Fixed bug - shorelines not extending exactly to map edge for small or large maps (only affects new maps going forward)


Released 24-December-2019

- Moving a single building will show tile placement highlights again

- Improved performance on rail carts by removing wheel rotation

- Fixed bug - directional logistic blocks displaying wrong direction when moved

- Fixed bug - Farms were not highlighting water-adjacent tiles in blue during placement


Released 21-December-2019

- Fixed bug - error was preventing copying of Mana Transmitters and Receivers


Released 21-December-2019

  • fixed infinite research not correctly consuming inputs based on research level


Released 21-December-2019

  • fixed an issue where farms & foresters would treat nearby ground as water-supplying


Released 20-December-2019

  • Fixed bug - house deliveries not working as expected on first house built
  • Fixed bug - deleting or moving mine shafts would not recalculate Mine influence networks


Released 19-December-2019

- more boat pathfinding fixes


Released 19-December-2019

  • fixed some boat pathfinding issues


Released 19-December-2019

  • Fixed bug - copy / paste in Creative mode was inadvertently limiting number of available houses
  • Fixed bug - copy / paste was copying instance data like house happiness, steam & power charge levels, etc
  • Fixed bug - missing icon and label for Build Group tool


Released 18-December-2019

  • fixed copy/paste not consuming resources


Released 17-December-2019

fixed all the pathfinding issues related to building AoE


Released 17-December-2019

- Increased efficiency and range of boat pathfinding

- Fixed bug where moved structures would have wrong rotation (when mesh instancing is off)

- Fixed bug where a Conveyor Belt path could be placed across a perpendicular ramp via cursor drag


Released 13-December-2019

- Highlight tiles update when moving or pasting objects in 2D layer

- Fixed some underground pipe connections breaking or duplicating when moving buildings

- Mesh Instancing is automatically disabled when Intel HD Graphics 4000 detected, due to incompatibility crashes


Released 13-December-2019

pipe connectors now correctly display preview connection direction


Released 13-December-2019

  • fixes issue where replacing paths using path planner tool would not always update displayed direction or pathing data


Released 12-December-2019

the only change is 'safe mode', which is an option players can use during launch to set all video settings to low/off if they have trouble getting the game to launch


Released 12-December-2019

  • fixed issue where 'move' tool would erroneously show 'add logic link' if trying to move a logic block onto another logic block


Released 12-December-2019

  • fixed the agent trigger paste bug


Released 12-December-2019

  • fixed another edge case of ineditable blocks: If moving a group of structures to positions that overlap old positions


Released 12-December-2019

  • fixed pipes not correctly rotating during Move action
  • fixed path tiles becoming ineditable if they were picked up with Move tool but placed down in original location


Released 11-December-2019

  • fixed the tutorial window bug


Released 11-December-2019

  • Fixed bug - UI would lock up if you opened Move or Remove Block Tool via bottom-left toolbar, then deactivated via hotkey


Released 11-December-2019

  • Fixed bug - Logistic block connections were not included in copy/paste
  • Fixed bug - Copy/Pasted buildings might not correctly start their recipes


Released 11-December-2019

  • Fixed bug - Duplicating fixed-recipe buildings (like Shrines, Steam Generator and Mana Transmitter) would result in duplicate recipes.
  • Fixed bug - Copy/Pasting a building would paste in-progress recipe state to new building
  • Fixed bug - Chute informational popup would appear repeatedly if no chutes built even if tutorial is off

(exact.132n )[]

Released 10-December-2019

- Selected Inventory Sensor will attach or detach from a building with a right-click (instead of having to select Offset attribute first)

- Inventory Sensor performs an assessment whenever its linked Building or item filter is changed

- More consistent display of cursor icons when adding / removing computational block links - Fixed bug - Idle Worker notification overlapping the Select tool option buttons

- Fixed bug - Was able to use group copy/paste to create duplicate logistic blocks onto the same tile that couldn't be deleted

.132d(exact.132m )[]

Released 06-December-2019

- Added clickable button above bottom-left toolbar icons (that appear during hover) that can be left-clicked to expand the menu (right-click will still open the menu as well)

- Fixed Move Tool becoming unusable in some cases after cancelling out of invalid Move action

- Fixed scaling issue on toolbar pop-up menu positioning

.132c(exact.132l )[]

Released 05-December-2019

- Consolidated bottom-left toolbar - now can access additional functions with the right-click button - Updated localization

.132b(exact.132k )[]

Released 04-December-2019

  • Fixed ESC to exit from overlay grid view opening menu
  • Fixed placement issues when copying / pasting multiple overlay grid layers
  • Fixed single-selection Move Tool grabbing path underneath a logistic block

.132a(exact.132j )[]

Released 03-December-2019

  • ESC while dragging block or column region will cancel the region drag, but keep the block/region selection tool active
  • Block & column select tool works on above-ground and below-ground pipes
  • Improved cursor display when using block & column select on underground grid view

.132(exact.132j )[]

Released 03-December-2019

- Updated Steamworks plugin (!IMPORTANT! let me know if you can launch ok on Steam, especially if you're running on OSX)

- Added icons for Select Column, Select Block, and Pick Up Item

- Improved display of Column Select tool

.133i(exact.132i )[]

Released 27-November-2019

  • Column and Block select mode are now mappable commands in Controls menu
  • Fixed bug - missing localization of some terms when remapping controls
  • Fixed various pipe connectors not showing correct circular preview image
  • Fixed missing preview display when placing pipes
  • Fixed some Z-fighting on underground Steam Pipes + Junctions
  • Added new 'Pick Up Item' tool that replaces old Move functionality of clearing paths, and is resizeable

.133h(exact.132h )[]

Released 27-November-2019

Logistic and Computational blocks will show correct icon during placement preview

.133g(exact.132g )[]

Released 26-November-2019

  • Fixed bug - large deliveries of items to a Market not being distributed evenly
  • Directional arrows are shown when moving building
  • Eliminated overlap in highlighting effects when moving multiple buildings
  • Copy/paste no longer copies inventory
  • Logistic blocks correctly initialize display when pasted as part of a group
  • Fixed jittery cursor when moving / pasting overlay blocks
  • Fixed some structures not appearing to rotate after move

.133f(exact.132f )[]

Released 23-November-2019

  • Move tool can now pick up rail tiles that were on top of scaffold blocks
  • Move tool remains active, but clears previous selection, after objects placed down
  • Fixed bug where move tool could be used even if new placement was invalid
  • Fixed inability to use Move Tool twice
  • Can now move groups of objects to adjacent positions that overlap with original positions
  • Fixed crash on new game start

.133e(exact.132e )[]

Released 22-November-2019

  • Fixed incorrect validity calculations when moving conveyor belts that are on scaffolds
  • Added Column Select which is now the default TAB action
  • Can move selected object groups by clicking on things like rails, doesn’t have to be blocks or buildings
  • Move tool can now pick up and move individual paths

.133d(exact.132d )[]

Released 21-November-2019

  • Moving 3D group will anchor Move cursor based on lowest object in group
  • Fixed invisible structures when moving
  • Copy Cursor tool will now revert to select if cursor is NOT in default state - even if another object is highlighted
  • Fixed rotation issues when moving & rotating some paths

.133c(exact.132c )[]

Released 21-November-2019

- selected groups being pasted will now properly validate based on included (pending) structures, not just existing structures. Also the anchor point will be at the base of the copied group.

.133b(exact.132b )[]

Released 20-November-2019

fixed the inventory copy issue

.133a(exact.132a )[]

Released 19-November-2019

fixed rotation issues on paths when moving a group selection

.133(exact.132 )[]

Released 19-November-2019

- Added Block Select tool (default: TAB from main cursor)

- C will now copy groups of objects selected with Block Select

- Selection is preserved when Move tool activated

- Move tool can be used to reposition a group of objects selected with Block Select

A few key notes - it's still very in progress, so be aware it's missing this functionality:

- calculating costs for copy/paste

- Ability to select more than 1 height layer

- Ability to modify selection area after it's drawn

- Copying 3D or underground pipes

- Proper appending of matching path types (e.g. pasting corners on top of existing straight paths)


Released 09-November-2019

- Fixed bug: ESC would not close out the Market or House happiness detail panels when pinned with mouse click

- Fixed bug: Infinite research would not update costs when a level completed, unless recipe was toggled off and on again

- Fixed bug: Deleting an Idle worker wouldn't update the Idle Worker alert notification

- Fixed bug: ESC key would not close the Worker Overview panel


Released 08-November-2019

  • Fixed bug - Pasting to a selected object would not update its displayed detail panels
  • Fixed beta bug - multi-recipe buildings would show ‘input starved’ despite having valid ingredients in non-Input slots, and would show ‘output full’ despite having valid space in Input slots
  • Can paste building filters to a worker unit


Released 07-November-2019

  • Copied worker unit data is only pasted onto matching worker units
  • Fixed bug - Buildings would output items from 'Input-Only' inventory slots if it had the same type of item in a Storage or Output slot
  • Buildings would sometimes consume items from Output slots when producing recipes


Released 07-November-2019

  • Fixed beta bug - unable to delete blocks
  • Fixed bug - Worker Units would discard valid items when targeting Barn if any slots had non-matching item filters
  • Fixed bug - Changing active Hotbar would inadvertently preserve the highlighted hotbar item slot
  • Fixed bug - water-accepting buildings like Pasture and Farm would automatically initialize with 1 water, even if not near water source
  • Workers will be de-selected after paste
  • Fixed bug - Completing any Infinite Research would deactivate that research recipe at any other schools


Released 06-November-2019

- Copy / Paste will now apply a Math block's right-hand operand

- Copy / Paste will now copy worker behaviors

- Paste can be applied to multiple selected units at a time

- Fixed bug - was able to inadvertently delete terrain paths while in 2D layer using right-click deletion


Released 06-November-2019

- fixed other workers not using correct placement preview


Released 06-November-2019

- Fixed rail cart placement preview being pinned to terrain

- Improved Rail Controls button

- Rail Carts will begin moving if 'Forward' button is pressed while game paused


Released 05-November-2019

- When creating worker units, preview shows correct worker type instead of basic cube highlight

- When placing a Rail Cart, the cart direction will be shown and automatically maps to valid underlying rail paths

- Can use the Rotate key to change direction of a selected or Moved Rail Cart

- Fixed bug: deleting paths underneath workers or belt items might leave them suspended in mid-air

- Fixed bug: adding underground mining layer for legacy maps might result in conflicting target IDs

- Fixed bug: deleting Chute or Belt would not refund the items sitting on them to your Base

- Fixed bug: changing cursor action while dragging camera view was getting stuck in camera drag mode

- Fixed bug: growing crops and trees would be positioned too high above the ground

- Fixed bug: Item Filter display missing on Agent Trigger


Released 02-November-2019

rail bug fixed


Released 02-November-2019

just some localization changes


Released 02-November-2019

  • Fixed bug: wagons & caravans would often re-route to storage buildings when trying to pick up partial cargo loads
  • Idle notification button hides when another player action type is active (like creating building, block, or path)
  • The AI is very 'gnarly' so keep an eye out for any unexpected delivery behavior as a result of this change. It was a pretty small change but you never know


Released 02-November-2019

- Added notification button when a worker is idle - click on button to jump to next idle worker

- Worker panel is sorted with Idle workers at top

- Worker panel is pinned to left-side of screen, so it doesn't obscure selected worker

- Worker panel will show icons for Move behaviors

- Worker panel will show natural resource icons for Harvest behaviors

- Can issue commands to workers selected via Worker panel without dismissing panel

- Markets no longer have a 'max path distance' limitation when connecting to Houses.

- Markets will only connect to houses that are at or within 12 world unit heights

- Added option to lock frame rate to 70 FPS

- Fixed missing change log on launch menu

- Active radius is drawn for all Markets when placing House


Released 31-October-2019

  • Fixed bug: Workers would often fail to discard owned items when assigned a new behavior
  • Fixed bug: belt / chute item and building inventories were not being properly refunded to player on deletion
  • Fixed bug: Rail Tiles not correctly connecting to existing paths when existing path was facing a building


Released 31-October-2019

  • Organized Filter Selection panel a bit more
  • Top-level filters like 'Basic Foods' will now match with sub-filters like 'Vegetables'
  • Fixed bug: item tool tips for many filters were not showing items or sell values
  • Filter OmniTemple Offerings now works and has correct label
  • Fixed bug: Item tool tip on Gourmet Foods not formatted correctly
  • Fixed bug: Goods panel would sometimes endlessly scroll to bottom of list when sorted


Released 30-October-2019


Released 30-October-2019

  • Pasture reverted to 25% bonus per worker (down from 100% per worker)
  • Made Mine-Resource link calculation much more efficient
  • Buildings will cycle through available output items when auto-outputting to chute, belt, etc.
  • Rails and chutes will no longer cost resources for updating existing endpoint when extending in new direction
  • Help key (Default: '.') will open help panel even if no object selected
  • When Help key is pressed while object selected, Help menu will properly jump to and expand the entry for that object type


Released 29-October-2019

  • Fixed crash/hang that might happen when deleting building that was receiving belt or chute items
  • Fixed display bug where buildings would display icons of inventory items they no longer own
  • Assigned worker behaviors are displayed immediately, even if assigned while game is paused
  • 'Deliver Everything' behaviors will display valid items being transferred
  • Can highlight objects and move camera while Data Overlay view activated (Default key: F)
  • Improved contrast on Build menu to improve readability
  • Fixed Fish resources no longer being visible
  • Farm 'Harvest Grain' recipe time increased from 1.5 to 2 seconds
  • Forester 'Harvest Wood' recipe time increased from 2 to 3 seconds
  • Gold Ore mining regeneration speed increased from .0015/sec to .0025/sec
  • Elemental Ores mining regeneration speed increased from .0025/sec to .003/sec


