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The Well the first Building that produces Water.png Water at the start of the game. The Well produces 1 water per 2 Work Units, but can draw additional water by being placed next to a water tile. Water can be moved by worker, but it is much more efficient to connect the well to Fluid Pipes in the Fluid Pipe Map Layer that then connect to the waters final destination. Buildings that use water are the Farm, Pasture, Medicine Hut, Houses, Lumber Mill, Steam Genorator, and Steam Locomotive.


How to build

  • Open the Build Menu (B)
  • Select "Building" (D)
  • Select "Well"
  • Find a flat 1x1 area
  • Left click to build


Water.png Water


An alternative method to provide Water to a building is by placing it next to a water source (Terraforming)

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