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Button Alert.pngSome of the information no longer applies to the latest version.

Last update: 3 may 2021

Coin Yellow.png Yellow Coins, sometimes referred as gold (coins), are earned by selling various goods to houses.

Name Amount Tier***
Carrot.png Carrot 1 III
Grain.png Grain 1 I
Potato.png Potato 1 III
Sugar.png Sugar(outdated) (1)* II
Tomato.png Tomato 1 III
Apple.png Apple 2 IV
Berries.png Berries 2 III
Egg.png Egg 2 II
Fish.png Fish 2 II
Pear.png Pear 2 IV
Raw Chicken.png Raw Chicken 3 III
Beef.png Beef 4 III
Cooked Fish.png Cooked Fish 4 IV
Flour.png Flour 4 III
Milk.png Milk 5 IV
Fruit Juice.png Fruit Juice(outdated) (6)* IV
Cooked Chicken.png Cooked Chicken 8 IV
Cooked Beef.png Cooked Beef 10 IV
Bread.png Bread 12 V
Butter.png Butter 12 V
Jam.png Jam(outdated) 12 V
Protein Shake.png Protein Shake(outdated) (12)** V
Cheese.png Cheese 20 V
Veggie Stew.png Veggie Stew 24 V
Fish Stew.png Fish Stew 25 V
Apple Pie.png Apple Pie 30 V
Cake.png Cake 30 IV
Sandwich.png Sandwich 30 V
Meat Stew.png Meat Stew 35 V
Berry Cake.png Berry Cake(outdated) (40)** V
Cactus Fruit.png Cactus Fruit 4
Dragonfruit.png Dragonfruit 5
Apple Juice.png Apple Juice 6
Pear Juice.png Pear Juice 6
Berry Juice.png Berry Juice 6
Dragon Punch.png Dragon Punch 20
Apple Jam.png Apple Jam 12
Pear Jam.png Pear Jam 12
Berry Jam.png Berry Jam 12
Cactus Jam.png Cactus Jam 25
Crown.png Crown 60
Stamina Spellbook.png Stamina Spellbook 40
File:.png [[]]


**Sell for a different currency

***Tiers were discontinued


Yellow coins are used in terrain modification, buying more land, and the hiring of workers. But at end-game, Gold coins are mostly used in Recharger.