Released 27-October-2019

Recalculates all mining networks whenever a resource is placed


Released 26-October-2019

Fixed the issue where you couldn't build Mine Shafts through tiles that already had a Mine Shaft and a resource


Released 26-October-2019

  • Resources in OmniPlanters always show Regen Boost status
  • Regen Boost tooltip shows ‘Provided By: Earth Shrine’
  • Fixed OmniPlanter items not set to growing state on game load
  • Made OmniPlanter items more consistent with size & shape
  • Fixed ability to Prospect for ores on top of existing ores
  • Added error message when performing invalid Farming/Mining action
  • Better AoE highlights when placing OmniPlanters
  • Fixed bug: 'No nearby resources' alerts not disappearing when items planted near building


Released 25-October-2019

  • Above-ground ores now get destroyed when fully mined - unless is in an OmniPlanter
  • Earth shrines can’t link to above-ground ores - unless in an OmniPlanter
  • Apply Pickaxes requires Deep Mining research
  • New “Place Ores” farming options, for placing into OmniPlanters
  • Mines properly connect to underground resources when Deep Mining research completes
  • Crops and Trees that are on Farm Tiles / Tree Planters will re-plant when fully harvested, even if not linked to Farm or Forester
  • Admin place resources doesn’t automatically create underground copies
  • Loading a post-beta-patch file doesn’t create underground resources for existing above-ground resources
  • Improved readability of build buttons
  • Added icon for resource regeneration boost
  • Added Pro Tip for mine shafts


Released 24-October-2019

  • Added OmniPlanters (can use ‘Ore Prospecting’ to place minerals in them)
  • OmniPlanters require OmniPlanter research
  • Above-ground minerals will enter Depleted state if linked to a nearby mine (as exists on default branch)
  • Above-ground depleted minerals will very slowly regenerate if linked to a Mine
  • Earth Shrines no longer connect to underground minerals, but can connect to above-ground minerals (in *addition to crops & trees)
  • Mines won’t connect to underground resources unless Deep Mining research is complete


Released 23-October-2019

  • Pickaxes are now refunded when mine shafts removed
  • Fixed bug: placing identical paths on top of each other spending placement cost
  • Fixed single mine shafts not establishing mine connection
  • Removed ‘spinning resources’ (due to null reference exception caused after manually deleting a growing


  • Fixed planted crops & trees not growing if not connected to Farm/Forester
  • Fixed crops not regrowing on depleted
  • Earth Shrines are functional again - they will connect to any regrowable resource (crops, trees, and

underground minerals) and speed their regeneration by transferring & storing their Earth Mana power directly at the resource location


Released 22-October-2019

  • Can now do Ore Prospecting anywhere underground
  • Mining Ores will only regenerate if linked to a Mine
  • Fixed OmniPipe items showing up at terrain level
  • Fixed Mine Shafts connecting on diagonals
  • Fixed Mines being blocked by underground Mine Shafts & vice versa
  • Ore Prospecting works with larger cursor radius
  • Fixed underground RemoveResources removing above ground resources
  • Underground RemoveResources works with larger cursor size & has better highlight


Released 10-October-2019

  • Fixed inconsistent linking between Mine Shafts and mines (was affecting Farm tiles and Tree Planters too)
  • Prospecting Ores will now generate a depleted node, instead of a fully grown node
  • Increased Mine Shaft production rate for all ores
  • Lowered pickaxe depletion rate, and increased pickaxe bonus mining rate at Mine Shafts
  • Fixed underwater resources not linking to mines
  • Added slightly improved render for mine shaft


Released 09-October-2019

  • Added Mine Shafts - structures that can be placed near mines to speed up harvest from Depleted mineral nodes
  • Added Deep Mining research, required to build Mine Shafts
  • Mine Shafts can be sped up by supplying Pickaxes
  • Pickaxes can be supplied to Mine Shafts with new manual Farming Action, and automatic Mine recipe, 'Supply Pickaxes'
  • Added Mineral Prospecting research, required to place Mineral deposits
  • Mineral deposits can only be generated on Mine Shafts
  • All minerals enter 'depleted' state whether harvested by mines or workers
  • Depleted minerals are much cheaper to remove
  • Depleted minerals are no longer harvestable by Mines
  • Max Mine workers increased to 10
  • Earth Shrines will speed up Mine Shafts' mining progress when mineral is depleted
  • Farming / mining actions are now always available in creative mode
  • Mining actions liked 'Place Stone' yield fewer resources, but don't also require the desired ore
  • Additional workers for all Natural Resource buildings (Farms, Foresters, Mines, Fisheries, Farms) add 100% production speed instead of 25%
  • Updated icon for Remove Resource tool


Released 05-October-2019

  • Workers will re-target resource dropoffs to the new chute endcaps when chutes expanded or deleted
  • Item Targeting panel will display item options based on specified slot filters, even if building does not contain those items yet
  • Can specify Random Seed on create game menu (existing seeds can be found as 'randomSeed' value in save files)
  • Improved loading times
  • Fixed bug: Lots of lag when placing Farm Tiles or Planters when lots of Farms/Foresters existed on map
  • Fixed bug: Lots of lag when removing Omni or Mana pipes from large pipe networks
  • Fixed bug: several sellable items not showing destination market or price in item tooltip
  • Added option to select 'All' available Biomes in Create Game Menu
  • Bases no longer start out with designated inventory slots, as 16 unique slots is now sufficient
  • Improved visual tooltip for Steam Power
  • Depleted resources are now walkable


Released 01-October-2019

  • Added toggle to Omnitemple to automatically collect delivery bonuses & trigger new request
  • Selected Fishery UI is now more clear about production speed bonuses vs. baseline speed from nearby water count
  • When placing Fishery, instructions to place near Water are shown in the bottom informational panel
  • Buildings that automatically intake nearby water also have a descriptive icon and tooltip in selection panel
  • Gourmet Foods now unlocks at base level 4 instead of base level 6, and doesn't require Polished Stone
  • Specialty Goods now unlocks at base level 6 instead of base level 7
  • Mana Pipe blue coin cost lowered from 4 to 2 - Steam Pipe crafting time lowered from 10 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Mana Crystal crafting time lowered from 10 seconds to 8 seconds
  • Fixed bug: Infinite Market Consumption not having intended effect
  • Fixed bug: Markets not always evenly distributing to linked houses
  • Fixed bug: Chute directionals might be ignored if spawning from building onto an intersection
  • Fixed bug: Market happiness values might overflow display with values over 1000
  • Fixed bug: Goods items weren't always showing up in menu panels in their correct hierarchy order
  • Fixed bug: Build menu searching would sometimes ignore leading character
  • Fixed bug: Chute endpoints perpendicular to existing buildings would not be considered valid dropoffs
  • Fixed bug: 'Deliver All' behavior targeting chutes wouldn't test to confirm chute endpoint validity
  • Fixed bug: Upgrading a House might not trigger consumption of newly requested items from linked Markets


Released 20-September-2019

  • Happiness is now tracked at Houses, instead of Markets. Markets now simply distribute goods to nearby linked Houses
  • Houses have several distinct Happiness bars to fill, specifically including unique bars for high-end goods
  • Each Happiness Bar has a green Consumption cooldown, which limits how fast items are purchased
  • Each Happiness Bar has a blue Happiness cooldown, which decays much slower, and contributes to Happiness while it has any portion filled
  • Coins are earned when item is transferred to a House, not when it is consumed
  • Additional house 'Satisfaction Categories' are unlocked as the house is upgraded
  • Base starts with larger number of inventory slots, and each slot can now only contain a unique item
  • House inventories are now flexible, can increase in size based on items deposited
  • Square Grid-based inventory slots will display selection state
  • When moving a chute-able item, valid chute dropoff points are highlighted
  • Storage building inventory slots can be assigned to be Input-only, or Output-only, to help maintain minimum shared inventory counts.
  • Removed limitation on number of Markets that could be built
  • Added various Double-Click behaviors: open recipe panel / filter panel / inventory config panel based on building or block type
  • Houses can now link to as many Markets are within range
  • Changed Protein Shake icon
  • Fixed happiness values of '0' appearing on Base Upgrade buttons
  • Food Market is now unlocked at Base Level 2
  • Food Market costs 10 Planks and 10 Stone instead of 10 Wood and 5 Stone
  • Rearranged and re-worded several tutorial steps
  • Removed some obsolete filter options from the Item Filter selection panel
  • Fishery now consts 1 red coin per fish instead of 2
  • Added slight variations to Coin icons to make them more visually distinct
  • Berry Cakes are now worth 10 Purple Coins instead of 30 Yellow Coins
  • Farms and Foresters can now be built on scaffolds (but must have pathing link to resources)
  • Fishery research now requires Boatbuilding instead of Woodworking
  • Protein Shake moved from Food Market to Apothecary
  • Fixed chutes sometimes depositing item back to source building if angled chute placed as first spawn chute
  • Removed labels from Data Overlay (default: F) to make it less noisy
  • Context Commands window is now sorted underneath other windows so it doesn't block input'
  • Added close button to Context Commands window
  • Fixed Path Planner Tool returning an invalid result based on uneven terrain at last tile, even if a valid support structure would be built
  • Buildings can link to adjacent water even if they are on cliffs


Released 04-September-2019


  • New Building: Fishery. Produces fish from Red Coins. Speed is based on number of connected water tiles (up to 100).
  • Delete Block tools can now have increased cursor tool size
  • Pasture, Farm, and Lumber Mill now absorb water based on nearby connected water tiles (25 tiles = 100% water intake speed)
  • Resource Removal tool has different coin removal costs for different resources. Crops = 2, Trees = 10, Stones & Minerals = 25
  • Improved terrain preview highlights of terrain modification tools
  • Added tooltips to Elemental Boosters
  • If a building produces an item that is also used as an input, the item will preferentially fill the Input slot instead of the Output slot
  • Rail carts can pick up items from 'excess storage' slots in buildings (e.g. leftover inputs when active recipe changes)
  • Building inventory appears when hovering over using Move tool
  • Grabber now unlocks with Basic Logic research (to coincide with unlocking Conveyor Belt)
  • Move tool added to bottom toolbar
  • Area-of-Effect displays will appear when moving a building, not just creating one (and will appear for more building types)
  • Performance improvements when lots of building alerts were visible
  • Various performance improvements when modifying inventories
  • Balance: Mines produce 2 stone per production cycle
  • Balance: Wells now produce 4 water/sec instead of 2 water/sec
  • Balance: Increased Packager inventory capacity


  • Fixed bug: Boats could travel over dry land if there was any water in the tile
  • Fixed bug: Farms could link to underwater positions
  • Fixed bug: Delete Resource tool with large radius would only work if there was a deletable item in the center
  • Fixed bug: Recipes requiring 1 fuel did not show the count required, making it difficult to know if building was missing that ingredient
  • Fixed bug: Could place buildings in positions that overlap unpurchased terrain
  • Fixed bug: Inventory sensors would trigger even when set to inactive state
  • Fixed bug: Inventory & Agent Sensors would not detect on the exit node of a building
  • Fixed bug: Logistic structures with filters would incorrectly restrict building output when placed on default output node
  • Fixed bug: Rare loading failure if conveyor belt path was inadvertently assigned Up or Down direction


Released 24-August-2019

  • Fixed bug: Mana Pipe Crystals might not attach to (or detach from) connectors properly if next path node was occupied
  • Fixed bug: Kitchens with spare fuel-type item (e.g. Coal) would allow fuel-consuming recipes to produce without any fuel contents


Released 24-August-2019

Mostly bugfixes:

  • Increased opacity of 2D underground Mana and Omni pipes
  • Can now create crossover pipes if dragging straight path line over existing junction
  • Fixed: Pipe items getting bunched up or not outputting as fast as they should
  • Fixed: 1st player inventory hotbar always defaulting to Wood
  • Fixed: Fire Temple using the Earth Temple's research speed upgrade
  • Fixed: Mana Power Crystals were outputting at Mana Connectors without underlying Mana Pipes
  • Fixed: Crossover pipe items not loading if top crossover was occupied
  • Fixed: Conveyor belt consumed if placing on top of existing path to simply change orientation
  • Fixed: path planner tool not consuming resources if replacing other structure types
  • Fixed: path planner tool consuming resources when simply updating existing path types
  • Fixed: 'Copy Cursor' tool showing incorrect player inventory counts for building item until highlight changed


Released 15-August-2019

Minor bug fix:

  • Adds directional arrow icon when placing blocks on the 2D layer
  • Fixes Steam power not propagating up vertical pipe


Released 15-August-2019

A lot of changes relating to pipes, alongside bug fixes and improvements.

