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Wood Conveyor Belts are the first tier of conveyor belts. It is a type of path that automatically moves items in the direction that it's facing, as well as moving items into buildings that consume them. Like Chutes and other belts, they can use logistic blocks like Grabbers to automatically pull items from buildings, but the speed at which a wooden belt moves items is significantly slower than a Chute. Unlike Chutes however, they can also move items upwards.

Despite being the earliest and slowest form of conveyor belt, they do have a slight advantage over the faster belts, in that items moving down a wooden belt will slide and pick up speed, as they do on a Chute. Items moving down other types of conveyor belt do not slide in this fashion.


Product Time.png Cost Requirements
1 20px Wood Conveyor Belt 4.0s 2 Wood.png Wood |2 Planks.png Planks Wood Conveyor Belt (School)

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