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Workers are the starting units in the game. They are very flexible, being able to gather and carry almost anything, apart from mining mana shards or elemental stones. Unlike wagons and caravans, they also only take up one quarter of a tile's available space.

The drawback of a worker is its inefficiency; unlike Farms and Foresters, they do not automatically replant what they harvest, and they cannot match the high production speed of buildings, nor the carrying capacity and movement speed of vehicles.

Workers can be added in Factory Town with the Build Menu. Houses add worker capacity, which players can see in the top-left panel.

How to create[]

  • Open the Build Menu (B)
  • Select "Workers" (W)
  • Select "Worker" Item (W)
  • Place new Worker on the map.



  • Can harvest all resources except for the elemental stones and mana shards.
  • Can carry one item at a time.
  • Picks up and drops off items in 0.5 seconds, giving a maximum throughput of one item per second when standing still.


  • Moves at a rate of 3 tiles per second on unpaved ground.
  • Moves at a rate of 5 tiles per second on foot paths.

Horizontal movement speed is not affected by changing elevations, such as on ramps and inclines.


Houses can be upgraded to provide additional capacity.