  • Added Omnipipes - high-end path structure that can transport any item above or below ground
  • Added OmniConnectors - used to input and output items from buildings into Omnipipes
  • Added Omnipipe unlock research, and Omnipipe speed infinite research
  • Omnipipes, Mana Pipes, and Steam Pipes can be built above-ground in 3D space
  • The 2D pipe layer now ONLY connects to buildings at terrain layer, not to the highest building
  • OmniConnectors and ManaConnectors can connect to each other between the 2D layer and positions on terrain
  • Dragging a pipe from a building to another building will now automatically add correct connectors
  • Mana Transmitters and Mana Receivers now work with plain Mana Connectors
  • Pipes on 2D layers can now cross over without intersecting. To create an intersection, end the path drag on the other pipe.
  • Item slots show as grids if 4 or more of that slot type
  • Buildings will cycle outputs between all available paths (including grabbers, belts, chutes, and omnipipes)
  • Alternate structure toggle added to switch between pillars & arches (default key: TAB)
  • Transmitted Mana and Elemental crystals now have a new icon to differentiate from terrestrial crystals
  • Packager forces item uniqueness in slots so it doesn't get full of item A and be unable to process item B
  • Packager unpacked item capacity increased to 4 slots of 8 items each
  • Packager will alternate items to pack
  • Packager assigns Input and Output attributes to its inventory (based on active recipe) for more consistent behavior
  • Auto-path tool will use the last existing support structure when automatically adding new support structures to path
  • Directional paths (belts, omnipipes) can deposit into a building's default output node
  • Removed particle FX on mana pipe items
  • Agent Triggers and Inventory Sensors can be enabled or disabled
  • Logic Signal gates can now be opened / closed from menu
  • Bottom toolbar shows selection state for active menus / tools
  • Can directly access & edit Number Blocks value
  • Added icons to represent Agent Trigger Type (Enter or Exit)
  • Improved visibility of many Computational blocks, especially on 2D layer
  • Fixed being unable to delete connectors if not on a pipe
  • Fixed bug where computational blocks on the Mana Grid layer would only work if the Mana layer was active
  • Inventory sensors will correctly identify filtered items in packages
  • Fixed packager allowing input items to be grabbed as output when they weren't being actively processed
  • Fixed belt items getting stuck if belt direction was reversed
  • Fixed some cases where slot uniqueness was overridden
  • Fixed schools spending an extra set of resources when research completed
  • Fixed Grabber trying to output invalid items onto Chutes
  • Fixed overhead path blocking not being calculated for terrain-level paths
  • Fixed path planner tool sometimes displaying wrong build count
  • Selecting a new item slot, while the item filter panel is open, will correctly update UI
  • Deleting rails no longer deletes minecarts
  • Fixed bug that was resetting historical star counts
  • Fixed fruit/filter/knowledge slot filters on storage slots converting matching physical items into the filter type
  • Fixed infinite research processing without sufficient stars
  • Necklace cost of 4 polished stones reduced to 2 polished stones
  • Removed Infinite Belt Speed research (so that Omnipipes have late-game priority)
  • Packager no longer allows selecting multiple recipes
  • Increased capacity for Fuel slots from 20 to 40
  • Grabbers won't pull items onto chutes if there is no chute inlet facing the building
  • Removed non-functional 'Add Water' tool from Creative mode
  • Omnitemple height is now 4 grid units like other buildings


Released 05-July-2019

A lot of new end game stuff here.

  • Added new building: OmniTemple. Accepts Offerings of specific items, and produces 'Stars' as a reward.
  • Placing the Omnitemple just creates a foundation, to which you must bring lots more items to complete construction.
  • Added many infinite research recipes, which consume Stars (that are produced by OmniTemples). These repeatable research recipes include: Town bonus speed, Max Houses, Crop Yield, Temple & Recharger speed, etc.
  • Added final soundtrack song
  • Removed population requirement from Packagers
  • Removed happiness bonus from Packagers, Temples, and Shrines (as they are unstaffed)
  • Fixed bug where floating paths could be created by drag-deleting underlying scaffolds
  • Reduced Temple crystal crafting time from 10 s to 6 s
  • The 'Copy Cursor' tool will select the appropriate farming action when used on a natural resource (in non-creative mode)
  • Added clearer range indicator for buildings that have an Area-Of-Effect
  • Input and Output inventory slots can be inspected, so items can be trashed if necessary
  • Added highlight effects to Inventory Slot Detail panel buttons
  • Fixed farms not applying water or fertilizer if they were the only active recipes
  • Research to build Elemental Temples is hidden until available, to prevent confusion when no natural Temples found yet
  • Elemental enchanted books can now be used to provide Writing Materials to School at 50 apiece
  • School Writing Materials capacity increased from 100 to 200
  • Workers now move as fast on Roads as they do on Foot Paths
  • Angled terrain is no longer highlighted when placing buildings, to make it easier to find flat ground
  • When recipe can't produce because is missing currency, the correct currency icon appears
  • The +4 bonus to population that the base provides is removed once it reaches level 10, so that population maximums are a more round number


Released 28-June-2019

  • Added Steam Achievements
  • Updated to Unity 2019.2, which fixes issue where grass was invisible
  • Fixed inconsistent Ether costs for Temples - they now all cost 200 Ether
  • Fixed rail carts' top level item filter not triggering logistic blocks when otherwise empty


Released 26-June-2019

  • Background music is now streamed from disk, reducing load time and RAM usage
  • More fixes to Caravan pathfinding
  • Improved terrain generation to reduce occurrences of rivers right next to base


Released 25-June-2019

  • Added 6 new music tracks from Clark Aboud
  • Farms will no longer slow down harvesting speed when applying water or fertilizer
  • Fixed boats changing height position rapidly when moving along shorelines
  • Fixed Steam Power Plant not correctly consuming resources when generating power
  • Fixed Barns sometimes duplicating inventory when upgrading
  • Workers carrying multiple items will attempt to deliver to multiple nearby Houses before resupplying
  • Changed Elemental Temple cost to require Ether, not Omnistones or Earth Crystals (don't want construction to require own outputs)
  • Caravans will prefer faster Road routes like Wagons do
  • Fish Stew value increased from 15 to 25 Yellow Coins
  • Sandwich value increased from 26 to 30 Yellow Coins
  • Added Emissive texture to Houses
  • Added back terrain shadows
  • Fixed water navigation not updating during large terrain changes
  • Fixed missing resources if changing Mesh Instancing setting after loading a new map

Note: some of the songs only play once your base level is 5 or higher!


Released 21-June-2019

  • New units Caravan and Cargo Boat
  • Added new house models that vary with upgrade level
  • Added new Harvester Drill model
  • Added late-game research to build/move/delete Elemental Temples
  • Added new Tree Planter model
  • Added new Video setting that allows disabling of Mesh Instancing (may help performance on some machines)
  • Fixed selection of tree planters hiding tree growth details
  • Fixed splitters sometimes ignoring valid outlet options
  • Fixed workers being removed if placed without being given any tasks
  • Fixed bug where the Menu Pause would disable when on the Audio Settings panel
  • Well is now unlocked from start of game, in case starting biome has no water
  • Object Lights (on Lamp Posts) appear to be causing a big performance issue, so the default is now set to Off
  • Turned shadows off from any Object Lights to avoid big performance problem
  • (.112g) Multi-item workers will deliver all their items to chute or belt, instead of leaving after depositing 1
  • (.112h) Fixed localization error in Simplified Chinese for the term FormattedLevelAbbreviation


Released 13-June-2019

  • Fixed loaded workers & wagons not moving to destination
  • Chute and Belt items with missing navigation data are removed on map load to prevent further errors
  • Increased draw distance for chutes and chute items
  • Added Video Preferences for Draw Distance and Wind Effect
  • Fixed Spanish localization formatting error on tutorial step 'harvesting tree'
  • Fixed bug preventing deletion of underwater resources (again)
  • Fixed incorrect orientation of highlight on natural resources
  • Grabbers and Blockers now treat packaged versions of items same as unpackaged items
  • Rail Carts and other workers can deposit packaged versions of items specified in a building's inventory filters
  • Added fallback rendering path for computers that don't support mesh instancing or compute shaders


Released 12-June-2019

  • Many rendering optimizations to improve performance when many resources or structures are present on a map
  • New video preference: Object lights (used to enable / disable point lights on thing like Lamp Posts)
  • Fixed being able to deposit non-sellable items into Houses
  • Fixed Steam Power networks not restarting on game load
  • Fixed non-localized preference keys in menu


Released 23-May-2019

Some highly requested QoL stuff in here :D

  • Can drag & drop items from Build menu onto Hotbar to customize it
  • Copy / Paste (default: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) allow you to transfer building & structure properties (recipes, filters, logic, item slot config)
  • Copy Highlight (default: C) will now copy direction of source object
  • Copy Highlight will copy properties of source object, and holding Ctrl while building will auto-paste those properties onto the new object
  • Multiple Item Slots can now be edited in a single screen
  • Item slots can have filter applied independently of contents
  • Item slots can be enabled / disabled from the item slot detail screen
  • Item Slot detail panel updates when underlying inventory changes
  • Timer blocks now preserve their 'running' state on save / load
  • Stone Bench reduced from 4 Polished Stone to 4 Stone Bricks
  • Removed coin cost from Logistic and Computational blocks
  • Mine Coal recipe now costs 1 Yellow Coin instead of 1 Red Coin
  • Tutorial won't play if you start a game in Creative mode
  • Can no longer manually empty out a natural resource's inventory item slot
  • Market radius is now circular (instead of octagonal) and displays area of effect during placement / highlight
  • Houses with center outside market radius, but with valid footprint connection, will link to market
  • Fixed missing area-of-effect tile highlights on Houses when placing houses and markets
  • Fixed bug where changing top-level item filter on Rail Carts and many Compute blocks wouldn't update the selected item panel
  • Place Natural Resources actions on hotbar now shows the icon for the natural resource (e.g. Tree) instead of the item (e.g. Wood)


Released 18-May-2019

  • Markets now consume items (and generate happiness) directly
  • Markets only consume goods when there is sufficient capacity
  • Items are assigned Quality Tiers (I, II, III, IV, V) and can only satisfy market demand up to that tier
  • Markets have a Max Quality Tier that is determined by number & upgrade level of nearby or road-linked Houses
  • Many goods production recipes now include coin costs
  • Rebalanced many research & crafting recipes
  • Rebalanced item coin values - mostly are based on Market type at which they are sold
  • Reorganized tech tree and added new research - and many research recipes are now dependent on Base level
  • Added Production menu that lets you see how coin counts change over time, and globally pause recipes that consume that coin
  • Improved memory usage during common inventory access functions
  • Made build menu text searching a bit 'fuzzier' to allow matches on category
  • Made secondary crops (sugar, berries, cotton, tomato, carrot, potato) much less rare
  • Happiness speed bonus is now tiered, but is multiplicative with other bonuses - so adding additional workers is still useful even if happiness bonus is very high.
  • Fixed bug where targeting the center of a non-walkable resource patch would fail to assign behavior
  • Placing crops in farming tiles now only costs gold, not required to find & store the crop type first
  • Production buildings will now alternate recipes when they receive new inputs so the first recipe doesn't always use up the ingredients
  • Lowered crop growth speeds
  • Happiness speed boost is tripled for Schools
  • Data overlay labels are no longer oversized, and are centered better
  • Restored ability to use hotkey shortcuts in build menu
  • TAB will jump to the search bar in the build menu
  • Hotkey shorts on build menu categories are highlighted
  • Got rid of alert icons on newly unlocked build items
  • Spellbooks moved from Apothecary to Specialty Goods
  • Ethers category added to Apothecary
  • Gourmet moved from Specialty Goods to Food Market
  • More items are now sellable
  • Slowed growth rate of terrain purchase costs
  • Fertilizer is now rollable in chutes
  • Deleting House or Market will no longer highlight its old position when previously linked buildings are highlighted
  • Fixed excessive growth speed for Cotton, Carrot, and Potato
  • Currency gain alerts will animate / disappear even when game paused
  • Changed Terraforming cost from 5 Yellow Coins to 10 Red Coins
  • Fixed workers not picking new harvest target if they attempted to harvest a growing crop
  • Cursor tool size resets to 1x1 whenever you change the cursor mode
  • Fixed many item filters showing a nonsensical 'Harvested From' row in Item Tooltip panel
  • Round Thousands values are now represented as 1K instead of 1.0K
  • Greatly decreased depletion rate of farm tiles water & fertilizer supplies
  • Removed outlet for School
  • Fixed 'invalid chute output' alerts not always updating
  • Mines show highlighted region when placing minerals nearby
  • Fixed building input /output arrows not visible when placing Cloth Conveyor Belt


Released 22-April-2019

  • Added text searching to Build menu and Item Filter panel
  • Can use arrow keys to navigate Build Menu search results
  • Removed Build Category hotkeys - any entered text jumps right to the search bar
  • Player status at top left now shows base level, and has more room for coins & remappable items
  • Use admin command 'reset item hotbar' to load the new defaults
  • Fixed 'level' abbreviations not using localized text
  • Fixed a lot failure that could occur if a Supply behavior was missing a valid target


Released 20-April-2019

  • Can drag-select, or shift select multiple units and issue group command
  • Rail stops respond to compute block signals to activate or deactivate
  • Cheese now provides 60% happiness and Butter 40% happiness, instead of vice versa
  • Fixed bug where you could drag paths through unpurchased terrain
  • Fixed conveyor belts having extra dark base block


Released 11-April-2019

  • Added ability to upgrade barns
  • Cursor tool size works when placing resources in creative mode
  • Earth Shrine consumes 50% as much mana power and regenerates twice as fast
  • Fixed tooltip getting stuck if hovering over the 'linked resources' item icons
  • Crops and minerals will be replanted or enter depleted state when final item harvested by a worker, as long as in range of any matching natural production building.
  • Buildings that require terrain (Farm, Forester, Mine) can no longer be positioned onto non-terrain using Move tool
  • Well now can only be placed on terrain
  • Fixed House upgrade speed not providing consumption speed bonus
  • Fixed Packaged items being accepted into various building inventory slots, then being unusable
  • Switched method of assigning outlines, to avoid instability / crashes
  • A building that automatically creates a mana pipe overlay node (like Transmitter, Receiver) will remove & refund any existing logistic overlays on same tile instead of overlapping
  • When placing resources in admin mode, action preview panel will show the name & icon of the placed object ('Tree') instead of the resource you harvest from it ('Wood')
  • Fixed games starting in creative / admin mode never loading structure costs if creative mode switched off
  • Fixed Create Game menu showing stale parameters when displaying it a second time
  • Rail carts only show their directional arrow when highlighted or selected
  • Building alerts no longer interfere with pipe placement


Released 09-April-2019

  • Added ability to change cursor size (Default: PageUp & PageDown) for various tools
  • New hotkey (Default: U) that upgrades selected building
  • Added visual effect for upgrading building
  • Blockers and Item Filters now affect the default building output tiles
  • Can now delete mana connectors
  • Changed cost for removing resources from 20 gold to 10 gold
  • Rechargers now spend 2 yellow coins per recharge as originally intended, but cost decreased from 10 coin as previously shown on recipe
  • Right-Shift now functions as Left-Shift does in terms of modifying actions like speeding up camera movement
  • Improved performance of large metadata updates
  • Fixed incorrect costs being loaded when laying mana & steam pipes
  • Fixed bug where additional shared resources would be consumed when they were spread across multiple buildings
  • Fixed farming actions and other cursor tools sometimes not working after placing or deleting block structures
  • Fixed missing cursor indicator when placing minerals
  • Fixed crash / instability that could occur if deleting a building that was highlighted as a result of hovering over a resource
  • Fixed being able to place un-deletable transmitter and receiver mana nodes with copy cursor tool
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't 2-click target an inventory item icon that wasn't centered on source building
  • Fixed inconsistent highlighting on pipes
  • Fixed being able to place minerals on invalid tiles
  • Fixed being able to assign non-buildable structures (i.e. transmitter & receiver nodes) onto cursor via Copy tool
  • Fixed missing indicator lines showing agents assigned to a selected building
  • Fixed creative mode buildings initializing with 0 workers


Released 03-April-2019

  • Added ability to reposition buildings with the Move tool
  • Improved effects for linking logic blocks and setting offsets
  • Input won't update when mouse pointer is off-screen
  • Fixed move / harvest icon showing when hovering over inventory panel
  • Move Tool icon appears on cursor when in move tool mode
  • Refactored cursor code to be more flexible in the future
  • Fixed bug where terrain mesh highlight was not updating instantaneously on terrain modification
  • Cursor no longer hits existing buildings when placing (or moving) new buildings
  • Removed camera speed boost based on cursor movement
  • SHIFT key will speed camera movement
  • Camera movement default is slightly slower when zoomed in and slightly faster when zoomed out
  • Fixed bug in Primary Targeting mode where hitting ESC to cancel a selection would prevent future selection
  • Fixed Depleted Mana Crystals not being rollable down chutes
  • Buildings will connect to existing Steam & Mana connectors when built or moved
  • Fixed 'linked resources' panel interfering with mouse cursor highlight
  • Fixed camera movement being interrupted by selected buildings' inventory change
  • Fixed camera movement being interrupted when cursor off edge of screen


Released 27-March-2019

  • Added new Video option: Conveyor Belt Animations (On, Off, or Slow)
  • Added new Video option: Mana Transmission Effects (On or Off)
  • Farms, Foresters, and Mines no longer default to automatically manage recipes
  • Increased threshold for beginning rectangular drag selection, which could otherwise cancel intended selection actions
  • Selection rectangle searches for center of mass, not transform base at ground level
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't click on a worker's inventory to clear it or assign a designated item
  • Fixed terrain purchase panel being clickable after hitting it once
  • Fixed bug where restoring maps with Empty biome (e.g. Creative maps) would generate resources on newly purchased terrain chunks
  • Markets that are highlighted and/or selected will show active radius
  • Improved UI performance by removing text shadows
  • Fixed broken navigation on newly purchased water
  • Fixed getting stuck in camera move mode if menu opened while moving
  • Fixed UI not updating when changing a Logistic block item filter
  • Removed some obsolete, non-functional filters from Item Filter selection panel
  • Fixed town Happiness not updating when house runs out of resource


Released 26-March-2019

  • Added ability to drag a selection rectangle on screen that can be used to select a single worker (multi-select and group orders coming in future patch)
  • Fixed misc errors & crashes that can occur related to selecting & highlighting growing crops
  • Fixed worker unit highlight titles being non-localized or incorrect
  • Fixed being unable to move camera after deleting worker
  • Extended range of flexible house drop-off behavior from 20 units to 30 units
  • Updated localization


Released 25-March-2019

  • Improved highlight / selection effects
  • Fixed some errors / crashes that could occur if changing item filter or other properties on objects while its state is changed elsewhere
  • Rail stop now updates block color to reflect active state
  • If Steam Cloud is disabled for Steam Account or for Factory Town, games will save in local (non-cloud) location


Released 21-March-2019

  • Can now target by clicking once on source and once on destination, in addition to old way of click-dragging from source to target
  • Deliver To Nearest is now obsolete - except will be automatically enabled when targeting a house (as that is critical to early game)
  • Some more highlight effects added when issuing a targeted worker command (are work-in-progress though)
  • Resources can be deleted if underwater
  • Fixed icon over worker carrying item interfering with targeting raycast
  • Detailed chute item incompatibility message will appear more commonly


Released 19-March-2019

  • Improved some pathfinding performance
  • Fixed performance issue where specified drop-offs to invalid targets would endlessly assign new Discard behaviors
  • Activating a Hotbar item when it's active will toggle it off
  • 'Open Build Menu' hotkey will work even if currently building something
  • Build menu categories are always enabled, even if no items within it are unlocked
  • Build menu displays previously opened category when re-opening
  • Fixed tutorial step 'Supply Chute' having wrong keymapping displays
  • Fixed 'Required Base Level' tooltip being off by 1


Released 18-March-2019

  • Increased size of Worker hitbox to make selection easier
  • Fixed bug preventing Chute drop-offs with adjacent (valid) endpoints
  • Improved performance and perhaps stability related to Context Command menu
  • Added slight delay & acceleration to screen edge scrolling
  • Added screen edge scrolling to corners


Released 17-March-2019

  • Now with a much improved Russian translation


Released 17-March-2019

  • Fixed load failure with particular mana pipe configuration
  • If save fails, keeps file menu up and shows error message
  • Prevented invalid characters from being input into save dialog
  • Lowered research cost for Mana Reactor, so supplies could fit in school inventory
  • Open Worker Menu added to re-bindable key list
  • Fixed localization error in German for 'bring item to target'
  • More updates to French and German localization


Released 16-March-2019

  • Updated Unity to new version that should avoid crash for players with Citrix installed


Released 15-March-2019

  • Fixes random-appearing items being output from buildings if they had 'Fuel' and then active recipe switched away from fuel


Released 15-March-2019

  • Fixed error loading save game files that had mana pipes stretched over unpurchased terrain
  • Various updates to French translation


Released 15-March-2019

  • Improved German translation
  • Autosave will now trigger on new maps that haven't yet been given a specific save game name (as '_Autosave')
  • Autosave can be loaded with 'Continue' function if it was the most recent save


Released 14-March-2019

  • Fixed spinning skybox ('blue screen') on launch due to Steamworks not initializing , then failing to proceed with startup


Released 13-March-2019

  • Fixed items sometimes getting stuck at the start of a chute.


Released 13-March-2019

  • Fixed bug/exploit where placing long paths would generate additional resources
  • Fixed text formatting issue in Spanish tutorial on step 'Create Market'
  • Fixed text formatting issue in French tutorial on step 'Collect Plank'

Closed Beta[]

End of Closed Beta - 12 March 2019. Releases to steam early access.


Released 12-March-2019

  • Added credits page
  • Fixed some label formatting
  • Removed the consumption speed penalty for high fulfillment levels of goods - feature needs more work


Released 11-March-2019

  • Added new interface option for "Targeting Method": lets you decide if right-click or left-click should perform the targeted action of a selected object, e.g. telling a selected worker to gather resource, or telling a selected logic block to link to another. Should default to PRIMARY (previous style) for previous players, but new players will have it default to SECONDARY. I kept secondary action defaulted as camera look mode when nothing is selected.
  • added a few more sound effects


Released 11-March-2019

  • Building upgrades are refunded when building removed
  • Fixed being unable to remove fences on top of structural blocks
  • Added acceleration to camera pan input if mouse cursor towards the desired screen edge
  • Houses that have more than 90% fulfillment of a category will consume an item from that category at half speed


Released 10-March-2019

  • Added tips when starting or loading a map, which can be disabled with Interface option
  • Added tips to Help menu (and improved formatting)
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't perform Farming actions near edge of unpurchased terrain


Released 07-March-2019

  • Fixed incorrect scaling of many icons when using UI scaling
  • Added new UI scaling options 'auto', which resizes UI to fit screen resolution
  • Added more detailed info to Help menu


Released 07-Mar-2019

  • Tutorial will skip 'Assign planks recipe' if you've already assigned it
  • Added unique icons for Natural Resource versions of items (trees, rocks)
  • Potatoes and Carrots don't sink into the ground as far
  • Fixed path-drag cost being 1 over actual cost
  • Improved some menu visuals
  • Added more localization values, and partial localization for Swedish, Dutch, German, and Portuguese


Released 05-Mar-2019

  • Tutorial now advanced by the click of a button, to give players more time to read the information.
  • Added localization support for Tutorial and Tips
  • Disabled In Control Native Input module, which was causing crashes on some systems
  • Fixed navigation error that could occur if Worker targeted a resource type that they were currently standing on top of
  • Lowered Grain Mill and Workshop stone cost from 20 to 10
  • Increased storage capacity for Base inventory slots in early levels


Released 02-Mar-2019

  • Added logic to allow targeting of fish resources even if a scaffold block is directly underwater
  • Block remove tool works on scaffolds immediately below fish
  • Remove Resource tool works on fish contained within scaffold blocks
  • Added tutorial popup windows for chutes, rails, and logistics
  • Fixed blank tutorial popup windows appearing


Released 01-Mar-2019

  • Path Planner Tool will update existing path endcaps at start and end of path
  • Can now use path planner tool even if click down location is initially an invalid block for cursor path direction
  • Fixed being able to place buildings or structures on occupied sub-nodes
  • Fixed item tooltips persisting after hitting Upgrade button
  • Added new decorative items Flower Dirt Mound, Flower Planter, Potted Flowers, Potted Plant, Wood Bench, Stone Bench
  • Fixed misc errors caused by trying to delete a Mana Connector that is not above a building, but had Mana Pipe Item in it
  • Hid the ZZZ alert bubble over workers without a command
  • Added welcome message for new players that shows up on starting first game
  • Made informational popups exclusive modal windows (that pause game) so they are harder to accidentally click through and miss
  • Prevented ability to deliver items to middle of chute


Released 28-Feb-2019

Includes a HUGE new quality-of-life feature - a path planner! Now when placing roads, rails, chutes, and belts, you can just drag from A to B and the game will handle all the path curves & scaffolding for you. It may still get tripped up in very complex situations - post in #bugs if you see any and I'll try to fix.

Also in this patch:

  • Changed base Grain harvest speed from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds
  • Purchasing block of terrain starts at 1000 yellow coins and increases by 1000 for every chunk purchased, perpetually
  • Increased Market radius by 20%
  • Removed coin cost from Void block, but increased placement cost to 1000 yellow coins


Released 25-Feb-2019

  • Added informational popups to complex systems (usually appearing when research completes): Farming, Mana Transmission, Mana Power, Farming, and Chutes
  • Added new research: Mana Power, that unlocks Enchanter, Recharger, Mana Connector, as well as Elemental Extraction research
  • Reduced base size to prevent worker clipping
  • Fixed a couple missing localization strings
  • Increased knowledge cost of late-game mana research, and added Purified Mana as ingredient
  • Fixed 'add fire booster' recipe requiring Air Crystals instead of Fire Crystals
  • Added tooltips to the completed research unlock notifications panel
  • Fixed missing Fruit icon


Released 24-Feb-2019

  • Apples and Pears are now harvested exclusively by Forester, not Farm
  • Elemental Ores renamed to Elemental Stones
  • Elemental Shards renamed to Elemental Ether
  • Mana Extractor renamed to Elemental Refinery
  • Tiles will be properly highlighted when placing resources or farming actions near mines, foresters, and farms
  • Added tooltips to Build menu
  • Added pause / unpause button to player action panel
  • Updated some more item icons
  • Disabled Water Sensor for now
  • Added tutorial step to select Lumber Mill recipe


Released 22-Feb-2019

  • Improved layout of Create Game panel
  • Reduced size of Kitchen building
  • Increased size of belt and chute items
  • Added logic that should assist items deposited into the middle of chutes to go the correct preferred direction


Released 20-Feb-2019

  • New models for Base, Stone Mason, Workshop, Extractor, Enchanter, Forester, Magic Forge, Packager, Farm, Steam Generator, Machine Shop, Recharger, Extractor, and Mine
  • Can now have multiple biomes per map. Legacy maps will remain as single biomes, but when starting new map can select primary & available biomes
  • Unpurchased terrain is now displayed as revealed terrain next to purchased map, resources are still hidden until purchase
  • Added many more biome options - deserts, swamps, lakes, high mountains, canyons, etc etc
  • Maps default to a fixed size and blend like an island at the edges, but option for infinite map size remains
  • Added Expert scenario with more challenging terrain defaults
  • Biomes can affect terrain texture, grass amount, and resource amounts
  • Icons now appear when hovering on workers, buildings, and resources to provide info
  • Holding down data overlay keys displays more information about buildings
  • Added helpful icons next to cursor to when targeting agent behaviors
  • Added tooltip for adding / removing logic links
  • Added cloud particles effect around edges of map
  • Starting workers now start a bit further away from base
  • Fixed backwards rotation on worker unit body
  • Hid the 'Edit Map' button until functionality is more developed
  • Title song fades out when beginning a game from initial launch
  • Updated building icons to reflect new models
  • Increased default amount of resources in Gold ore deposits
  • Changed Recharger recipe time from 6 seconds to 4 seconds (until upgrades can be added later)
  • Camera has some movement restrictions based on terrain boundaries
  • Fixed large cost values getting truncated (e.g. when purchasing terrain)
  • Added background music controls - Right Bracket advances to next song, Left Bracket jumps to beginning of song or previous song
  • Fixed bug with menu buttons remaining highlighted after cursor moved off them


Released 13-Feb-2019

  • fixes the grass display bug


Released 13-Feb-2019

  • Fixed bug where sprites would be variable sizes on path logic structures
  • Added new models for Grain Mill, General Store, Worker, Wagon, Minecart, rail tiles
  • Added terrain grass that can be grown or cut using cursor tools, and shows up by default on new maps (NOTE: this isn't working great right now. you may want to disable grass for now if it looks bad, and I'll patch it up soon)
  • Added decorative Lamp Post (unlocks with Forge)
  • Added French localization
  • Many structures no longer convert underlying grass to dirt
  • Terrain displays new texture for grassy ground or cliff rocks
  • Fixed the Interface options panel showing Video Preferences title
  • Changed tint of iron ore
  • Fixed some missing item tooltips


Released 11-Feb-2019

  • Fixed multi-recipe select checkboxes not working
  • Fixed bug where shrines would receive inconsistent amount of mana from pipe items based on whether it was created or loaded
  • Added popup window explaining valid items that can be placed on chutes, if you try to place invalid item
  • Fixed very high terrain & buildings appearing above pipe overlay grid
  • Fixed bug where buildings would appear underneath center of map if build+dragged over a UI element
  • Made mana pipes truly invisible when in normal terrain view instead of having 'ghost' shapes
  • Structures that got buried underneath terrain due to previous bugs will now get automatically cleaned when loading game file
  • Disabled 'Dam' structure


Released 09-Feb-2019

  • Optimized pathfinding and allowed longer path searches
  • Fixed mana receivers sometimes generating invalid output items
  • Added Spanish and Simplified Chinese translation options
  • Made mana ores brigher and transparent


Released 08-Feb-2019

  • Added many new models for buildings and resources
  • Fixed 'empty' biome generating resources when purchasing additional terrain chunks
  • Fixed terrain dicontinuities that would occur if modifying edges of existing terrain and then purchasing neighboring terrain
  • Fixed some cursor highlight messages remaining visible after hovering off target
  • Added hovering building alerts when a building is missing recipe or research, can click to immediately open recipe panel
  • Fixed bug where Earth Shrine would not regenerate depleted minerals
  • Fixed being unable to move camera with hotkeys when cursor over menu panels
  • Improved reliability of building inventory targeting panel
  • Fixed Mana Connector not unlocking with Mana Transmission research
  • Fixed depleted Crystals not responding correctly to logistic block item filters while on mana pipes
  • Fixed mana pipe items appearing to stack / disappear if a node adjacent to the transmitter spawner had a logistic block on it
  • Fixed mana pipe items not always using all available outlets immediately after spawning from transmitter into pipe


Released 31-Jan-2019

  • Fixed migration of legacy files on OSX
  • Fixed terrain changes not preserving with save file
  • Added new rock & terrain textures
  • Many natural resources now have display name different than their resource name (e.g. 'Apple Tree' instead of just 'Apple')


Released 30-Jan-2019

  • Fixed bug where new saves would be inadvertently moved to Backup folder instead of saving normally
  • Fixed bug where new saves of legacy files would have gaps in terrain corners


Released 29-Jan-2019

  • Save files are now in json format with .sav extension
  • Many optimizations done to shrink save file size up to 10X
  • Save files are now in their proper folder of 82Apps / Factory Town (this will, unfortunately, reset your game preferences)
  • Added Steam Cloud support for syncing files
  • Fixed being able to delete mana transmitter and receiver pipe nodes
  • Rotate key (R) now rotates buildings again, instead of opening recipe panel
  • Fixed some physical items getting stuck in visible state when quitting map to main menu
  • Fixed fire and water shrines having output node in wrong position


Released 23-Jan-2019

  • Fixed bug that would build duplicate buildings if placement resulted in unlock notification panel
  • Fixed locked structures and blocks not showing correct locked icon & tooltips
  • Fixed resource bonus not correctly reducing when nearby stone / ore became depleted
  • Fixed sometimes building outputs getting stuck, due to miscellaneous errors on Build Menu updates


Released 22-Jan-2019

  • Mines now gain production speed bonus based on number of nearby (full) resource nodes
  • When mines deplete a resource node it now enters 'depleted' state, can still be mined but provides no speed bonus
  • Added more autosave interval options
  • Disabled Air Shrine until functionality can be implemented


Released 22-Jan-2019

  • Trying to drop off non-chute item to chute will result in an error message isntead of stalled worker
  • Fixed workers sometimes failing to deliver items if path started from a previously crop-occupied node
  • Alert bubble appears if you try to output a non-chute item from a production building onto a chute
  • Added locked items to Build menu, in disabled state
  • Added to chute-compatible list: all farm output items, and eggs
  • Added tooltips to locked build items & recipes to indicate what missing requirements are
  • Added screen edge scrolling, which can be enabled / disabled with interface preference
  • Autosave interval can now be adjusted to 3, 5, 10 minutes, or off


Released 18-Jan-2019

  • Added building maximums for all markets, that increase with Base level
  • Added limited range of 20 block circular radius for markets being able to interact with houses
  • Removed building maximum limits when in creative mode
  • Fixed physical items sometimes spawning with wrong rotation
  • Fixed packager stopping production because it was erroneously in 'input starved' state when in fact output was full


Released 17-Jan-2019

  • Added customizable Inventory Hotbar beneath town status panel - tracks specified item types (click to reassign)
  • Fixed bug being unable to transmit mana
  • Fixed icon and description for Mana Transmitter recipe
  • Fixed icon for 'Gadgets' sell category
  • Changed Veggie Stew value from 10 Red Coins to 16 Yellow Coins
  • Can now sell Wood Wheels in the General Store / Gadgets category for 8 Yellow Coins
  • Can now sell Cloth Conveyor Belts in the General Store / Gadgets category for 22 Yellow Coins
  • Can now sell Iron Wheels in the General Store / Gadgets category for 4 Blue Coins


Released 17-Jan-2019

  • Big performance improvements for large towns with lots of moving items
  • Added UI Scaling options in Interface settings panel
  • Consolidated on-screen player inventory display to just currencies
  • Added new inventory panel to display entire contents of player's shared inventory
  • Added 'Context Inventory Panel' above build functions to display inventory counts relevant for current build item
  • Fixed bug where deleting crops would become prohibitively slow
  • Better memory usage for more stability
  • Fixed missing remappable key for Economy menu
  • Removed currencies from item filter list
  • Fixed erroneous 'no recipe selected' tooltip on Market
  • Added text truncation for when currencies are in the millions (!)
  • Houses that get supplied are now random, to achieve performance improvement
  • Empty storage buildings will display assigned Item Filters on worker command targeting panel


Released 11-Jan-2019

New Features

  • Added Elemental Temples (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) which are scattered around undiscovered terrain tiles
  • Temples perform Purification research (instead of School), and Forge mana crystals (instead of Mana Forge)
  • If current / legacy map contains no temples, one of each can be manually placed
  • Renamed Teleporter to Reactor, and removed Teleportation recipe
  • Reactor now produces Omnistones, which are used for many late-game building upgrades and eventually in near-infinite research
  • Added error icon to craft recipes if missing ingredients, output is blocked, lacks required mana power, etc
  • Added Magma item, which provides 8 fuel
  • Added Water Shrines, which use transmitted Water elemental power to generate Water
  • Added Fire Shrines, which use transmitted Fire elemental power to generate Magma
  • Added Earth Shrines, which use transmitted Earth elemental power to regenerate nearby natural resources
  • Mines now consume resource nodes during production, with the assumption they can be regenerated by Earth shrines
  • Natural resources linked to Earth Shrines will not disappear when resource count reaches 0
  • All Enchanter recipes are now powered by overhead Mana transmission, not by consuming Mana crystals. As such, enchanter also now requires Mana Transmission knowledge
  • Mana Boosts are now an upgrade, as opposed to automatically created when a mana connector is applied. Only 1 is available per building, based on the building’s type
  • Added status bar to building inspector panel that displays active positive / negative production speed modifiers
  • Cursor displays 'no recipe assigned' when hovering over a building in that state
  • Can puchase Omnistone upgrades to most buildings, each resulting in 40% production bonus

Balance changes & Improvements

  • Omnistone recipe moved from Enchanter to Reactor
  • Mana Pipe recipe moved from Enchanter to Mana Forge
  • Magic Conveyor Belt recipe moved from Machine Shop to Mana Forge
  • Rail Tile recipe moved from Rail Depot to Machine Shop
  • Magic Rail Tile recipe moved from Rail Depot to Mana Forge
  • Minerals / Ores placed using Farming tools only are filled to 10% of capacity
  • Renamed 'Steam Power Plant' to 'Steam Generator'
  • 'Jewelry' research renamed to 'Enchanted Accessories', is prerequesite for Magic Cloak and Magic Robe as well as mana-based jewelry
  • Mana Extractor now has specific recipes for each crushable ore type
  • Buildings with 4 or more outputs will be displayed as a grid instead of a list of individual slots
  • Mana Connectors are automatically added when starting or ending a mana pipe over a building
  • Production speed bonuses are additive instead of multiplicative
  • Happiness boost is now additive 10% for every 10 happiness
  • Changed many base upgrade level costs - final level costs 100 Omnistone, which is now the final upgrade
  • Rail Depots are now obsolete and unbuildable
  • Enchanted Iron renamed Mana Brick, is made at Mana Forge from Mana Crystal and Stone Brick, and used in many late-game buildings instead of Stone Brick
  • Enchanted Iron removed from Magic Belt / Magic Rail recipes
  • Added Wool ingredient to Magic Cloak recipe
  • Added Iron Plate ingredient to Necklace and Crown recipe

Bug Fixes

  • Modifying terrain near roads will now destroy them, instead of leaving them hanging in midair
  • Added build cost logistic and compute blocks that were missing it
  • Fixed stale inventory panel from displaying if quitting game in progress and starting new one
  • Fixed bug where players could open up recipe select panel and disable recipe on building that only produces one thing
  • Fixed bug where building path of mana pipes and steam pipes would not calculate correct number of placed pipes
  • Fixed some items like 'Earth Ore' not displaying their production building source in tooltips
  • Fixed Mines not linking to Gold Ore (or autoselecting Gold Ore recipe)
  • When in creative mode, coin resources for crafting recipes are not required or consumed
  • Fixed bug if farm/forester processed its last crop of a particular type
  • Fixed bug if farm/forester/mine would not initialize production when new resource added in range
  • Fixed bug where crop/tree regrowth might not re-trigger harvest building production if multiple buildings linked to the same resource
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't delete mana pipe nodes on top of transmitter / receiver nodes
  • Fixed bug where changes to Steam Power or Mana Boosters would not be applied to building
  • Fixed bug where Counter blocks could not be properly updated with Set function
  • Fixed bug where move tool wouldn't work on Rail Carts
  • Fixed bug where standalone Fertilizer recipe would produce infinitely
  • Fixed bug where workers would use House-targeting when Delivering All goods from a building, even if picked-up good is not sellable
  • Fixed bug where workers attempt to deliver to an incredibly far and even inaccessible market instead of a nearby house
  • Fixed bug where replacing chute or rail tile would keep costing resources
  • Fixed error instructing players to bring Planks to the Food Market


Released 31-Dec-2018

  • Added new icons for all buildings, blocks, and worker units
  • Added new Worker panel (default: K) that shows each worker's current assignment
  • Added hotkey to open Recipe Select panel (default: R) when a building is selected
  • Buildings are now rotated by selecting with the Move tool, and hitting Rotate (default: R)
  • Hotkeys are displayed in tooltips when hovering over bottom-left player action buttons
  • Sorter with no Item Filter will sort everything (previously sorted nothing)
  • Pressing ESC or Cancel (Z) while in a modal menu won't remove current selection
  • Fixed icons for Logistic Block active state on/off
  • Toggle blocks now show icon on physical block
  • Fixed display of conveyor belts and rail tiles when moved as physical items
  • Fixed bug that allowed placement of buildings on Steam / Mana overlay layers


Released 27-Dec-2018

  • Fixed bug preventing selection of logic block offsets and connections
  • Sound effect plays when linking logic blocks of placing offsets
  • Removed apple icon from Agent Trigger 'type' property
  • Fixed obsolete building previews from appearing when placing sensor offsets
  • Fixed packagers outputting all items on belts even if supposed to be used for packing / unpacking
  • Farms now always have water / fertilizer as reserved input slot, so it won't output them if those recipes deactivated


Released 20-Dec-2018

  • Fixed Farms / Foresters not restarting if waiting for crop growth
  • Performance improvement when crop growth completes
  • Fixed schools continuing to produce (and spend) research recipes that were completed
  • Fixed bug where players could place natural resources on Farm Tiles or Tree Planters that already had a crop or resource


Released 20-Dec-2018

  • Fixed legacy farms, houses, mines not selecting all relevant recipes
  • Fixed town happiness changes not immediately affecting production speed
  • Fixed single-recipe buildings (wells, transmitters, receivers, rechargers, etc) not initializing with any production recipe


Released 20-Dec-2018

  • Buildings can now be assigned multiple simultaneous recipes (shift+click in recipe select menu, or use the toggle checkboxes). Production will be distributed amongst active recipes
  • Replaced Farms, Forester and Mine random outputs with specific production recipes for each relevant crop or mineral, each with own production time & costs
  • Buildings will have their input and output slots act as a combination of all assigned recipes
  • Buildings with multiple assigned recipes can pull ingredients from one recipe from the output of another
  • Farms, Foresters, Mines, and Houses have option to auto-manage recipes which frequently change based on upgrade level or nearby resources
  • New recipe system improves memory usage, reduces garbage collection
  • Houses now split consumption into 4 difference recipes (consume food / general goods / medicine / specialty goods)
  • House recipe consumption speed does not slow when consuming multiple recipes
  • Houses only display supply requirements compatible with their upgrade level
  • Farms and Mines from legacy saves should automatically activate the correct recipes based on nearby resources
  • Improved appearance of various UI fill bars and buttons
  • Most production buildings don't start with a default recipe
  • Can now use Remove Resource tool to remove Fish
  • Fixed missing tooltip on production time icon
  • Fixed bug where creating Mana Receiver underneath occupied mana pipe would not produce anything
  • Fixed bug that would break all path calculations in a game session if the player modified block data on map edge
  • Fixed Medical Wrap recipe missing from Workshop
  • Value for Antidote increased from 4 blue coins to 10
  • Value for Bread decreased from 16 blue coins to 12
  • Value for Sandwich increased from 25 blue coins to 30


Released 12-Dec-2018

  • Fixed all fruit not being accepted for fruit-based recipes (Fruit Juice, Jam)
  • Fixed markets accepting non-compatible goods


Released 12-Dec-2018

  • Fixed Cotton growing at extremely slow rates
  • Farm actions ('Plant Grain') loaded into customized hotbar will now save / load correctly
  • Fixed errors loading maps that have very high or very low blocks
  • Fixed Fruit Juice recipe not consuming inputs
  • Moved Jewelry recipes (Fire Ring, Water Ring, Necklace, Crown) from Workshop to Enchanter
  • Added missing Antidote recipe to Kitchen
  • Fixed large recipes not correctly aligning their icons within recipe list
  • Added Fuel requirement to Fish Stew, Meat Stew, and Veggie Stew
  • Fixed Recipe List panel not updating when available recipes changed
  • Fixed Completed or Disabled research recipes from showing up in School recipe select menu
  • Berries can now be used to make Fruit Juice
  • Fixed Gold Ore being unharvestable by Workers or Drills
  • Gold Ore is now rollable in Chutes
  • Added sphere to represent carried Gold Ore
  • Fixed configuration error with Veggie Stew recipe producing Fish Stew
  • Cloth value reduced from 5 to 4 red coins
  • Butter value reduced from 8 to 4 red coins
  • Fish Stew value increased from 10 to 12 red coins
  • Fish Stew requires 2 tomatoes instead of 1
  • Shirt (outfit) reduced from 16 to 10 red coins
  • Warm Coat reduced from 15 to 12 blue coins
  • Gold Ingot requires 4 gold ore instead of 2
  • Apple Pie value reduced from 10 purple coins to 6


Released 11-Dec-2018

  • Fixed bug where Farm Chicken recipe at Pasture was configured as a duplicate Wool recipe
  • Fixed many new crops growing instantly
  • Fertilizer worth 1 fuel instead of 2
  • Wood worth 2 fuel instead of 1
  • Fixed text labels of new crop planting actions
  • Fixed General Goods Gadgets being classified as Tools
  • Hid planting recipes for Dragon Fruit and Cactus Fruit, which are not yet implemented in recipes


Released 10-Dec-2018

  • Added items: Berries, Carrot, Raw Chicken, Cooked Chicken, Egg, Cloak, Magic Cloak, Cotton, Crown, Cooked Fish, Fish Stew, Fruit Juice, Meat Stew, Medical Wrap, Necklace, Gold Ore, Gold Ingot, Pear, Apple Pie, Polished Stone, Potato, Fire Ring, Water Ring, Sandwich, Shoe, Tomato, Veggie Stew, and Warm Coat
  • Added interface option to disable Currency Gain alerts from houses
  • Improved memory performance of Currency Gain alerts
  • Made House Goods Supply panel more compact
  • Adjusted resource generation to have less uniform distribution of resources
  • Added Jewelry research necessary for: smelting Gold Ingots; Making Crown, Fire & Water Ring, Necklace, and Polished Stone; and for placing Gold Ore mineral nodes.
  • If Create Game menu scenario is changed, and biome is modified, the biome regenerates
  • When placing structural blocks and paths, buildings no longer block cursor
  • Generic 'Deliver All' command now delivers all items from a building even if recipe or building inventory changes
  • Generic 'Supply All' command now supply all items to a building even if recipe changes
  • Workers attempting to Supply All will discard carried items if they reach target building and input recipe has changed
  • Pickaxe sell price increased from 10 blue coins to 15 blue coins
  • Magic Robe now requires leather
  • Health Potion now requires Fruit Juice
  • Elixir now requires Antidote
  • Ward requires Polished Stone
  • Cake is now Simple Cake that requires egg instead of Jam
  • Berry Cake uses Cake, Jam, Berries, and Sugar as ingredients
  • Jam can be made with any fruit, requires Sugar, and is worth 3 red coins
  • Cloth can be made with wool or cotton
  • Food 'Gourmet' category moved to Specialty Goods. Dairy used instead as category in Food Market
  • Steam Pipe, Rail Tile, and Conveyor Belt are now sellable as Gadgets in the General Store
  • Butter is now sellable in Dairy
  • Fixed bug that allowed mines and farms to harvest items that were full within inventory, thus blocking output


Released 5-Dec-2018

  • fixes small but important bug when trying to issue Harvest commands to workers standing in the middle of a footpath or road


Released 4-Dec-2018

  • New Resource: Fish. Appears on Ocean blocks, regenerates 1 per sec, doesn't get destroyed when reaches 0 count
  • New Worker Unit: Fishing Boat. Moves on Ocean Surface, can harvest & carry 8 fish at a time
  • New Research: Boatbuilding. Required for building Fishing Boat
  • Added new music tracks 3, 4, and 5 (and slightly updated track 1)
  • Added admin command 'generate fish' to add fish to legacy maps
  • Fixed blank scaffold appearing at center coordinate based on building preview blocks
  • Increased new Harvester inventories to 12
  • Fixed bug where admin mode resources couldn't be placed on valid farm tiles / tree planters
  • Admin resources can now only be placed on terrain tiles, not scaffolds, stone walls, etc
  • Fixed paths over sea level being unwalkable
  • Adjusted hitboxes on wagons and harvesters
  • Harvesters and Rail Carts now display their inventory contents
  • Fixed water not appearing correctly on purchased terrain
  • Fixed bug where 'default' start state was missing from create game menu
  • Drop-off target suggestions now take walkability into account
  • Fixed workers being unable to harvest sugar
  • Fixed buildings being unable to output onto steep belts or chutes
  • Increased min speed of chute items to reduce backups
  • Improved reliability of dragging from building target icons
  • Some performance improvements


Released 29-Nov-2018

  • Fixed cursor display issues when using the Move tool
  • Fixed units being unable to harvest water from natural sources
  • Fixed units being able to walk underwater


Released 29-Nov-2018

  • Fixed buildings not auto-supplying water


Released 28-Nov-2018

  • Added universal sea level water that always remains constant regardless of volumetric water flow
  • Added level-of-detail optimization to trees
  • Fixed gaps in default tree model
  • Fixed large delay when purchasing new terrain blocks
  • Fixed missing water on launch screen
  • Fixed transparent items not appearing beneath water
  • Fixed farmed crops and trees not replanting after being auto-harvested
  • Fixed bug where depleted mana could be used to slightly recharge a building's mana meter
  • Fixed bug where Mana Crytals could disappear if being processed by Receiver when another crystal arrives
  • Fixed bug where worker units could not be instructed to deliver a crop to a chute, belt, or location


Released 28-Nov-2018

  • Fixed Sugar not being plantable
  • Fixed issue with various crops not linking to associated buildings when planted
  • When placing Tree Planter, tiles near Farms now highlight in addition to Forester tiles
  • Fixed bug of being able to harvest invalid items with Wagons and Drills
  • Fixed bug of being able to connect a logic block to itself
  • Fixed bug where workers harvesting would 'drift' further from initial target, ignoring closer resources
  • Farms, Foresters and Mines now have dedicated output slots for each potential item
  • Farms, Foresters and Mines will produce a different output item if one of its output slots is full of randomly selected item
  • Packager production time reduced from 2 seconds to .5 seconds
  • Fixed icons and labels for packaged items
  • Added production time to crafting recipe descriptions
  • Made physical items fit closer to their path


Released 21-Nov-2018

  • fixes bug where you couldn't place mining resources


Released 21-Nov-2018

  • Fixed bug preventing plantable Trees
  • Fixed bug preventing proper use of farming actions in hotbar
  • Planting Apples now requires Forestry research
  • New Barn model
  • New Mana Transmitter / Receiver models
  • Mana Transmitter now occupies a 1x1 tile instead of 3x3
  • Fixed load crash that would occur if Mana Pipe Item was in a Mana Connector without an underlying building
  • Added new admin command 'clear water' to remove all water from a map if it's causing errors
  • Fixed terrain textures not loading for paths & other blocks on game load
  • Disabled Mine upgrades
  • Improved speed indicator on Mine to more closely match output


Released 20-Nov-2018

  • Many changes to Farms & Foresters:
  • They harvest from nearby resources instead of creating from thin air
  • They can only link to resources that are on terrain
  • Their active range is now square
  • They no longer compete with nearby matching buildings for resources
  • They no longer gain production speed bonus based on number of nearby resources
  • They gain 100% speed bonus per additional worker instead of default 25%
  • Their max worker count increased to 10
  • They will automatically re-plant resources that they fully consume
  • Farm Tiles have Water and Fertilizer meters which each speed up crop growth
  • Re-grown crops & trees have 25% of inventory of wild-grown resources
  • Water and Fertilizer stored at the Farm will be automatically distributed to nearby Farm Tiles, if possible, when Farm work cycle completes
  • New 'Farming and Mining' category within Build menu, containing Farm Tiles, Tree Planters, and all crops & placeable minerals
  • Water and Fertilizer can be manually applied to Farm Tiles, using respective items within Farming and Mining menu
  • Building terrain highlights during placement are now square to prevent confusion with area of effect
  • Added Sugarcane resouce to world maps
  • Can place Farm Tiles and Tree Planters over matching natural resources
  • Building inventory panel now separates display of inputs & outputs
  • Mines' output assortment is now determined by nearby minerals.
  • Mines gain production speed bonus from nearby resources, but don't currently deplete them during harvest process


Released 15-Nov-2018

  • Fixed being unable to place Farm tiles
  • Blocker and Filter logistic blocks now respect their active state


Released 15-Nov-2018

  • More forgiving placement of buildings - can place edges on sloped terrain
  • When placing buildings on uneven terrain, scaffolds are automatically added to produce flat surface (at cost)
  • Boosted up Mana Ore output from Mines relative to Elemental Ores
  • Fixed issue preventing proper Packager production
  • One-Way blocks work now, and improved one-way icon
  • Fixed 'create workers' tutorial step requiring extra workers if base was manually placed
  • Fixed Paper using the wrong render when displayed as a physical item
  • Fixed workers getting stuck if you add a path while they are at a harvest or drop-off point
  • Fixed some navigation errors that may occur if deleting footpath underneath a worker
  • Can no longer delete a block that is supporting a worker
  • Added Intermediate Logistics research requirement for Blocker and Filter


Released 11-Nov-2018

  • fixes the issue where Grabber filters would not have the intended effect


Released 10-Nov-2018

  • Added many new items, which earn a variety of currencies which are used to complete research or construct special buildings.
  • Rebalanced almost all recipes and building costs
  • Many new icons
  • Added 2 new music tracks
  • Added magic rail tiles, that allow rail carts to travel up slopes without losing speed
  • Can place Logistic and Computational blocks on overlay grids
  • Happiness, Steam Power, and Magic Power are now multipliers of baseline production speed (num workers)
  • Added new mesh for Well
  • Wells no longer have misleading area-of-effect radius, and can be placed next to other wells without affecting production
  • Increased Well refill speed
  • Added 'mining' research requirement for Mine building
  • Research is now back to being a repeated cost of (specialized) currency, as opposed to up-front unlock
  • Small animation when items being harvested
  • Can now delete blocks even if there's a block above it
  • Elemental Stones are now rollable in chutes
  • Added new renders for Elemental Stones
  • Dams and Logic Lamps are now toggle-able with control-click
  • Fixed missing controls region when selecting some items
  • School is now unlocked automatically at base level 2
  • Kitchen is now unlocked automatically at base level 3
  • Non-solid structure & blocks now allow water to pass through
  • Barrier Gate requires Stone Brick instead of Iron Plate
  • Added new 'start conditions' option to Create game menu to start with various levels of resources & research completed
  • Reorganized Build menu
  • Splitter now has visible on/off toggle & item filter
  • Moved Gear, Iron Wheel, and Steam Pipe recipes to the Machine Shop (and removed Fuel requirement)
  • Fixed issue where only the R key would dismiss the research panel, regardless of what control is mapped to display it
  • Fixed Steam power sometimes failing to produce any power
  • Steam power production is now boosted by normal production multipliers
  • Steam power networks can now connect through buildings
  • Harvesters now travel the same speed on all terrain
  • Toggle block 'click' only plays when manually activated
  • Fixed bug where you could delete a transmitter or receiver mana pipe node and not replace it
  • Improved visibility of item filters on logic path blocks (like sorter, pusher, grabber)
  • Performance improvement when multiple belt / chute / pipe items on map
  • Fixed belt / chute / pipe items jumping around when building nearby


Released 10-Oct-2018

  • Research is now purchased/unlocked upfront with Gold, and then produced normally (without continuously spending Gold)
  • Added Splitter block - place on belt, chute, or rail and will route inputs in alternate directions
  • Added Number block - sets its internal value to whatever value it receives. Like a Set+Counter combo.
  • Can attach inventory sensors to Buildings
  • Crates no longer auto-output
  • Fixed spacebar activating worker add/remove buttons after clicking on them
  • Fixed Inventory Sensor having wrong icon when first placed
  • Added math operator icons
  • Fixed being unable to save after deleting a file without re-opening file menu
  • Fixed wrong sort display if opening Save panel
  • Fixed math block not initializing internal value when operator value changed
  • Can now specify the value in a Counter block
  • Enter will now submit value and close menu when changing numeric value of a logic block
  • Items dropped off will prefer inventory slots with a matching item filter over neutral slots
  • Bases are initialized with item filters for wood, stone, and planks
  • 'Create Worker' tutorial step now requires placement of 2 workers
  • Added back Pasture Research to prevent players from building Pasture before Farm
  • Animal Feed recipe is now unlocked by default when building a Grain Mill
  • Added progress bar on School to show current research progress
  • Upgrades and Research Purchases are now grouped separately in Building Recipe inspector
  • Raised Pasture Gold cost to 100 and lowered Plank cost to 20


Released 08-Oct-2018

  • Added Crates - are Buildings that have a limited storage but are available very early
  • Added 'recent' sort option to File menu
  • Added Item Slot inspector that allows you to empty an item slot or assign a filter (if applicable)
  • Fixed being unable to specify an agent to deliver a particular item to a location on the map
  • Fixed cursor error when click-dragging a Move command
  • Fixed water propagating off edge of map
  • When activating math block Number property, cursor can immediately begin editing
  • Improved display of Math Function config panel and Number Input panel
  • Shows correct error when trying to place Worker while at max population capacity
  • Fixed new games starting with previous games' pause state


Released 05-Oct-2018 (yes, the same day)

  • Number of Houses is now limited by Base upgrade level
  • Can upgrade base to increase house max and inventory space (4 slots and 100 capacity per level)
  • Base no longer autoresizes infinitely
  • Houses get +1 happiness if they have any supply fill for a goods category.
  • Otherwise, houses get 0 happiness (they never get negative happiness).
  • More menus are dismissable by clicking outside them.
  • Lowered stone brick sell value from 12 to 8.
  • Lowered sell value for Stone from 2 to 1.
  • Lengthened consumption time for most items.
  • Houses will now attempt to purchase another good as soon as they are done consuming
  • Houses only increase consumption speed by 10% per level, not 20%
  • Wagons can traverse the same uneven terrain that workers can
  • Fixed selection issues when clicking on empty terrain


Released 05-Oct-2018

  • Fixed overlay grids (pipes, etc) not expanding to fit new terrain chunks
  • Fixed 'add water' tool that was broken in previous update
  • Fixed odd white outline on terrain previews
  • Fixed camera jumping perspective when navigating back to game launch menu
  • Made text input more reliably jump into Admin console when activated


Released 03-Oct-2018

  • Added new 'Secondary Action' control (RMB by default) to perform context-sensitive actions like delete path/block, cancel, lower terrain, etc
  • Added new remappable control: 'Camera Look Mode' (default: Shift)
  • Added new remappable control: 'Camera Pan Mode' (default: MMB)
  • Added new remappable control: 'Cancel' (default: Z). ESC is hardcoded as alternate cancel
  • Now that canceling is easier, the default is now to build multiple buildings / agents
  • Fixed some display issues on Context Controls menu
  • Hotbar will deselect highlighted item when cursor changed
  • Building non-hollow block structures will erase underlying foot paths and roads


Released 01-Oct-2018

  • Added ability to purchase new chunks of terrain
  • Access to map generation tools via 'edit map' on Create Game screen
  • Added many new icons
  • Added official theme background music and a few placeholder background music tracks
  • Loading a game will set it as 'most recent game' that will be targeted with Resume action, even if not saved
  • Fixed alert icons appearing onscreen if their source is located behind the camera
  • Fixed big memory leak with recipes
  • Admin Mode is now saved with the game file
  • Agent Trigger now has Offset property
  • Reworked many menu interfaces
  • Reworked New Game screen, has new options, and can go back to Main Menu
  • On New Games screen, changes to settings are applied immediately to map, no need to regenerate
  • Speed up map generation


Released 17-Sep-2018

  • Fixed Move tool being unable to pick up Rail Carts
  • Fixed bug where picked up minecarts couldn't be rotated
  • Added recipes to Help menu
  • Added better error logging when save error occurs
  • Fixed 'copy selection' not working on rail carts


Released 13-Sep-2018

  • Added some sound effects
  • Added Hotbar: H to toggle. Press 1-8 to activate hotbar item. Shift+(1-8) to store into hotbar.
  • Press F1-F4 to change between custom Hotbar presets
  • Added 'Copy' tool - press C to switch the current cursor build object to whatever cursor is currently over
  • Fixed cursor timing issue that was sometimes resulting in skipping blocks during drag-create or drag-destroy actions
  • Added input control remapping (Options / Controls)
  • X to activate 'Remove Block' mode can now be toggled to easily remove blocks misplaced when building
  • RMB can no longer be used to remove blocks, instead is a universal camera control tool
  • Removed Z and C commands to change camera vertical angle
  • Moving agents, and collecting resources from chutes/belts, is now done with the Move tool (default:M)
  • Fixed Houses collecting nearby water
  • Fixed Mana Transmitter often getting 'Output Blocked' and not recovering
  • Can now 'Activate' (e.g. Toggle) a logic block by control-clicking on it, becaure RMB was repurposed
  • Added new 'Activate Block' remappable hotkey to activate a selected block (default: Enter)
  • Reduced Recharger cost from 5 gold to 2 gold
  • Increased default autosave time to 5 minutes
  • Lowered Gold cost of Farm tile from 10 to 5
  • Raise/Lower block and Flatten Up/Down are now dedicated tools, replacing right-click function
  • Delete Block / Remove Block Layer now dedicated tools, replacing right-click function
  • Added audio settings panel (even though some sliders currently have no effect)
  • Fixed some incorrect settings display when re-opening video or interface preferences
  • Improved display of many menus
  • Chute now requires Lumber Mill instead of Workshop
  • Widened Tutorial panel
  • Most scaffold blocks unlocked by Lumber Mill
  • Fixed unlock notifications still playing after exiting to main menu
  • Hitting the Rotate or Rotate Back key while in auto-path mode will switch to specified-path mode
  • Changed item sell values: Bread 20>10 (bug: actual 15), Stone Brick 8>12, Outfit 25>35, Remedy 8>6, Health Potion 12>14, Elixir 30>35, Enchanted Book 50>45, Ward 25>30, Omnistone 50>100


Released 06-Sep-2018

  • Instead of purchasing an item ASAP, Houses will only buy an item if their satisfaction bar drops low enough
  • Markets will sell more aggressively if they have a surplus of a particular item type, which rewards faster goods supply
  • Market can also be upgraded to allow more aggressive selling to nearby Houses
  • Pasture and Mine upgrades now cost increasing amount of resources
  • Goods deliveries directly to houses will still be purchased ASAP (as soon as house is done consuming other item)
  • Higher quality goods will take longer to consume at Houses
  • While a Good is being consumed by a house, its Satisfaction meter for that good will staty at 100%
  • Market display now includes bars representing supply of each goods type, followed by a grid of each owned item type
  • Markets now have reserved capacity for each potential item type, so excess supply of a lower-tier good will not block deposits of higher-tier goods
  • When placing a chute, rail, or conveyor belt, the tiles outside a building will be highlighted with directional arrows to indicate input or output effects
  • Fixed some load issues that might result in Houses refusing to buy even with a full market nearby
  • Increased Gold value for bread from 15 to 20
  • Decreased Gold value for Iron Plate from 20 to 12
  • Increased Gold value for Enchanted Book to 50
  • Costs above 1000 are represented with K
  • Lowered Gold cost of most buildings
  • Fixed bug with final house upgrade
  • Fixed Forester not displaying production speed bonus of extra allocated workers


  • Capped max unhappiness penalty at -50%
  • Overall town happiness indicator smiley face now based on ratio of provided happiness / max happiness
  • Kitchen now requires Metallurgy research, instead of a Forge
  • Updated tutorial to reflect new House / Market system
  • House Goods tooltips now reflect their sell price
  • Can now pause and unpause in any modal menu that doesn't force a pause state
  • Build menu will update affordability color if inventory changes while menu is open
  • Stone can now be delivered to Level 2+ houses to satisfy Shelter need (earns 2 gold)
  • Herbs can now be delivered to Level 4+ houses to satisfy Medicine need (earns 2 gold)
  • Increased sell value of cloth, outfit, iron plate
  • A specific error message is shown when trying to build without enough Population capacity
  • Can now switch recipes instantly without waiting for current recipe to complete, avoids issue of getting permanently output blocked
  • Fixed a migration issue from pre-.035 preventing proper Recipe loading on buildings that were previously Output Blocked
  • Removed limitation that Schools would not produce without a buffer of 100 gold. Players can instead remove workers from school
  • Fixed Steam Pipe layout tool not creating connections to underlying building at the start point of dragged line
  • Reduced Fertilizer cost of Tree planter from 5 to 2
  • Reduced duration of well's water production from 5 seconds to 2
  • Fixed mana transmitter and receiver nodes casting shadows


  • Houses now consume goods at a fixed maximum rate, allowing for more predictable Happiness & Gold income
  • Happiness is now calculated based on every house good satisfaction level, and each point of happiness adds a +1% production speed or penalty
  • Production from Farms, Foresters, Mines, and Schools now cost gold
  • Added Void building that erases any item sent to it
  • Mana Rechargers gold cost increased from 1 to 5
  • Got rid of 'output blocked' indicator
  • Schools can now be assigned extra workers, or no workers to shut them off
  • Added new 'Basic Logic' research, which unlocks Steam Power and Cloth Belts
  • Added new 'Intermediate Logic' research, which unlocks Pusher, Grabber, and Sorter
  • Logic no longer depends on Mana research being complete
  • Baseline Mine output timing increased from 2 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Screenshot button is now F11, and hides menu during screenshot, and opens screenshot folder automatically
  • Right-click + drag can now control camera
  • Shift-R will rotate a cursor placement counterclockwise
  • Can now place natural resources in Admin mode
  • Fixed minecarts only picking up partial loads from Base
  • Fixed Steam Power plants sometimes not consuming resources
  • Fixed highlight size around 1x1 buildings
  • Research panel no longer auto-pauses game
  • Can now build on scaffolds even if underlying block has uneven terrain
  • Cursor automatically resets after placing Building or Unit, but can hold Left Shift to build multiple, or turn on new interface preference 'Default Build Multiple'


  • Added 'Remove Block' (Bulldozer) tool - hit X, or Shovel icon in bottom toolbar to activate. Will remove and refund any player-built blocks or paths
  • Remove Block tool right-click behavior is to sample the highlighted structure, and then only destroy that structure while you drag
  • Renamed 'Terrain' build category to 'Tools' and added 'Remove Block' tool there
  • Fixed incorrect Context Tooltip when Remove Resource tool was active
  • Added 'Empty' map preset for totally flat, resource-free maps
  • Minecart is now unlocked with Railroad research, Harvester is unlocked with Machinery research
  • Fixed bug where you could no longer replace Conveyor Belts with similar belts facing a different direction
  • Updated game icon
  • Can now delete trees planted on top of Scaffolding
  • Camera resets when backing out of file into main menu
  • ESC key will close Item Filter Selection panel
  • Made many UI elements larger
  • Timer block now has configurable timer duration, and outputs the received value (instead of 0) when timer expires
  • Renamed 'Gate Function Block' to 'Signal Gate', renamed 'Logic Gate' block to 'Bool Function'
  • Signal Gate now updates color & icon to reflect gate openness state
  • Pushers, Grabbers, and Sorters have better icons and border color that changes to reflect active state
  • Fixed Tooltip window so it doesn't stay up when selecting item from Build menu
  • Fixed bugs that may occur related to common inventory when player is missing a base
  • Fixed bug where Remove Resource tool would frequently ignore objects
  • Fixed ability to put a conveyor belt perpendicular to a block's slope
  • Removed RMB to cancel structure, was resulting in inadvertent cursor resets


  • Added Wood Bridge
  • Added Stone Bridge
  • Added Wood Pillar Scaffold
  • Added Stone Pillar Scaffold
  • Added Wood Arch
  • Added Stone Arch
  • Added Stairs
  • Added Road Ramp
  • Fixed nav error when harvest action suggests nearby chute
  • Fixed nav error where Stone Walls were not navigable on their top surface
  • Kitchen now costs Iron Plates instead of Planks, and is unlocked from Forge instead of Grain Mill
  • Removed Water requirement from Steam Power research
  • Fixed bug where Steam Power Plants were not actually supplying any power to attached buildings
  • Fixed Steam plant generating Steam when building is disabled
  • Renamed Rail Gate to Barrier Gate
  • One-Way block is now unlocakble with Logic research


  • Chute and Conveyor belts will be suggested as nearby Harvest dropoff points
  • Objects can now be delivered to higher levels of buildings (up to 2 higher than ground)
  • Reduced house goods consumption rates for early upgrades
  • Increased supply value of flour from 5 to 6
  • Increased gold value of flour from 4 to 5
  • Changed Road placement cost from 2 Stone Bricks to 1 Stone Brick + 2 Gold
  • Changed Mana Pipe placement gold cost from 4 to 10
  • Changed Cloth cost from 2 Wool to 1 Wool
  • Changed Farm Tile from 5 Fertilizer to 2 Fertilizer + 20 Gold
  • Fertilizer can be used as a Fuel source
  • Changed House population cap provied from 2/4/6/8/10 to 2/4/7/10/14
  • Decreased Farm's Grain baseline production time from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Increased Forester 'nearby tree' production bonus by 20%
  • Reduced Barn Gold cost from 50 to 40
  • Fixed issue where Enchanters could not be assigned more workers
  • Can no longer build Scaffold blocks on top of units
  • Improved worker Avoidance when only possible path blocked by another worker
  • Disabled obsolete Resistor structure
  • Lowered School Materials requirement for Metal research
  • Increased School Materials requirement for Medicine research
  • Fixed issue where you could easily over-populate by reactivating a building then adding 1 worker
  • Fixed positioning error on Building outlet arrow


  • Fixed bug where cursor would jump around when placing Barn
  • Fixed Upgrade button not updating its display & cost when clicked


  • Buildings now require Worker Capacity (this may cause spike in unhappiness in older save files)
  • You can assign extra workers to buildings to boost production speed, or remove workers to pause production
  • Research recipes now use generic Writing Supplies instead of specifically paper or books
  • Added Item Tooltip menu (with toggleable preference)
  • Fixed issue where targeting commands would accidentally target another unit
  • Improved highlighting of craft recipe buttons
  • Item icons will not block clicks from activating craft recipe buttons
  • Reduced Animal Feed production time from 4 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Moved Enchanter to the Mana category of the building menu
  • Added new icon for Mana Pipe
  • Can now use right-mouse click to cancel a build action
  • Expanded with of Recipe Selection menu
  • Default Framerate set to 60


  • Fixed Mana Forges not being able to change their recipe
  • Added building cost for Enchanter
  • Fixed bug that you couldn't directly delete rail carts
  • Fixed typo in controls menu for camera rotation
  • Fixed mana / steam grids not scaling with map
  • Removed exlcusive fullscreen mode in favor of fullscreen windowed mode, to improve stability


  • Lowered Stone Brick production time from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Improved performance of main player inventory panel
  • Fixed Pause being visible on the launch menu
  • Fixed Sorter and Pusher having wrong icon when initially built
  • Remove Resource tool will actually subtract its cost from player inventory
  • Units will no longer attempt to deliver items to Silos that have an incompatible item filter
  • Added slight preference for wagons to use Footpaths, and small speed boost
  • Made Coal, Iron Ore, Mana, and Elemental Stones difficult-walkable by workers and unwalkable by wagons
  • Workers that were delivering to unspecified Houses will prioritize the nearby Market instead
  • Removed bright pink path error debug lines
  • Can now build overlay (logic) structures on top of occupied paths
  • Stopped Packager from autofilling with nearby water


  • Added new Terrain Tool: Delete Resource
  • Fixed workers being unable to correctly navigate over Rail tiles
  • Added Enchanter for producing Magic Conveyor Belts, Elixers, and other late game goods
  • Fixed Bakery / Kitchen being locked
  • Mana Pipe paths must now be built using Mana Pipe items, created at the Enchanter
  • Moved Omnistone recipe to Enchanter
  • Book removed from Luxury goods, replaced with Enchanted Book (made at Enchanter)
  • Added Ward item, produced at Enchanter, and supplies Luxury to Houses
  • Final House upgrade requires Enchanted Book


  • Reworked early game progression & tutorial, modified many recipe & building costs
  • Workers can now drop off to any part of Chute, which should reduce clumping
  • Can now choose map size on Create Game menu
  • Can now choose to manually place base on Create Game menu
  • You can now place paths on top of units, as long as they are compatible
  • Metal Conveyor Belt now requires Cloth Belt as ingredient
  • Removed shadows from overhead Mana structures
  • Fixed game unpausing while in some menus


  • Expanded map size by 4x
  • Added AutoSave
  • Houses now provide 2 additional population capacity per level
  • Game auto-pauses when you open menu (and resumes on menu close, if game wasn't previously paused)
  • Fixed Fuel slots from failing to work properly on recipe change or newly created building
  • Fixed Mana Forge not being able to switch recipes
  • Increased Coal and Iron Ore default natural resource amount
  • Iron plate costs fewer resources and is produced faster
  • Markets are no longer affected by Happiness multiplier


  • Fixed conveyor belt reverse textures
  • Can now delete and replace / refund other conveyor belt types if you have any conveyor belt type selected
  • Fixed bug where admin command was not fully allowing resource deletion
  • New interface option: enable / disable interface bubbles
  • Reduced cloth cost of cloth belt from 2 to 1
  • Fixed workers being unable to drop off items to cloth and magic belts


  • Added Herb resource
  • Added Cloth Conveyor Belt path structure
  • Renamed Bakery to Kitchen
  • Added Poultice recipe at Workshop
  • Added Remedy recipe at Kitchen
  • Changed Plank recipe from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Changed Leather recipe from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Reduced Stone Brick recipe from 8 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Reduced Population Requirement for Wagons and Harvesters
  • Increased default capacity for most natural resources
  • Increased supply value for Plank from 2 to 3
  • Lowered research requirement for Pasture and Bakery
  • Removed Save prompt when in main menu
  • Added more ingredients to House upgrade


  • Wagons now can only carry items of the same type, which should resolve lots of confusing wagon behavior
  • Increased effect of tilt shift
  • Added shadows effect & video preference
  • Added video preference for SSAO, Antialiasing, Vsync, Windowed mode, Resolution
  • Default launch mode is now fullscreen
  • Removed duplicate water effect when loading maps
  • Removed pre-launch settings window
  • Fixed new default terrain from being created if navigating back to launch screen from Options menu
  • Fixed zoom map control being active in launch menu
  • Fixed wagons only displaying 3 out of 4 items
  • Fixed worker units removing items from Market when supplying other buildings
  • Fixed houses sometimes showing incorrect happiness values 
  • Houses will consume goods that exceed its current supply capacity if their happiness is otherwise lowered
  • Workers with 'pick up' behavior will seek out closest provider building even if current inv count is 0
  • Cloth is worth 5 supply, Outfit worth 15, Book worth 10
  • Low Happiness penalty changed from -20% to -10%
  • Very Low Happiness penalty changed from -50% to -25%
  • Lowered research requirement for Forestry and Metallurgy
  • Fixed gold and 'population' from being added to base inventory when deleting some workers
  • Removed obsolete 'Access Configuration' from Barn
  • Fixed buildings auto-outputting items when Grabber Filter should take precedence
  • Fixed tooltips & cursor highlights getting stuck if alt-tabbing out of application
  • Added 'save game?' prompt if game state changes after last save


Released 24-Jul-2018

  • Improved Supply behavior - can now supply multiple items to a building and prioritize based on building demand
  • Title bar now disappears when navigating to Load menu
  • Fixed some missing navigation nodes on edge of map
  • Wood Wheel now costs 2 Planks instead of 4 wood
  • Iron Wheel now costs 2 Iron Plate instead of 2 Iron Ore
  • Iron Gear now costs 2 Iron Plate instead of 2 Iron Ore
  • Lowered Stone Mason gold cost from 250 to 200
  • Added tilt-shift video effect
  • Improved launch menu display
  • Fixed bug when dropping off item to chute in an uphill direction
  • Fixed item overlaps that may occur if chute object starts rolling backwards
  • When delivering goods to unspecified houses, workers will target the house with the highest demand for that goods category
  • Workers holding an item can now issue 'Drop Off' command to non-storage building
  • Fixed error where resources were not being refunded on building or path deletion
  • Fixed error where house happiness and gold alerts would get stuck if you deleted underlying house


Released 22-Jul-2018

  • Fixed bug where deleting an building or worker wouldn't properly refund gold cost
  • Selected objects now show context commands
  • Made display of building production outlets more consistent, and also shown when Overlay button is pressed
  • Added Structures into help menu
  • Admin mode now allows natural resource deletion
  • Added more item description text entries
  • Disabled obsolete Rail Switch block
  • Fixed some crashes on game load, and automatically opens output_log window on load error


Released 19-Jul-2018

  • Houses now provide 2 capacity by default
  • Fixed bug where workers would get destroyed if you right-click-dragged onto them while on a road
  • Added help lines to display highlighted or selected workers' pickup targets and dropoff destinations
  • Pressing data overlay key (F) will also show all worker's targeting paths
  • Fixed bug where markets would repeatedly deliver certain goods to houses that were full
  • Improved prioritization of Market to sell available goods based most urgent need of nearby houses
  • Having more workers than capacity (e.g. deleting too many houses) will drop Happiness to 0
  • When you can't afford a building, game tells you via message what you're missing
  • Lowered Wagon Gold cost to 40
  • Lowered Worker Gold cost to 10 (for real this time)
  • Rail Carts no longer require population capacity
  • Fixed bugs that may occur after using the Flatten tool
  • Made Flour worth 4 gold instead of 5
  • Made Flour worth 5 supply instead of 3


Released 17-Jul-2018

  • Houses register with existing Markets on creation and upgrade, so they get proper delivery of goods
  • Houses can now be linked to multiple Markets, not just the closest one.
  • Adjusted house consumption values to strike a better balance between Gold income and Happiness maintenance
  • A house supply value of < 25% will provide 0 Happiness, only drops to -1 when supply is totally empty
  • Made preview highlight tiles more transparent
  • Prevented workers from harvesting resources that are submerged in water
  • Reworked House happiness indicators to be more obvious
  • Fixed bug where currentFileName would preserve after quitting and starting new map, thus possibly overwriting via quicksave
  • Increased width of inventory panel
  • Lowered worker cost from 15 gold to 10 gold
  • Prevented Workers from walking up terrain that is too steep
  • Only water-consuming buildings display water-supply preview tiles


Released 13-Jul-2018

  • Better quality house goods will provide more house supply
  • Houses will consume goods faster as they are upgraded
  • Houses have more inventory space for goods as they are upgraded
  • Fixed pathing errors that would occur when moving terrain underneath worker units
  • Added preference option to disable tutorial messages
  • Prevented terrain modification underneath buildings or near paths or structures
  • Fixed bug where cursor would disappear after raising/lowering terrain, making repeated clicks impossible
  • Fixed bug where Happiness meter would remain when deleting house
  • Changed House Goods consumption rate to be more forgiving at early levels
  • Chute objects will no longer go uphill, but will also behave more consistently


Released 11-Jul-2018

Big change is new Happiness system. I wasn't happy with the old system where your worker cap would decrease. It was confusing and unsatisfying. Now, worker cap is persistent and simple - You get +1 capacity for every House, and +1 for every house Upgrade. Happiness is a passive bonus or penalty to production speed. Supply goods to Houses to maintain happiness.

Also made the following changes:

  • Added context menu to list relevant input commands based on current cursor mode
  • Added tooltips to Game Status header items
  • Stopped Grabber from outputting when no viable path for item in Grabber node
  • Fixed Grabbers pulling out recipe ingredients
  • Fixed Grabbers sometimes losing connection to building and being unable to grab anything
  • Grabbers no longer work without underlying Chute or Belt
  • Grabbers work more consistently when attached buildings are added or removed mid-game
  • Grabbers will update linked building when rotated
  • Added more fixed framerate options
  • Fixed issue where items being auto-outputted from buildings onto neutral chutes would get stuck
  • Can now right-click to delete 'orphan' items without a path
  • Changed Plank cost from 4 wood to 2 wood
  • Cleaned out some obsolete items in Guide / Help menu, added Units category, removed Recipe


Released 08-Jul-2018

  • Changed header gold icon to match icon when houses produce gold
  • Added video preferences panel within Options
  • Added Framerate Cap in video preferences
  • Fixed some inactive buttons on in-game menu
  • Prevented ESC button closing menu while at Title screen
  • Version notes pops up automatically if new, and displays last version launched
  • Fixed load error that might occur if units were stuck in a position without a navigation node


Released 06-Jul-2018

  • Added terrain generation options on New Game Create
  • Grain and Wood are now rollable in chutes
  • Farm is available from the start
  • Greatly increased framerate with GPU instancing
  • Lowered resource costs of early research
  • New Logic structure: Grabber, which actively pulls specified items out of building
  • On new maps, primary base location takes preference for existing flat locations instead of always being in middle
  • Can no longer build structures like Chutes inside of buildings, natural resources, or on top of worker units
  • Fixed File menu sticking around when hitting Back
  • TAB key will activate admin console in addition to backquote / tilde
  • ESC will now open the main game menu if no other menu open
  • Tree planter unlocks with Forestry research, doesn't rely on Forester building
  • Mana Stones added to output of Mine
  • Updated some resource spawn distributions
  • Pushers can now have an Item Filter
  • Fixed build menu buttons being disabled when they should be enabled
  • Mana Transmission research now requires purified mana
  • Fixed Hotkeys activating items that aren't unlocked yet
  • Prevented Base deletion


Released 25-Jun-2018

  • Worker units are now created from the Build menu, and updated tutorial accordingly
  • Increased default grain & tree capacity
  • Fixed gold & research persisting to New Game if player exited previous game
  • Added middle-mouse-hold camera control
  • Can now remove gold with admin command 'r Gold X' where X is amount to remove
  • Made terrain modifications near water much more stable


Released 24-Jun-2018

  • Fixed worker teleportation issue on low quality settings
  • Switchted to 64-bit built to prevent some Steam plugin crashes


Released 23-Jun-2018

  • fixes well not working
  • fixes workers not being able to harvest water
  • fixed controls menu missing or having duplicates
  • screenshot is now f12, to avoid conflict with typing '.' in save game name
  • Made roads less shiny


Released 23-Jun-2018

  • First released version on Steam for private beta